Something Special That Each Myers-Briggs Type Brings To A Relationship

It isn’t always easy to know exactly what we bring to a relationship. Sometimes we struggle with understanding what we provide to others. Here is just one positive thing that each personality type brings to a relationship.

INFJ- Understanding

INFJs are extremely caring and also understanding individuals. They have a way of seeing past people’s facade, and into their true nature. INFJs are excellent at reading others, making them amazing in a good relationship. They bring a strong sense of understanding and acceptance. They work very hard to learn as much as they can about their loved ones, not feeling satisfied until they understand them more than anyone else. INFJs have a knack for being able to listen to people and read the underlying meaning of what they are saying. No one is more capable of making you feel completely understood, than an INFJ is.

ENFJ- Compassion

ENFJs are warm and very compassionate individuals. They seek to make sure that others are happy, not stopping until this goal is accomplished. They love others very deeply, opening their lives up to those that they trust. They will often go to great lengths to assist others in whatever they need. ENFJs have a strong sense of compassion towards others, never wanting to do anything that may hurt them. They see the good in people and often work to bring that out in them. ENFJs care very much about the world, wanting to make it a better and more loving place. In a relationship the ENFJ brings a strong sense of compassion and warmth.

INFP- Connection

INFPs strive to have deep and meaningful connections with others. They want their intimate relationships to be very real and honest. They enjoy being able to connect with others on a deep and passionate level. In a relationship the INFP strives to understand and connect with their partner. They work to understand them and gain a strong sense of intimacy. The INFP is comfortable with their own feelings, wanting to be able to connect with their loved ones on a very spiritual level. The INFP are amazing partners, who constantly strive to bond when they are in a relationship.

ENFP- Imagination

ENFPs are creative and intuitive individuals, with extremely vivid imaginations. They do not feel content to just stay still, always wanting their minds to be going somehow. They have a very passionate and amazing heart, constantly wanting to challenge themselves and others around them. They are inspirational individuals, who enjoy making others feel truly good about themselves. ENFPs have a way of keeping a spark in a relationship, always working to keep things interesting. They never run short on imagination, able to come up with new and exciting possibilities.

INTJ- Honesty

INTJs are very knowledge driven and often honest individuals. In a relationship the INTJ can be expected to tell the truth to their partner. There are times when this may come across as harsh, but the INTJ is simply trying to be true to their loved ones. They don’t want to be dishonest, striving to show a certain level of respect to those that they care for. Being honest proves that the INTJ values their partner on a deeper level. The INTJ will tell their partner when something is wrong, and will never hold back with them. Because they care the INTJ is also honest about things that they believe will help their partner. They may strive to better their loved ones lives by attempting to fix their errors.

ENTJ- Loyalty

ENTJs are aggressive individuals, but in a relationship they are intensely loyal. They desire loyalty from others, and in return they give it back. The ENTJ will always stand by the people that they love without backing down. They will protect them and cherish them, even if they don’t outwardly express this. They aren’t always great with emotional expression, but the ENTJ finds other ways to show appreciation to their partner. The ENTJ has a strong sense of loyalty, making them a completely trustworthy partner. No one will come against you if you have an ENTJ by your side.

INTP- Wisdom

INTPs have strong desire to be precise, which can sometimes be frustrating to others. There is a major upside to their desire for precision though. The INTP collects a wide variety of knowledge, which makes them very helpful partners. In a relationship they will often seek to better their partner, wanting to help them reach a deeper level of understanding. The INTP will never tire of showing you new things, always wanting to help you grow as a person. The INTP is someone that their loved ones can often go to when they need help solving a problem. They have a way of breaking down the issue and finding the best possible solution. Their wisdom is an immensely helpful quality, especially in a relationship.

ENTP- Originality

ENTPs are extremely creative and original thinkers. ENTPs are never content to just stay stagnant, always wanting to keep things interesting. They enjoy exploring new possibilities, which can be very exciting in a relationship. You will never be bored when you are with an ENTP, since they simply never run out of new ideas. They are extremely original individuals, with incredibly open minds. In a relationship the ENTP is often capable of coming up with new things to do, or new topics to debate. They know how to keep things fun and exciting, never allowing you to be truly bored.

ISTJ- Reliability

ISTJs have a very strong sense of duty and morality. They are hard-workers who always strive to do the right thing and live up to their responsibilities. In a relationship the ISTJ is just as reliable as they are in their daily lives. They are supportive and helpful, always wanting to make sure their loved ones are taken care of. They are loyal individuals, who stand by the people in their lives. In a relationship the ISTJ may not be the warmest and most affectionate individuals, but they are trustworthy, caring and unbelievably reliable. They will always be there for those that they love.

ESTJ- Motivation

ESTJs are natural leaders, who are very skilled at motivating others. They know how to push people to achieve their goals, and will work very hard to do so. In a relationship the ESTJ may not always be the most affectionate, but they are very caring. They are always there to ensure that their loved ones do not fall, finding ways to help them back on their feet again. The ESTJ will work very hard to motivate their loved ones, and make sure that they reach their full potential.

ISFJ- Warmth

ISFJs are very warm and affectionate individuals. They constantly strive to make sure that their loved ones are happy. In a relationship the ISFJ provides an immense amount of warmth and support. They will always be there for the people close to them, working hard to make them happy. They are consciously aware of how their actions will emotionally affect others and so they work very hard to avoid hurting people. ISFJs bring warmth to their relationships, wanting to be loving and supportive to those that they care most about.

ESFJ- Unconditional Love

ESFJs are very caring and compassionate individuals, who strive to be supportive of those around them. They may not always be happy with their loved ones actions, but they will love them regardless. The ESFJ provides a sense of unconditional love to the people they care most about. Striving to make them realize that they will always be their safety net. The ESFJ simply wants to be able to make the people around them happy, making that their main goal in life. They often are able to accept the flaws of their loved ones, loving them regardless of their mistakes. The ESFJ simply struggles with being hard on themselves, more than they are on others.

ISTP- Respect

ISTPs are very laid-back and intellectual individuals. When they are in a committed relationship it means that they truly respect that person. They may not always be exceptionally warm, but they do find little ways of showing that they care. To the ISTP simply spending their time with someone, means that they care immensely. They do not waste their energy on people they do not care for. ISTPs give a great amount of respect for the people that they love, showing them that they think very highly of them. They will allow that person space and room to be themselves, without judging them or pushing them.

ESTP- Excitement

ESTPs are fun and exciting individuals. They enjoy seeing out new and intense thrills to keep them happy. When you are in a relationship with an ESTP it is often a whirlwind of excitement and thrills. They hate being stagnant, always striving to find new ways to entertain themselves. In a relationship the ESTP brings their partner on these adventures, enjoying the chance to share this with someone else. You will never be bored or want for excitement when you are with an ESTP. They keep things intense and surprising.

ISFP- Sensitivity

ISFPs are deeply caring and sensitive individuals. They want to have a true meaningful connection with the person that they are dating. The ISFP does not enjoy surface relationships, wanting to have something real and lasting when they decide to make that commitment. The ISFP will be there for their loved ones, willing to support them and be sensitive to their feelings. The ISFP has a way of making their partners feel cared for, without judging them at all. They make sure that the relationship is open and that their loved ones understand how they feel.


ESFPS enjoy making life a fun and enjoyable experience. They hate dwelling on negatives, feeling like life should be about more than just daily stress. The ESFP has a skill for finding the fun in just about every situation, and they bring that same enthusiasm to a relationship. They will constantly try to find new ways to enjoy life, with their partner by their side. The ESFP has a way of bringing others into their constant party, enjoying being constantly on the move. Things are never boring when you are with an ESFP, making them the perfect partner for someone who needs to relax a little.


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