Can You Handle Being Your Own Boss, Based on Your Personality Type

For some people being their own boss is far better than having to work for someone else. For some this can actually be too much stress since it requires keeping up with their own schedules and maintaining certain structure without being told to. Here is how you handle being your own boss, based on you personality type.


INFJs can often benefit from certain aspects of being their own boss, since working for others does have times of great frustration for them. INFJs need a sense of independence and control in their lives, and don’t like feeling obligated to follow orders from someone who they don’t respect entirely. If they are doing something they love and working for someone they respect, the INFJ handles working under someone perfectly well. At the same time INFJs do often treasure the chance to be their own boss, and can be good at setting structure and maintaining their own motivation when they are doing something which makes them happy.


ENFJs are often excellent at being their own bosses, and might enjoy this much more than working for someone else. Being their own boss gives the ENFJ control and independence in their lives. Having the ability to set their own schedule and rules, is actually much more enjoyable than feeling obligated to follow what someone else tells them to do. This is beneficial since ENFJs want to be able to balance work and family life, and having the control to do this is great for them. ENFJs also know how to motivate themselves most of the time, being capable of setting the structure and rules for their own business and work schedule.


INFPs will enjoy the independence of being their own boss, but might struggle to set schedules and guidelines. Where they might need help is having someone to help them keep things organized, and help them stay on track and not become too laid back about certain details. INFPs are creative people who can come up with excellent ideas for their business, but keeping things structured and motivated can be a bit difficult for them at times since they become distracted. While INFPs don’t enjoy the idea of having someone else be their boss, sometimes it is easier for them than having to maintain all of this themselves.


ENFPs are independent people and so this can be a big reason why they prefer being their own boss. Working under someone else can be frustrating if this person attempts to control them or place unreasonable demands on them. If the ENFP is working for someone who understands them and their process, they will certainly be capable of getting along with them and providing excellent work. At the same time ENFPs might enjoy the prospect of being their own boss, their greatest struggle being the idea of maintaining a schedule. ENFPs sometimes require another person to motivate them to keep up with a specific schedule or else they become distracted easily.


INTJs definitely enjoy being their own boss and can be rather good at it. They don’t need someone else instructing them how to get things done, since they naturally know how to motivate themselves. INTJs can become annoyed with people who are inefficient and being forced to listen to someone who personally feel much smarter than. This situation makes it difficult for the INTJ to handle working for others most of the time, and so naturally they do well being their own bosses. Having the space to make their own choices without having to follow someone else, is definitely a more comfortable situation for the INTJ.


ENTJs definitely prefer being their own boss over having to work for someone else. They do well in these positions because they can motivate themselves and know how to set their own schedule. They don’t need someone in their ear constantly placing demands on them, ENTJs can handle pushing themselves to get things done. They often prefer this type of situation, and enjoy being their own boss without having to follow the orders of someone they don’t truly respect or rely on.


INTPs really don’t enjoy having to follow orders from someone who they do not respect or believe to be smart enough for their position. Because of this they do sometimes enjoy being their own boss and not having to work underneath someone else. If the INTP cannot be their own boss they do best in a creative position, where they have plenty of room to grow and make their own choices without constant micromanaging. INTPs can be good at being their own bosses, the greatest struggle they will face is organization and keeping themselves motivated.


ENTPs do often enjoy the prospect of being their own boss, since working for someone else can become frustrating for them after a while. ENTPs are independent people who don’t like feeling controlled or held back from doing what they are inspired by. When they are forced to work under someone who micromanages them it can be rather draining for the ENTP. Being their own boss definitely has rewards for the ENTP, and gives them space to make their own business choices without obligations to another boss. The biggest struggle can be maintaining focus, but ENTPs are often good at hiring the right people to help them with this.


ISTJs do handle being their own boss fairly well, but sometimes the pressure can be stressful. ISTJs don’t like the unknown and running their own business is often filled with variables and unknowns. The security of working for someone else can be more comforting for the ISTJ sometimes, unless they can set themselves up with more protecting and security as their own boss. ISTJs can certainly handle the tasks and requirements of being their own boss, it just depends on how much risk is involved.


ESTJs are strong-willed people who often prefer to be their own boss. Feeling obligated to work for someone else can be rather draining and overwhelming for them. They don’t like being bossed around and prefer to handle things with a sense of personal independence. At the same time ESTJs don’t really enjoy risks or heading into the unknown, and so working for someone else does provide a bit more security. For the ESTJ being their own boss is more enjoyable if they have job security, and know they won’t be stepping into failure.


ISFJs don’t mind working for others most of the time, since they can handle following instructions and enjoy working hard to accomplish things. They don’t like working for someone who is rude and does not provide them with encouragement, but they can handle working for a boss who is respectful. ISFJs don’t mind following instructions and are often rather good at doing this and getting the job done better than anyone else around them. The comfort of working for someone else is that they have more job security, as ISFJs don’t like stepping into the unknown.


ESFJs can often handle being their own boss, as they might become annoyed working for certain people. While they do their best in these positions and want to please others, the idea of having to follow someone who they do not respect can be draining. Working for someone else can also take away from their family time, which is something that can bother the ESFJ. They are often versatile in their ability to work for others, but might actually prefer being their own boss and having their own set of structures and rules.


While ISTPs do enjoy independence, the greatest struggle with being their own boss is maintaining a schedule. For them it can be difficult if they have to set their own guidelines, since they can become distracted somewhat easily. ISTPs can be surprisingly skilled at most things they take on, but if they are running their own business they may need an assistant to help keep them focused and on track so that they don’t leave some things unfinished.


ESTPs really don’t like having to follow too many demands, but at the same time they need someone to give them structure. ESTPs become distracted and might struggle to motivate themselves if they don’t have someone else setting deadlines for them. They have a tendency to procrastinate and leave things to the very last minute. This can make it challenging for the ESTP to be their own boss, especially if they don’t have an assistant or someone implementing a schedule for them.


For the ISFP being their own boss might be a bit more pressure than they are fully comfortable with. While they don’t like having to work for someone who places too many rules and obligations on their shoulders, having to set these rules themselves can feel even worse at times. ISFPs don’t like feeling as if they have too many things to keep up with and really don’t enjoy maintaining their own sense of structure. Being their own boss might have challenges for the ISFP, unless they have someone more organized to help them.


ESFPs might actually enjoy being their own boss because they have more freedoms and opportunities. The idea of having someone else impose rules upon them can be frustrating and difficult for the ESFP. Their greatest struggle is often keeping up with deadlines and organization, and so if they are their own boss they often require and assistant who can keep them on track. ESFPs might want a bit too much freedom though, and so sometimes having a boss can help them maintain focus.


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