Each Myers Briggs Type During Halloween

Everyone responds differently to the holidays, some are much more enthusiastic than others. Here is how we think each Myers Briggs type will respond to Halloween.

INFJ- Immerses themselves in the joys of the holiday and probably wears a costume that nobody understands.

ENFJ- Invites a million friends to have a Halloween movie watch party.

INFP- Loves the spooky, creepy feel of Halloween, and fall in general.

ENFP- They are super excited about Halloween, and also the fact that Christmas is right around the corner.

INTJ- Makes sure everyone knows what Halloween factually is.

ENTJ- Enjoys the chance to network at all the Halloween work parties.

INTP- Pretends to hate the holidays but secretly loves them all.

ENTP- Dresses up as the most hilarious costume they can think of.

ISTJ- Celebrates the tradition in a very well put together and organized manner.

ESTJ- Eats all of the Halloween candy before the trick or treaters arrive.

ISFJ- Celebrates the holiday exactly how they have since they were a kid.

ESFJ- Obsesses over decorating their home for trick or treating, and the potential Halloween bash that they love to throw.

ISTP- Dresses up as Daryl Dixon or skips the holiday all-together.

ESTP- Gets together with a group of friends and dares them to spend the night at the cemetery.

ISFP- Enjoys the artistic and unique feel of Halloween, and ends up with the most creative costume at the party.

ESFP- Tries to go to all of the Halloween parties they were invited to and ends up passing out drunk at a stranger’s house.

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