ENTP Celebrities

We have compiled a list of ENTP Celebrities and Famous People below. These are the opinion of Personality Growth based on consensus through research and collaborative discussions.

NOTE: This is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Famous ENTPs

Robert Downey Jr. (Actor)

Glenn Beck (Political TV Personality)

Jon Stewart (Former Host of “The Daily Show”)

Howard Stern (Talk Show Host)

John Green (Youtube Personality)

Seth McFarlane (Creator of “Family Guy”)

Mark Cuban (Owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks and Star of “Shark Tank”)

Lane Kiffin (NCAA Football Coach – Alabama)

Benjamin Franklin (Inventor)

Matthew Perry (Star of “Friends”)

Bill Maher (Political TV Personality)

Daniel Tosh (Comedian)

Niccolo Machiavelli (Author of “The Prince”)

Sasha Baron Cohen (Comedian and Creator of “Borat”)

Bill Hicks (Comedian)

Maddox (Comedian and Internet Personality)

This is our list of well known ENTP public figures in the media, sports, and history. Check back as our list is constantly being updated.

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