The INFP in 2016

There are many changes being brought forth in 2016, especially for the INFP. Whether these changes are for the good or the bad, here are a few goals that we believe INFPs should keep in mind.

Make Real Connections

INFPs crave sincerity and depth, feeling unhappy when they are surrounded by anything shallow. They want to be able to make real and meaningful connections with people, and there is no better time to do that than in the upcoming year. People are no longer forced to make shallow friendships with those who are physically closest to them. Living in a world so obsessed with the internet, is an excellent thing for the introverted and true INFP. Instead of becoming stuck with whatever friendships are closest to you, allow yourself the chance to branch out. Find people who can truly fit into your world and who will connect with who you are. There truly are people out there who will love and cherish your unique perspective, and who want to connect just as badly as you do. This allows the perfect opportunity to become close to people who share your passions, your ideals and your strength of character. There is no better time than 2016 to discover people who will make you feel connected and at home.

Achieve Peace of Mind

An important thing for INFPs is to come to the realization that it is perfectly okay to make mistakes. INFPs can sometimes be very hard on themselves, wanting deeply to be good. The simple act of desiring goodness and sincerity in your life, shows that you are a good and caring person. It is perfectly okay to accept that you are making mistakes and there is nothing wrong with that. All humans are flawed, even the incredibly warm INFP. A perfect resolution for the INFP is to realize that they can make mistakes and still be a good person. Allow yourself some peace of mind, allow yourself to let go.

Allow Freedom To Be Yourself

We are approaching a time when people are becoming less and less persecuted for their differences. People want to celebrate each other’s uniqueness, making 2016 a wonderful year for INFPs. You no longer have to feel afraid to show yourself to others, and can be perfectly content with allowing people to see the real you. The idea of normal is slowly being eradicated and at is an excellent thing. These changes make it a perfect time to be comfortable to be yourself. As an INFP you may worry that people will judge you for not being like everyone else, but try to let go of those worries. Of course there will be some people who are stuck in their ways, but there will not be a shortage of individuals who will celebrate your uniqueness. Give yourself the wonderful freedom of being yourself without shame.

Embrace the Future

INFPs can often be sentimental about the past, not always welcoming intense changes. You may want to hold onto the life that you knew before, but embracing the future can only be good for you. As an INFP you probably feel slightly drawn to the comfort of what you know and the warmth of what used to bring you joy. Just because there were many wonderful things in the past, does not mean the future does not have a lot to offer. INFPs can take comfort in the fact that the changes to come, can truly bring a lot to your world. Being able to explore the many different sides of yourself without being held back by limitations, is something that technology can offer INFPs. You have endless capabilities to research more about yourself and find your own special group of people who are like you. Drawing near to others who you can relate to, will make you feel comforted and more at peace with yourself.

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be jarring, but it is definitely worth it. In the very least you will learn something more about yourself and the people around you, when you take chances. Don’t hold yourself back in 2016, but rather take more chances and allow for change. Allow yourself to let go of the past and embrace everything that the future has to offer. We wager that 2016 is going to be an amazing year for INFPs.

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