Here’s How Good You Are at Sales, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Good You Are at Sales, According to Your Personality Type

While some people excel at being a salesperson, others hate the job. Here is how good you are in a sales career, based on your personality type.


INFJs are not often interested in sales, and might find that sort of career a bit seedy. They want to focus on something that feels fulfilling for them, and pushing people to make purchases just didn’t fit into that category. For INFJ having to work in a sales career can be a bit draining and emotionally damaging. They would rather do something that feels like they are making a difference in the world, and strive to fulfill a greater purpose. While INFJs might not enjoy sales, they are capable of being skilled in that career if they choose. INFJs have a knack for reading people which is pretty hard to escape, which is pretty helpful; in the sales industry.


ENFJs are often excellent salespeople, since they are both friendly and personable. They know how to communicate with people so that they create a comfortable and trustworthy environment. ENFJs are often some of the best salespeople, if they can get themselves into the mindset of the job. In some cases they might not enjoy working in sales, and might desire to fulfill a much greater purpose. For the ENFJ who does decide to choose a sales career, they are often the absolute best at their job.


INFPs are definitely not salespeople, simply because they often despise the job itself. They don’t enjoy having to push someone to purchase a product, and would rather let people make their own choices. INFPs might feel like sales is a bit manipulative, and might even go against their internal morals. INFPs believe in always trying to do what is right, and want to make a real difference in the world. If they are stuck in a sales position they will have a hard time motivating themselves to succeed in such a career.


ENFPs are often skilled at being salespeople, if they find themselves interested in the job. They can sometimes feel drained by such a career, and will feel themselves becoming frustrated. They believe in doing what is right and have very strong inner morals which are very personal to them. For an ENFP that is against the idea of sales, they might struggle with this career. If the ENFP is not against though, they are very capable of being the best in their field. They are outgoing and likable, with a charm that takes them very far.


INTJs are certainly capable of handling a sales position, since they will likely research all of the requirements. INTJs are not fans of working with people though, and would be happier in a more private work setting. They are capable of overcoming their dislike of working with people in order to get things done, but they would rather not be forced into this. INTJs can often sell from a background situation, like finding a way to market online sales. If they have to sell face to face it will become exhausting for them rather quickly.


ENTJs are often skilled at presenting themselves a certain way, and are easily found in the sales world. They are capable of climbing the ladder and will find a way to make themselves the top salesperson in their area. They know how to promote a product, and themselves, and will do as much research as possible to be well versed in what they are selling. ENTJs enjoy being able to present themselves to people, and while they might be seen as a bit intense it often makes their point accordingly.


INTPs are rarely seen as salespeople, and often dislike having to interface with people on a daily basis. They do much better if they can work in behind the scenes sales, coming up with intelligent marketing strategies. INTPs are skilled at finding ways to sell to people, they just don’t enjoy having to be the person actually doing it. They know how to find the right methods, INTPs simply become drained rather quickly if they are constantly forced to sell themselves at the same time as selling a product.


ENTPs are definitely capable of being good salespeople, especially if they find themselves interested in the career. They are charismatic and smart people, who are great at learning how to best sell their product to the individual person. They are definitely skilled in sales, but they often become bored with it entirely. ENTPs find themselves easily distracted from things that do not challenge them in unique and interesting ways. They need to always be pushing themselves to grow and learn more about the world and themselves.


ISTJs are very capable people, who will find a way to be the best at what they do. They may not find themselves naturally interested in sales, since they aren’t fans of interfacing with people on a daily basis. ISTJs will dislike feeling forced to interact and sell to people, since they prefer to work in a more private setting. If the ISTJ does have to work on some sort of sales floor, they will find themselves feeling pushed to be the best. They can certainly be friendly and cordial with people, and have a respectful and reserved tone which is somewhat welcoming.


ESTJs are capable of becoming decent salespeople, since they are charismatic and sociable. ESTJs can definitely be outgoing and will do their best to learn how to sell a specific product to people. They will spend time researching and learning what to do, in order to be the absolute best. ESTJs have a competitive nature, which pushes them to get things done and improve themselves. They always want to be the very best at everything they do and value efficiency. Since the ESTJ wants to be the best, they will certainly be capable of being good at sales.


ISFJs friendly and kind demeanor does make them good at working with people. While they are certainly capable of selling a product, they can become a bit drained by the constant social interaction. ISFJs also don’t want to be cutthroat in any way, and dislike feeling as though they have to push others aside to succeed. While they are good at selling to people, they aren’t good at the sometimes underhanded maneuvers that coworkers can make in order to beat them.


ESFJs are often seem as excellent salespeople, since they are friendly and compassionate. ESFJs are great at reading and understanding people and will use this skill to be good at selling. They can figure out the way to connect with someone in order to convince them that the product they have is perfect for that person. ESFJs can also handle the competitive nature in some sales jobs, and aren’t afraid to take command of their position.


ISTPs are definitely charming people who know how to sell to others. While the ISTP is often capable of presenting themselves as an excellent salesperson, the job can become exhausting for them. Having to constantly interact with people is very draining for the ISTP, since they prefer to be on their own most of the time. Having to communicate with strangers who annoy them, can certainly become a taxing situation for them.


ESTPs are often seen as some of the best salespeople, since they are charming and outgoing people. They aren’t afraid to become a little pushy in order to make a sale, and won’t feel embarrassed by this. While others might wince at the idea of having to really push a sale, the ESTP thrives on the challenge. They aren’t really afraid of awkward situations, and will let their competitive side take control. They can also handle cutthroat people in the business, and will not be afraid to push back.


ISFPs are not often seen as salespeople, since a job like that can feel exhausting. If they are forced to compete in order to make a sale, the ISFP might find this a bit immoral and tiring. They also dislike having to be around people constantly, and need plenty of time to themselves. In a more laid back sales position the ISFP will do great, since they are friendly and personable individuals.


ESFPs are outgoing and fun people to be around, which makes them excellent salespeople. They know how to make the experience fun for others, and don’t have a shady looking attitude. Their friendliness and eagerness often makes people feel welcomed and excited about the product. ESFPs will often take time to ask the person questions about themselves, and will evens hare personal details in order to put them more at ease.

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