What Each Myers Briggs (MBTI) Type is Secretly Sensitive About

Everyone has their sensitivities, but sometimes our greatest strengths are what we are most insecure about.

INFJ- Their ability to fulfill their greater purpose.

INFJs are very complex and often feel like they are meant to achieve a grand purpose in life. They want to do something of true depth and meaning with their lives, and fear they may not discover what that purpose is. They have a tendency to see their own flaws and be unfairly harsh on themselves. Unable to see how incredibly lovable they actually are. Many INFJs are afraid of their dark side, feeling they may not be a good person deep down. When in truth, the fear of being a bad person is exactly what makes you a good one.

ENFJ- Their ability to maintain perfection.

ENFJs want others to perceive them as perfect, because they fear letting them down. They work very hard to maintain their false perfection, because they don’t want to burden others with the meltdown they most definitely deserve. ENFJs work hard to please others, and need to remember that they deserve a shoulder to cry on as well.

INFP- Their ability to stand up for their beliefs.

INFPs have strong internal morals and wish to protect those morals. They believe in standing up for what is right, no matter what the cost. The struggle is that INFPs also do not like to seem unkind or harsh, making disagreements sometimes challenging for them. They do not want to give up on their beliefs, or be incapable of conveying them to others.

ENFP- Their ability to stand out from the crowd.

ENFPs do not want to be seen as ordinary or robotic. They desire to be unique and be valued for who they are. Being just another face in the crowd would be a terrible fate for an ENFP, as they thrive on individuality. Although it is completely understandable, this seems like one of the most unlikely events possible for an ENFP. They are enthusiastic and exciting, and always have a unique way of making their presence known.

INTJ- Their ability to convey their intellect to others.

INTJs value knowledge and intelligence very deeply. They do not want to be seen as ignorant, and strive to understand a vast array of topics on a deeper level. Although they are confident in their intelligence, that also makes INTJs frustrated if others do not see it.

ENTJ- Their ability to achieve their goals.

ENTJs are strong-willed and intelligent. They have a natural leadership ability and do not like when others challenge this. They feel as though people are demeaning them when they do not respect their ability to lead. ENTJs work very hard to achieve whatever goals they set out for, and usually accomplish those goals.

INTP- Their ability to come to a conclusion with an open mind.

INTPs are very intelligent and thrive in a logical world, but they also want to be seen as open minded. When an INTP comes to a conclusion openly, it is because they have observed every possible option and found this was the correct one. They take pride in these conclusions because they have come to them from a very open minded position. If someone does not trust their judgement they will take that offensively, because their decision was not made carelessly.

ENTP- Their ability to be likable.

ENTPs worry that people don’t actually hold their friendship truly close. Underneath that confident bravado, ENTPs wish to be valued and liked by others. Even though they can be harsh and cynical, they truly want to be seen as caring and considerate. They do value friendships deeply, even though they are naturally charismatic.

ISTJ- Their ability to maintain their calm in stressful situations.

ISTJs value hard work and dedication and want to be able to push past stress to accomplish their goals. They want to be there for others, and been seen as dependable. ISTJs fear being seen as incapable, because they work very hard and adapt to any situation. They want to be a valued and useful member of society.

ESTJ- Their ability to overcome weakness and accomplish goals.

ESTJs want to be seen as strong and capable in others eyes. They do not like being seen as weak or incapable. They work very hard to make their loved ones proud of them. They do not want others to think they are incapable or that they are emotionally unstable.

ISFJ- Their ability to be needed.

ISFJs want to make their loved ones feel happy and nurtured. Although they are constantly caring for others, they secretly fear that they will not be needed by them. They want others to see just how much they care for them, and fear that may not be properly expressed.

ESFJ- Their ability to make others happy/ their ability to be seen as smart.

ESFJs feel likes failures if they cannot provide for their loved ones. They strive to make others happy and are often insecure that they cannot do so. They are also insecure about their intelligence and dislike being seen as stupid.

ISTP- Their ability to be impervious to vulnerability.

ISTPs do not like to show vulnerability and are not entirely open with their emotions. They want to be taken seriously, and be seen as capable and intelligent.

ESTP- Their ability to be admired by others.

ESTPs want to be liked by others, and will do whatever it takes to do so. They strive to learn vast amounts of knowledge so that they can impress others and showcase their skills and intelligence.

ISFP- Their ability to connect with the world and bring value.

ISFPs are very spiritual and often in touch with the world around them. They do not want to be seen as worthless or lowly. They are extremely capable of deep and complex emotion, which can sometimes be missed by others because they live inside their own inner world.

ESFP- Their ability to understand.

ESFPs are very fun-loving and people focused. They want to be seen as understanding and try to connect with others. They want to be liked by their peers and will often blend in to their environment to do so. They also dislike being seen as unintelligent and will take that very offensively. Just because the ESFP enjoys having fun, does not mean they are not intelligent.

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