INTP Entrepreneurs: The Pros and Cons of Being an INTP Entrepreneur

While many people might consider the independence and pride which comes from meaning an entrepreneur. The ability to make your own career choices often seems like a dream, but it also comes with heaps of responsibility and often financial risk. Being the person to take these steps on your own to manage your own business or businesses, is something which not everyone can do just because they think it seems like a good idea. It is something which takes incredible dedication, effort and skill. 

INTPs are analytical people with great problem solving abilities. They can often see the problem and figure out all of the different potential angles in order to solve whatever is wrong. INTPs have many different skills which could help them excel as entrepreneurs, and a few things which might hold them back. They are complex people with many different traits and qualities, and so it is important to analyze further into their type, as well as to look closer at the individual. Like any personality type you cannot simply judge based on these qualities, but there are certainly many things which can lend a helping hand towards understanding the INTP better.

The Pros of the INTP Entrepreneur
INTPs are creative and imaginative people, which can be extremely useful for an entrepreneur. This creativity is something which helps the INTP keep their business constantly fresh and moving forward. Where other people might start to lack ideas and their business becomes stagnant, the INTP wants to continue moving forward. They have so many different ideas and thoughts inside of their minds and they enjoy being able to utilize them. Their sense of creativity and inner imagination is what helps the INTP come up with new business ideas, constantly allowing their business to remain on the cutting edge. While others might slip into a comfort zone, the INTP hates feeling a sense of stagnancy. With any business it is important to always find ways of growing and moving forward, and the INTP knows how to accomplish this. One of their greatest strengths is their active and creative inner minds, which helps them analyze situations and come up with amazing new ideas.

When problems arise they need to be capable of seeing the many different angles, rather than just one direct path. The INTPs mind can often see the situation from many angles, and ultimately this helps them to figure out which path is the most logical one. This is part of why INTPs are great problem solvers and can see issues coming ahead of time. They don’t simply take the path in front of them, instead they can see things from a different approach than people would expect. Where most people wouldn’t see all of the possibilities, the INTP naturally sees them all and can figure out different paths to take. This is a skill which can be very useful for an entrepreneur, since they need to be capable of seeing all of the different potential outcomes of a situation in order to properly navigate them. This is something which helps the INTP excel at problem solving as well, since they can see these different potential outcomes. They can look at what will likely happen, and put together useful ways to make sure they can solve these problems and adapt when things go wrong.

INTPs are independent people who often enjoy being their own boss rather than having to answer to someone else. They become drained when they have to constantly deal with other people, and really need to be able to have some space and independence. Following the rules and expectations of  a boss can often be challenging for the INTP, especially if they don’t respect or trust in their bosses or coworkers. This is why being an entrepreneur can often be rather rewarding for the INTP, since they have the freedom to make their own rules and their own business decisions. This sense of independence often makes the idea of running their own business very appealing for the INTP, and would certainly provide them with career satisfaction.

The Cons of the INTP Entrepreneur

INTPs aren’t always the best at finding motivation to finish projects, especially since they become bored easily. While their creativity is a great asset, it can sometimes hold them back when they need to focus on one thing. The INTP doesn’t like feeling stagnant or bored, and when they have to focus on the same project for too long this can start to happen. They don’t always find it easy to finish things, and can sometimes get too far ahead of themselves with projects and ideas. While it is good to have different ideas and always be thinking of ways to progress, when it comes to business things need to be taken step by step. The INTP can sometimes struggle to find this balance, and always wants to keep moving forward. All of these big ideas are great, but without finding the motivation to get things done the INTP will find it challenging to maintain their business the way they need to. This is why having an assistant or someone who can help them keep things organized, is truly a vital asset for the INTP.

Having to constantly interact with other people is also rather draining for the INTP. They become exhausted when they have to socialize for long periods of time, and really need space and time alone. With running their own business they often are forced to interact with people and network in ways which aren’t all that enjoyable for them. The INTP might even struggle to find the right ways to do this, as they don’t find it all that natural. This is something which often causes the INTP to struggle as an entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean it will prevent them from succeeding so long as they use their creative minds to find the right solutions.

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