Here’s How You Handle a Retail Job, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How You Handle a Retail Job, According to Your Personality Type

Retail positions have their own unique set of challenges, but for some it seems even less rewarding than others. Here is how you handle a retail job, based on your personality type.


INFJs often find themselves frustrated by the many aspects of working in a retail position. They often feel uninspired by having to deal with people all day, especially in such a constricting environment. INFJs need something that helps them grow and feel like they are making a real difference in the world. They will often find themselves feeling drained after each day working in a retail position and will need time to themselves to recharge. INFJs are often capable of being charming and getting their job done, but they certainly won’t thrive in a retail position.


ENFJs are charismatic and likable people, which helps them be successful in a retail position. People often enjoy being around them and even in smaller positions they will find a way to improve. While ENFJs might be successful in a retail position, they certainly won’t thrive there. They prefer to be in a position where they can feel challenged, and will be able to make a difference for people. ENFJs are friendly people, which makes them excel in a retail position, they just won’t find it all that fulfilling.


Retail is likely one of the worst positions for an INFP, and will likely cause them to feel drained rather quickly. Having to deal with people on a daily basis is something that causes the INFP to feel completely exhausted. They don’t feel fulfilled by a job that doesn’t challenge them or make them feel truly inspired. INFPs can become frustrated when they are forced to do menial tasks in a job that they don’t enjoy. Retail positions are both draining mentally and emotionally for INFPs, and don’t leave them feeling like they have done something valuable.


ENFPs are charismatic and friendly people, which often helps them be successful in a retail position. They will likely enjoy being able to connect with people and provide them with assistance. While ENFPs are often really good in retail positions, they will likely become bored with them rather quickly. They need to feel challenged in order to experience new and exciting things. They want to find a career that helps constantly push them in new directions, but a retail position often leaves them feeling stuck after a while.


INTJs definitely don’t enjoy working in a retail position, and likely feel very stuck in this sort of job. Having to serve and tend to the needs of other people without much reward, is certainly not a fulfilling career choice for the INTJ. They require something that truly utilizes their many skills and helps continue to challenge them. INTJs need to see plenty of room for growth in order to make sense of their job, and will likely feel stagnant in a retail job. They need something that inspires them to improve and learn, without having to constantly deal with people’s needs.


ENTJs are surprisingly skilled at working in retail positions, but they likely won’t spend much time there. ENTJs are charismatic and outgoing people, but they need to feel challenged in order to really be successful. They need a career that gives them plenty of space and room for growth. ENTJs are always working towards getting things done and want to build a positive future for themselves. ENTJs often have the highest position in mind, and don’t enjoy any job that leaves them feeling stuck or lacking in growth.


Retail is likely one of the worst positions for an INTP, and will leave them feeling quickly exhausted. INTPs don’t enjoy having to deal with people on a daily basis and will become drained by this sort of interaction. They often feel stuck and underutilized in a retail position, which leaves them feeling rather unhappy. INTPs need a job that helps challenge them and keeps them constantly interested. They need to be able to push their minds and find ways to grow and improve in their position. Retail positions are often very miserable for INTPs, even if they are capable of being good at them.


ENTPs are often great in retail positions because they are outgoing and charismatic people. Their natural charm helps them draw people in and keep them smiling. While ENTPs might be very good in a retail position, they will quickly become drained by this. They need a job that constantly challenges them and gives them plenty of room for growth. ENTPs truly despise feeling stagnant for too long, which is why a job that doesn’t really inspire growth with leave them feeling unhappy. For ENTPs it is important to work in a position that utilizes their unique skills and pushes them outside of their comfort zone.


ISTJs are definitely skilled at handling a retail job, especially since they are good at keeping things organized. They can certainly master a job in retail, and will work hard at being the best. ISTJs are good at anything they set their minds to, and work hard to improve. ISTJs don’t really enjoy dealing with people all day though, which can be their biggest struggle.


ESTJs are often excellent in retail positions, and are great at interacting with people. They are capable of being friendly and helpful, and will always work to be the best at what they do. While ESTJs are capable of being skilled in a retail position, they can often find themselves bored with it if they have no room for growth. ESTJs need to feel like they are working towards something that can improve their future, and most retail positions won’t offer them what they truly want.


ISFJs are friendly and warm people which helps them do well in a retail position. Their connecting with the customers can really improve the atmosphere. ISFJs always work to create a sense of harmony in their environment, which is something they try to bring to work with them. They are very hardworking as well, and always strive to be the best at what they do. Retail positions helps ISFJs utilize a lot of their skills, and they might even enjoy working in that sort of setting.


ESFJs are some of the best people to work in retail, since they enjoy interacting with people. ESFJs like being able to help others and will work hard to be the best at what they do. They are friendly people who will do their best to brighten everyone’s day. They are natural when it comes to keeping things organized and working with other people comes easily for them. ESFJs are hardworking and will do their best to be excellent at their job, no matter what position they are in.


ISTPs are hardworking people, but they rarely enjoy being in a retail job. They become stressed when they have to work with people constantly, and need to have a certain amount of space. ISTPs prefer a job where they have plenty of space and freedom to do their own things. Without change and excitement ISTPs become bored and a bit miserable.


ESTPs can certainly handle a retail position, especially since they are friendly and outgoing people. They are good at making people smile and enjoy socializing. This part of their personality helps the ESTP do very well in a retail position. While the ESTP can handle this type of job, they become stressed when they have been stagnant for too long. They will likely need to find another job which will push them and create a sense of excitement in their lives.


ISFPs are kind and friendly people, but they can be a bit shy at times. They need plenty of time by themselves in order to feel recharged. They might become a bit nervous in a retail job since it requires them to interface with people constantly. ISFPs prefer something that gives them plenty of space and freedom to be themselves. ISFPs enjoy feeling challenged and want to experience new things in life.


ESFPs are often excellent in retail positions because of their friendly attitude. Their ability to interact with people and make them smile can really benefit them in a retail job. The ESFP will welcome the customers and will be eager to help them out. They are also great at giving helpful suggestions and driving sales in a lot of ways. ESFPs might become bored after a while though, since they enjoy being able to experience new things.

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