How Extroverts Can Deal with Cabin Fever and Going Stir Crazy

For extroverts being stuck inside can be a real struggle, especially since they can start to feel stir crazy rather quickly. Being forced inside and unable to socialize or experience a connection with others, can really start to wear on the extroverted personality. They crave social interaction, as well as being able to experience the world around them. Being restricted to their home really isn’t the easiest thing for extroverts, and while we naturally make jokes and like to poke fun at these situations, it can become somewhat emotionally exhausting after only a short time. It is important to find the means of coping during difficult times, especially for someone who is not accustomed to being stuck inside of their home.

This is something which not only pertains to current times, but also people who grow ill and are forced to be inside much more often than usual. There are so many situations which can cause us to have to adjust our lifestyles, and learning to adapt is truly vital during those times. For an extrovert who is starting to go a bit stir crazy, there are ways to help manage this stress and anxiety instead of allowing it to grow and become impossible to deal with. There are so many ways to keep your mind and your body busy, even when you aren’t capable of doing the things which normally keep you moving forward.

Exercise More

It can become somewhat easy to fall into a routine of stagnancy when you are stuck inside of your home. With all of your streaming services at the ready, the couch can seem like a much more appealing option. While this can be relaxing at times, it can be exactly the reason people start to become stir crazy and feel anxious. Not moving or getting healthy circulation to your body can really start to make you feel physically unhealthy, which starts to affect your mental health as well. Even if this exercise is just making sure you’re walking around while watching a movie, or doing some stretches before you start your day. Making sure to keep your body moving is really important when you are stuck inside for long periods of time, and this goes for both extroverts and introverts. If you are still maintaining this type of physical activity it can help keep your mind in a productive and positive place.

Communicate In Fun Ways

If you are unable to be around loved ones or friends during this time, it is important to find fun ways to keep in touch with them. Sometimes just phone calls and video chats can start to get monotonous for the extrovert who needs different and unique stimulation. You can set aside times to chat with your friends and add a little spice by playing games with them. Whether you decide to play a fun drinking game, or even watch a movie together, just having something different can help keep things a bit interesting for you. This can give the extrovert something to really look forward to, something other than just the monotony of being stuck inside all of the time. While chatting with friends is a great start, adding some games or fun new ways to interact can really keep things exciting and help create a distraction.

Keep Your Mind Busy

Finding ways to keep your mind busy is important too,whether this means engaging in your favorite hobbies or adding a few new ones to list. You can listen to a podcast, audiobook, or spend time writing down your daily thoughts. Just keeping your mind active and doing things which interest and inspire you, can help keep you from going stir crazy. The extrovert who is stuck inside really needs activities to keep them from feeling completely trapped and on edge. There are so many different hobbies and ways to keep you engaged in your home, and this can be a good time to catch up on some of those things you have been neglecting for the sake of social interaction. Things like reading, writing or listening to podcasts can really help the extrovert feel connected to others in a different way. Hearing about these other people and their lives can keep their minds busy and prevent them from feeling so distant.

Change Your Environment

While being inside means that your home is always somewhat the same, there are ways to make things a bit less boring and monotonous. For the extrovert breaking up the usual and mundane can be an important way to make being cooped up inside a bit more interesting. Think about the spaces in your home which you spend the most time, and find ways to mix it up a bit in those areas. Whether this just means rearranging some furniture, or organizing certain things in a unique way. Just changing your environment enough so that it doesn’t feel exactly the same, can help break free from the usual. It might seem like a small step, but those changes can really help clear your mind and shake things up in just the right ways.

Routine Can Help

Some sort of routine can be really important when you are stuck inside for long periods of time. It can become so easy to fall into a disorganized way of living, but this can be exactly what makes the cabin fever far worse, especially for extroverts. You can benefit from having some sort of daily routine, whether this involves work, cleaning, grooming or just taking that time to spend with loved ones. Setting some sort of schedule to how you go about your day can give you a sense of direction, rather than just allowing things to happen and easily falling into the trap of stagnancy. Without some semblance of a routine your life can become a mess of stagnancy and monotony, and so it is important to find some sort of normalcy during this time.


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