Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How Much of a Heartbreaker You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people are naturally inclined to be heartbreakers, others prefer to take the feelings of others much more seriously. Being heartbreaker is not always intentionally though, and some people find themselves doing this without meaning to. Here is how much of a heartbreaker you can be, based on your personality type.



INFJs don’t usually like the idea of being a heartbreaker, not in a more serious sense of the word. They don’t like the idea of hurting people simply for the fun of it, and likely try to avoid claiming a title like this. They prefer to be more conscious of the feelings of others, and will take it more seriously if they possess someone’s heart. There are times when the INFJ is capable of being a bit of a heartbreaker, simply because they have somewhat of a magnetism that can draw people in. While it isn’t something they likely do intentionally, it can happen from time to time.


ENFJs do care about the feelings of others, but that doesn’t mean they can’t become heartbreakers. While they might not do this intentionally, their magnetism can be something that draws people in like moths to the flame. Most ENFJs try to avoid hurting others as much as they can, but their charm and popularity can get them into confusing situations. ENFJs might enjoy being beloved and like the feeling of having others in love with them. This can turn them into heartbreakers, even though they will do their best to let people down easy.


INFPs don’t like the idea of being a heartbreaker, since they take love rather seriously. They don’t believe in making people fall in love with them simply to hurt them and leave them feeling lost. That feels seriously manipulative and truly heartless to the INFP. They often feel rather negatively against heartbreakers, usually disliking them quite a bit. INFPs don’t take it lightly when they hold someone’s heart, and will want to do whatever they can to protect it. While INFPs might be capable of playing the heartbreaker role, it isn’t something they strive for.


While ENFPs take love very seriously and don’t usually intend to hurt others, they can be heartbreakers. They do become bored somewhat easily and when this happens they want to bounce around and experience new things. This desire to seek out different connections and experiences can cause the ENFP to leave a bit of heartbreak behind in their wake. While ENFPs don’t really want to hurt people, their charm and popularity can turn them into heartbreakers.



INTJs don’t usually strive to obtain the heartbreaker label, since they don’t like bouncing around all that much. They prefer to focus on the things that matter to them, and seeking out casual relationships is rarely something they find valuable. Most INTJs would rather be single than play games with others, and are usually waiting for someone who they can connect with on a deeper level. While some INTJs can become heartbreakers, most prefer to keep to themselves and avoid such labels.


During their younger years the ENTJ might be a bit of a heartbreaker, but that isn’t because they are dishonest. They often sincere about their intentions and want people to realize when they really aren’t prepared to settle down. ENTJs want to experience life and sometimes they do this for the sake of being perceived a certain way by others. When they get older and more mature the ENTJ is likely to retire the heartbreaker label in hopes of finding someone to truly share their lives with.


While INTPs aren’t generally pegged as heartbreakers, they actually can be. The INTP who is guarded and has been hurt might have a hard time wanting to feel tied down to relationship. While deep down they often desire to meet someone who can break down those walls and connect with them, the INTP can also be a bit afraid of this idea. They avoid being vulnerable most of the time, and because of this they can actually become heartbreakers. They have rather intense personalities and while they might not always know what to say, INTPs have a way of drawing people in.


ENTPs certainly can be pegged as heartbreakers, since they do become bored fairly easily. When the ENTP becomes bored of a person or situation, it is hard for them to stick around. They are also rather charismatic people with a natural way with words, and this can certainly place them in the heartbreaker group. They occasionally find themselves struggling to remain in one place, which can certainly leave a few hurt people behind in their wake. While ENTPs might get themselves into trouble because of this, they often find a way out of it.



ISTJs don’t like the idea of being heartbreakers and often try to avoid it. They prefer to take relationships more seriously than this, and don’t go out trying to hurt people. ISTJs are reliable and honest people, who will do their best to be upfront about their intentions. They also dislike wasting their time with people who they don’t see a clear future with. For the ISTJ it is more valuable to be committed to someone, rather than go around breaking hearts.


ESTJs are often more interested in making commitments than breaking hearts. They don’t like bouncing around from person to person and really prefer to search a lasting relationship. When they are younger the ESTJ might go through a heartbreaker phase, but often they become bored of this. They don’t like having to play games or be dishonest with others, and would rather be upfront and clear with their intentions. ESTJs want to find someone who they can share their lives with, and don’t like wasting their time on people who aren’t worth sticking around for.


ISFJs definitely aren’t prone to being heartbreakers, since they don’t like intentionally hurting people in this way. They are more interested in finding someone they can fall in love with and share their lives with. ISFJs value commitment and believe it is important to be honest about their intentions. They are rarely the types to be heartbreakers, even if they are highly capable of it. They value being with someone who they are committed and connected to, much more than bouncing around.


ESFJs aren’t often seen as heartbreakers, although they might go through a phase during their younger years. Usually the ESFJ heartbreaker is not this way intentionally, and simply finds themselves making connections with a lot of people. They can be a bit magnetic and their strong sense of empathy and understanding causes people to develop crushes on them. When this happens the ESFJ isn’t intending to be hurtful, they just enjoy having a lot of friends. Most ESFJs aren’t heartbreakers though, since they are more interested in making a serious commitments.



ISTPs can sometimes be heartbreakers, or at least they can be viewed this way. They sometimes find themselves bouncing around and don’t naturally have an understanding of the emotions of others. While they might make it clear that they aren’t looking for commitment, sometimes this can be hard for others to really pick up on. ISTPs can have a rather mysterious nature which makes people feel drawn to them, and their charm can certainly cause them to become heartbreakers.


ESTPs are charming people who can become bored somewhat easily when they are stagnant. This boredom can sometimes cause the ESTP to bounce around, leading to them gaining the title of heartbreaker. While they don’t do this to hurt people, they simply have a hard time feeling held down by someone and want to be free to explore new things. While ESTPs do want to fall in love, sometimes they struggle to remain committed when they are so curious about new things.


ISFPs don’t intent to be heartbreakers but sometimes they can fit into this description. They are often searching for true love and want to make a connection that truly fulfills them. They are rather picky about who they want to spend their lives with, and want to feel sincerely close to someone on a deeper level. This can cause the ISFP to bounce around, moving on when someone just doesn’t measure up to their expectations and desires. They don’t intend to hurt people and often feel very pained each time they have to move on, but it is simply sometimes they feel is necessary.


ESFPs can definitely be heartbreakers, since they are charming and extremely friendly people. They want to make connections but they can become bored somewhat easily with certain people. The fact that ESFP are constantly searching for a romance that will fulfill them, can cause them to bounce around a bit. ESFPs can be heartbreakers even though they don’t want to hurt people, simply because they feel a need to bounce around in hopes of experiencing new things.
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