Here’s How Good You Are At Customer Service, Based on Your Personality Type

We all know that customer service positions can be challenging and thankless jobs. Some people are better suited for handling others and keeping them calm when times are stressful. It seems other types can struggle in these situations, and don’t often have the patience it requires to be good with customer service. Here is how good you are with customer service jobs, based on your personality type,



INFJs are great when it comes to working with people and can often calm others down naturally. While INFJs can often make other people feel at lease, they personally become drained when they have to work in customer service. They will often be good at the job itself and can handle the people, but ultimately this is not a rewarding job for the INFJ. They will likely enjoy when they can help people, but they become exhausted by the constant interaction and feeling frustrated by certain rude individuals they have to deal with.


Customer service is often a job that ENFJs excel at naturally, since they are so skilled at connecting with others. They can often find ways to calm people down and create a comfortable environment. ENFJs are empathetic people, which makes it easier for them to understand and navigate the emotions of those around them. When someone is clearly stressed, the ENFJ often knows the right words to calm them down instead of work them up. They are great at working with people, using their friendly and charming nature to handle the customer service career very well.


INFPs rarely find themselves comfortable in a customer service position, since the experience can be rather draining for them. They need more time alone than many other types, and having to constantly deal with frustrated people is definitely challenging for them. While INFPs care about others and want to help them, customer service positions often deal with angry people simply calling to complain. This is something that drains the INFP and causes them to feel overwhelmed.


ENFPs are charismatic and likable people, which does help them in sales positions. When it comes to customer service they are often good at connecting with people and try to remain positive. ENFPs can definitely bring a light and friendly tone to their job, which helps keep others in a good mood as well. Sometimes though, the ENFP will become frustrated with a customer who seems impossible and might lost their cheery demeanor. They will likely try to keep things positive but their patience does run out.



INTJs aren’t really made for customer service jobs, simply because they don’t have much patience with people. INTJs become quickly drained when they have to socialize too much, and having to handle people who are annoyed is honestly frustrating for them. INTJs are great at solving problems, which does put them in some jobs that relate to dealing with people. They often do their best to keep things cordial, and try not to lose their patience. INTJs naturally prefer dealing with things by themselves, and would rather solve problems that don’t require interacting with others.


ENTJs often handle dealing with people in a charming and business manner. They do their best to keep things polite and try to stay away from getting inpatient with people. ENTJs often have to work with others, but their tone isn’t always super compassionate. They are better leading a team and helping people come together in order to get the job done. When it comes to customer service positions the ENTJ can become short-tempered with people who they consider to be stupid.


INTPs really aren’t made for customer service, and can become quickly drained by these jobs. INTPs need plenty of time alone or they become overwhelmed and feel much less like themselves. When the INTP has to constantly deal with customers who are already annoyed, it leaves them feeling drained. They are often great at solving problems but they don’t like to have to do this while still being friendly and maintaining a warm tone. INTPs just aren’t naturally skilled at expressing a certain emotion in order to console others who are stressed.


ENTPs are friendly and charming people, which does help them in certain customer service jobs. They can often help the customer feel more at ease and know how to lighten the mood. They are skilled at entertaining others, which does help the ENTP when it comes to customer service jobs. Where they do struggle is when they have to deal with people who are constantly stressed, simply because this can sap their energy. ENTPs are great at problem solving though, and this does make them skilled at many jobs.



ISTJs are often good at dealing with jobs that require problem solving, but they can become drained when they have to work in customer service. While ISTJs can be friendly and helpful people, they simply aren’t great at constantly having to deal with others. They need plenty of time alone and often work more comfortable by themselves. Having to handle the complaints of others on a constant basis is something that will leave the ISTJ feeling drained.


While ESTJs are friendly and outgoing people, sometimes customer service jobs can leave them feeling stressed. They are good at problem solving and can be very helpful, they simply don’t possess a great deal of patience. The ESTJ will often become frustrated with people who are complaining or seem a bit stupid to them. When they have to constantly deal with these types of individuals, the ESTJ loses their temper a bit more than they would like.


ISFJs are often good with customer service jobs, mostly because they are patient and understanding. They try to make others feel at ease and comfortable, instead of making things worse when they are upset. ISFJs care about people and are good at putting them at ease. They can often work to make their customers feel appreciated and understood, even when that person is stressed and a bit upset about something.


ESFJs are often great in customer service positions, mostly because of their compassionate nature. They can often connect with the customer and try to understand what they need. Their natural ability to empathize with people truly helps the ESFJ when it comes to working in customer service. They can often maintain their patience even when someone is upset, and will work to make them feel understood instead of escalating the problem.



For the ISTP customer service is often one of the worst jobs, simply because it drains them. They need plenty of time alone and constantly having to communicate with others is not ideal. ISTPs are often good problem solvers and can be rather helpful in customer service positions, they just become exhausted by it. While they can often do the job well, the ISTP just needs a career that doesn’t require so much communication with others.


ESTPs are often good at sales positions and can definitely be good with customer service. They are friendly and charming people who enjoy being able to connect with others. They often do their best to be helpful and use their problem solving skills to get things done. While ESTPs are outgoing people they do become impatient with others eventually, which can lead to them being snappy at work.


ISFPs are friendly and kind people who strive to be helpful to others. While they enjoy interacting they do become drained after too much socializing. This can make customer service positions challenging for the ISFP, and will overwhelm them after a while. If they can work in a job where they customer service side of it is light, and they only have to interact a smaller amount, then they will do great with this.


ESFPs are often amazing at customer service, since they are friendly and relatable people. They enjoy being able to connect with others and work hard to make them smile. ESFPs are social people, often seen as the social butterflies of the personality world. They enjoy being able to help others and always like chatting and connecting with new people.


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