While these types might actually seem very different, they share quite a bit of similarities which may make them seem similar.


The similarities of the INFJ and INTJ is that they both share an intuitive way about the world. They notice their sensory environment and can come to conclusions about how things will play out in the future. They have great foresight and can use it to help them get to where they want to be.
The INFJ tends to be very good at understanding the emotions of others. They are very good at picking up others feelings and handling them. They also have a logical inner world that helps them sort through their feelings and makes them good learners.
The INTJ tends to be good at organizing and navigating the world through their thinking function. They can understand what needs to be done, and take steps toward organizing it. The INTJ also has an internal compass of morals and convictions that they try to hold close to.
In order to have a deeper understanding of the differences of each type, it is best to look at their function stacks.

INFJ Function Stack:

Introverted Intuition
Extraverted Feeling
Introverted Thinking
Extraverted Sensing

The INTJ Function Stack:

Introverted Intuition
Extraverted Thinking
Introverted Feeling
Extraverted Sensing

INFJ and INTJ Under Stress

They also have similar weaknesses. The INXJ under stress will use their weak Extraverted Sensing function a bit more. The INXJ, typically a person with a lot of planning and foresight, will engage in a lot more impulsive behaviors. The INXJ may become stressed and can engage in risky activities like promiscuity, drugs and alcohol, or spending their money foolishly.