The Things We Envy Most About Each Personality Type

Every personality type has something special which makes them more interesting people and they traits set them apart from others as well. As someone who constantly writes about the types and has spent years working to understand them, I find myself in awe of so many things. Some of their natural abilities and strengths and things I am completely envious of, but in the best way possible. Here are just a few things I envy most about each personality type.



INFJs are warm people with these incredible inner minds, which give them a unique insight into things. While INFJs possess so many qualities which I find myself constantly in awe of, the things I find myself most envious of is their extremely unique personalities and their insight into the souls of others. When the INFJ cares for someone they can see much deeper and have this ability to find the qualities in someone which they often don’t see themselves. The INFJ can inspire people to go after their dreams, and often give some of the most accurate and helpful advice for building a future. These are things which make their complex souls truly valuable and helpful, and I both admire and envy this in them.


ENFJs have a strength which prevents them from giving up even when things are hard, and this is something I definitely find worthy of being envied. The way they keep going and push themselves to go above and beyond for those around them, is truly impressive. ENFJs are often perfectionists and so they never settle for less when they know they can be doing better. There is a way they seem to always accomplish even their more complicated and challenging goals, and this is something I truly feel envious and in awe of.


INFPs have these incredibly vivid imaginations, as well as a strong understanding of their own emotions and inner morals. All of these qualities are things which I certainly admire and feel completely envious of. The way in which INFPs dive into their own emotions and strive to truly understand them, is something I personally struggle with and so I have a great admiration for it. They don’t just look to understand their emotions, they want to process them in a way that really help the INFP understand what they want from life and an seek to go get it.


ENFPs are incredibly charming people with intense imaginations, and these things are truly inspiring qualities. The way the ENFP looks at the world is something that is truly worthy of being envied, and I find myself truly in awe of the way they see things. ENFPs have this natural ability to make others like them with their sense of charm and intuition. They are great at drawing people into their orbit, and so they are sincerely worthy of envy in this way. Their creativity is also something to be impressed by and I find myself wishing I shared their sense of imagination.



INTJs have these incredible minds and this amazing ability to learn and comprehend new concepts. The way they always search to understand things and can grasp information which is challenging to most, is certainly something to be envied. I find myself so in awe of how they look at the world, and their unique insight can be immensely helpful when trying to solve a problem. INTJs are intelligent people who constantly hunger for knowledge and understanding, and these qualities are certainly ones I find myself envying.


ENTJs have these incredibly strong wills and will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. This strength and ability to go after what they want in life and obtain is something I am truly envious of. They don’t allow anything to stand in their way and will work hard to go after the things they want from life. This sense of direction and drive is something which often gets the ENTJ to accomplishing great things in life. It is something that is truly envious and admirable and something not everyone is capable of.


INTPs have these incredibly rich and unique inner minds, which I find myself both envious of can completely in awe of. Their minds can grasp so many complex ideas and facts, and this makes them truly special people. The way INTPs look at things and the way their minds work is something to be sincerely admired. I find myself constantly in awe of how they think and feel, and the intensity in which they respond to the world around them.


ENTPs are charismatic and special people, ones I truly find myself in awe of. The way they see the world and are always ready to chase after their dreams, is something truly amazing. ENTPs are unique and creative people who go after the things they want and often have a fearless way of doing things. They are truly unique people and the way they look at the world is really something I find myself envious of. Their sense of creativity and their larger than life personalities are just a few other incredible qualities they possess.



ISTJs have this incredible work ethic and this ability to do whatever it takes in order to get things done. They are often truly honest and sincere people, and these are traits to admire and truly love. Their strong sense of work ethic is certainly something I admire in them, especially the way they strive to do things with a sense of efficiency. The way ISTJs strive for perfection in their actions and the way they push forward no matter what, are amazing qualities which reach a level to be completely envious of.


ESTJs have this ability to fight for what they want and a strength inside them which is something I certainly envy. No matter how many challenges they face or how difficult life seems too get, the ESTJ has a way of always pushing through and making things work. Their inner strength is something which is both inspirational and truly worth of being envied. ESTJs don’t give up no matter how hard life might be, and they will do whatever it takes to be efficient and get things done.


ISFJs are compassionate people who always seem to know how to handle themselves around others. They have this inner poise and strength which I find truly admirable and worth of envy. ISFJs are caring people who work hard to get things done and provide for the people in their lives. They are often the ones seen getting up early to start their day so that they can get so many things done for the people around them. This ability to focus and push themselves in this way is something I am envious of, and find truly wonderful about the warm spirit of the ISFJ.


Something I am proud of as an ESFJ, is our ability to always connect with the people around us. We have this natural ability to understand others and find a way to bring a sense of harmony in the environment. ESFJs strive to make others feel at ease and this comes from the fact that we know how understand the needs of others. ESFJs will do whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy and this is a truly admirable quality which should never be forgotten.



ISTPs are natural problem solvers, with this constantly cool and level-headed exterior. The way they behave around others with this strong sense of independence is something which is extremely worthy of being envied. They have a way of appearing cool and collected around others, even when things are a bit stressful around them. When others might appear anxious and uneasy, the ISTP simply goes about their business with a more level-headed demeanor.


ESTPs have this incredibly adventurous spirit and do whatever excites them in the present moment. This ability to be so present in their surroundings is something I find myself completely envious of. The way ESTPs go after what they want and enjoy experiencing the things which inspire and excite them, is extremely admirable and truly amazing. ESTPs can be seen as a bit reckless but they simply do what feels right of them without constantly being afraid of what might happen.


ISFPs are sensitive souls who always follow their hearts and often wear them right on their sleeve for others to see. This is something I am completely envious of, and deeply in awe of. The way ISFPs do whatever they must to follow what they believe is right, is something people should certainly admire in them. ISFPs don’t like allowing anything to stand in their way when they know they have to go after what feels right for them.


ESFPs are warm-hearted people who always approach life from this incredibly positive point of view. I find myself completely envious of their spirits and the way they always want to make things happy and positive. They don’t like allowing things to drag them down and prefer to focus on the good things around them. The positivity and light-hearted behavior of the ESFPs, is something I am completely envious of and inspired by.



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