Here’s Why INFPs Make the Most Amazing Best Friends

INFPs are extremely caring and understanding individuals. They strive to make real and deep connections with people, and they value those relationships deeply. They not only take their romantic relationships seriously, but also their close personal friendships. There are many reasons why INFPs can make incredible friends, here are just a few of those reasons.

They Are Amazing Conversationalists

INFPs are amazing when it comes to deep conversation. They dislike shallow and pointless chatter, but are incredible when it comes to meaningful talk. They will sit with you for hours and talk about your hopes, dreams and fears. They want to know about your deepest, darkest secrets, and cannot wait to explore the furthest reaches of your mind. Listening to you share the things that no one else gets to hear, will excite the INFP. They will be willing to listen to you and absorb everything that you share with them. They are honestly interested in you, and they take their friendships very seriously. If they chose you that means you are truly special. The INFP is passionate about many things and will enjoy sharing their passions with you. They will probably introduce you to new things that you never knew before. They will share with you their favorite art, food, music and basically anything they enjoy. You may find yourself completely enriched by the new and exciting things that they bring into your life. There is nothing like listening to them talk about their passions, which they will probably make your passions very soon. They are excited to share, and receive in the relationship.

INFPs are also very fun individuals. They can be spontaneous and enjoy exploring new and exciting things. If you are their close friend, they consider you their confident and partner in crime. They will take you along on these amazing adventures, even if those adventures are simply inside the richness of their minds. They do enjoy real tangible adventures though, and will find exciting ways to keep your life fun.

INFPs are amazing at figuring out emotions, and if you are willing to express yourself fully they will enjoy sitting together analyzing what is going on with you. They enjoy being able to feel close to someone on an intimate level, and will make for amazing listeners.

They Won’t Judge You

INFPs do not judge their friends, and will accept everything about you. You will never have to worry about how they will react to your emotions, because they will never look down on you. Even if what you are feeling is odd and maybe even a little dark, the INFP is perfectly okay with that. They want to see your darkness as well as all of your light. They will learn to love you for your flaws, and are probably one of the only people capable of seeing the beauty in those flaws. No matter how strange or random, the INFP friend is happy to hear your thoughts and emotions.

There is no safer place than your INFP friend. They will never look down on you for making a mistake or for saying something foolish. They don’t want to embarrass you or make you feel like less of a person. They know everyone makes mistakes, and are very capable of seeing the reasoning behind your actions. When they feel connected to someone they are willing to put themselves completely in the other person’s shoes.

They Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

Your INFP friend pays close attention to you. They may answer your questions before you get a chance to do so. They know everything about you as a person, and have figured out everything you like. They pay attention to the details of your soul, in a way that your others friends might fail to do. They have let you in, and you are a part of who they are now. The INFP is capable of understanding your emotions sometimes before you can. When you are confused or afraid, your INFP friend is often able to calm you down before things get out of hand. They also know how to get your more worked up when it is necessary. They know how to respond to your emotions in a way that is completely in sync with you.

They Will Be Your Biggest Supporters

INFPs are the absolute biggest cheerleaders for their loved ones. You will never feel such an acceptance and admiration from anyone like you will from your INFP. They believe in you completely, and often know how to bring you up when you are feeling down. You may be hard on yourself and have doubts about what kind of person you are, but your INFP friend never doubts you. They most likely admire you and see you as one of the most beautiful people in the world. If the INFP has chosen to keep you as a best friend, they see someone amazing when they look at you. They see your flaws, and probably classify them as positive qualities. No one else will be able to show you how worthy you are of love like the INFP can.

Your INFP friend may even become angry when you talk bad about yourself. They will force you to see the good in yourself, and make you realize you can do anything you set your mind to. They don’t want anyone talking bad about you, including yourself. They refuse to let you tear yourself down in front of them, and will quickly find ways to bring you back up. They want to see you reach your full potential, and will support you in all of your endeavors.

They Will Protect You

INFPs may dislike conflict, but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of standing up for themselves. To the INFP, you are an extension of them. They will not stand for someone talking bad about you or attempting to harm you in any way. When someone hurts you, you may see a side of the INFP you are not used to. They will become defensive and angry towards this person. They hate to see you in pain, and are willing to stand in between you and the people who want to hurt you. They are very witty and capable of attacking others if they must, and they will do so when it comes to protecting their friends.

They Will Love You Unconditionally

You don’t have to hide things from your INFP, because they will accept you for who you are. They are okay with your mistakes and your past, not matter how dark it is. Once they have accepted you as someone they care about and hold close, there is very little that can taint that. Their view of you is a wonderful thing that should truly be treasured. The INFP loves you no very deeply, and they take that very seriously. They do not make connections with people easily, and once they do this is something they will hold dear for a lifetime. They do not expect to turn their back on you and no matter what tries to separate you, the INFP will hold onto the friendship. They will put forth effort to make sure you realize that they care, and will always be there for you in times of need.

If you are lucky enough to have earned the friendship of an INFP, you would do well not to spoil that. INFP friendships are rewarding, enriching and inspiring. They have a way of making you feel loved and appreciated. The belief that your INFP friend has in you, will make you feel unbelievably good about yourself. To have someone understand you on a deep and very real level and have them love you in spite of your flaws, is an amazing gift. There is nothing like truly connecting to the soul of an INFP. This is a friendship that you will hold in your heart for many years to come.


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