How Much Do You Strive to Understand Human Nature, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people have a natural interest in understanding human nature and the people around them. They are drawn to their different responses and behaviors and truly desire to know what makes them tick. For others this isn’t on the top of their list of most important things to understand, and so they don’t pay much attention to it. Here is how interested you are in human nature, based on your personality type.



INFJs do strive to understand human nature, and enjoy getting to know people on a deeper level. It is often natural for them to really connect with people and pay attention to their behavior and motives. INFJs are empathetic people who have a knack for understanding others and their emotions. It is something they do with some ease, and find themselves enjoying being able to really understand people in way that not everyone can. At the same time this can be challenging for them sometimes, especially when they find themselves feeling the emotions of people who don’t really want to be understood.


ENFJs do strive to understand human nature, and find themselves really diving into understanding people. They care about those around them and so understanding what makes them tick is truly important for ENFJs. They believe in really doing their best to understand people on a deeper and more compassionate level. They strive to connect with people, even the ones who might behave in ways they don’t approve of. ENFJs are often good at getting to the heart of the matter, and so they seek to understand what makes people the way they are.


INFPs do find themselves interested in human nature, and are often curious about how people respond to things. They are naturally very curious people so they find themselves wanting to dive a bit deeper into understanding people. They care about others, and definitely want to understand how people think and operate. For INFPs it is more about being able to connect with people and really sate this sense of curiosity that they feel. They enjoy understanding people, but they also want to understand themselves and their own motivations.


ENFPs do have an interest in human nature to some extent, but they don’t often want to overanalyze it. They enjoy understanding people on a deeper level, especially the ones they are close to. ENFPs also want to feel understood and seek to really dive into their own inner emotions. They want people to feel connected to them, and so they certainly are interested in diving into what makes them really tick. Sometimes ENFPs push buttons in order to see how people will respond, which helps them have a deeper comprehension of human nature in some ways.



INTJs often find themselves wanting to understand human nature, but this mostly comes from a desire to understand as much as they can about the world around them. INTJs are logical people who constantly search out knowledge in any way they can, and so this does include how people operate and behave. For them it can be useful to understand human nature, since it helps them to navigate how to respond to others in certain situations. INTJs believe in being prepared and so for them understanding human nature is a part of this.


ENTJs are focused on accomplishing their goals and are constantly striving to work towards this. They do want to learn as much as they can about the world around them and sometimes this includes understanding human nature. For the ENTJ it is more about preparing for certain situations and understand how people will likely respond is a part of this. ENTJs can struggle to understand emotions but that doesn’t mean they cannot work towards understanding more basic aspects of human nature.


INTPs do want to understand human nature, since comprehending the complexities of things is important to them. INTPs are naturally curious people and so they often want to understand just about everything that they can. This includes human nature and how people are likely to respond to things, as well as why they do this. INTPs will struggle to really understand emotions, but that doesn’t mean they cannot work towards comprehending motivations and what really makes people tick.


ENTPs are curious people who enjoy understanding all sorts of different things in life. Their curiosity certainly stretches to people and so they do want to comprehend human nature. ENTPs often take time to understand how people tick, sometimes they even push their buttons in order to learn more about them. ENTPs like to really dive into analyzing other people so that they can comprehend how they respond and why they do the things they do.



ISTJs don’t often find themselves interested in understanding human nature, since this can be a bit draining for them. They are often more focused and curious about practical things which can help them in their daily lives. Sometimes paying close attention to how people behave can actually be draining for the ISTJ, especially when they do things that leave them feeling disappointed. ISTJs are more focused on getting things done and finding ways to provide for their loved ones.


ESTJs don’t usually find themselves all that curious about human nature or people in general. They can become drained by this type of thing, and would much rather focus on more practical information. For the ESTJ it can be frustrating to have to pay close attention to people, especially when it comes to emotions. They prefer to able to focus on things that can be useful to them and their desire to accomplish their goals. For the ESTJ human nature isn’t really the most appealing subject, especially since they can be cynical at times.


ISFJs care about people and definitely find themselves wanting to understand human nature even better. They have a knack for understanding the emotions of others and can even find ways to comprehend their motives on a deeper level. They do enjoy understanding human nature better and want to do their best to connect with others. For the ISFJ knowing how people tick and how they will behave in any given situation, often feels truly valuable.


ESFJs are definitely interested in understanding human nature and want to learn more about the motives of others. They are natural empaths and find themselves easily connecting to their loved ones and their emotions. For ESFJs learning more about people and what really makes them tick, is definitely valuable information. ESFJs do sometimes find themselves drawn to careers which involve people and learning how to really understand them.



ISTPs aren’t often drawn to understanding human nature, and can become a bit drained by the subject itself. For them focusing on people and what makes them tick can be something that leaves them feeling even more cynical. Understanding the emotions of others really isn’t something that comes naturally for the ISTP, and so diving deeper into their motives really isn’t much better. ISTPs don’t feel the need to understand human nature, since they realize people are complex and not always predictable.


ESTPs don’t usually find themselves interested in human nature, even though they are curious about many other subjects. ESTPs strive to understand the world around them in a much more practical and factual sense. They enjoy diving into information and want to do their best to understand things on a deeper level. For ESTPs it is more rewarding to learn about facts than about people, since people aren’t really that predictable.


ISFPs do find themselves curious about people and what makes them tick, but not necessarily in a way that requires in depth analyzing. ISFPs simply want to connect with others and enjoy being close to people they care for. They don’t usually want to dive into recognizing human nature, instead they just want to understand their loved ones deeper desires. For the ISFP it is better to operate by diving into their own emotions and they prefer to comprehend their own motives more than the motives of others.


ESFPs do enjoy understanding their loved ones, but not necessarily human nature on a broader spectrum. For ESFPs having to overanalyze these things can actually be a little bit draining for them. They strive to enjoy every moment and want to make the most out of the positive things in life. ESFPs don’t feel a need to constantly try to understand all of the motives of others, but they do want to understand their loved ones on a deeper level.