Here's How Much of a Troublemaker You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Much of a Troublemaker You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Some people prefer to keep very peaceful lives, while others cannot seem to avoid getting into trouble. Here is how much of a troublemaker each personality type is most likely to be.


INFJs definitely do not want to stir up trouble, and much prefer to keep peace. They will be willing to make a little trouble if it feels like the right thing to do for some reason. If they are in a situation where shaking things up is required to help someone, or to expose the truth about an injustice, the INFJ will be more than willing to do this. They definitely dislike ruining the peace if it isn’t necessary though, and rarely become troublemakers. INFJs do not want to do anything that will harm others in any way, and are rarely the type to break rules that they deem appropriate. They can be troublemakers if they feel it is deserved, or if the someone has harmed their loved ones in some way.


ENFJs enjoy making others happy, and will work to create peace in the room. They dislike feeling like they have done anything to hurt others, which makes them avoid causing any trouble. ENFJs do have a side of them that enjoys to stir up a little drama though, as long as it is harmless. They simply enjoy being a part of people’s lives, especially the people they care for the most. ENFJs like excitement and fun, as long as it doesn’t hurt other people.


INFPs dislike doing anything that will harm another person, which can cause them to avoid trouble. They aren’t the type of people to do something that stirs up drama, and usually do not have time for such things. They dislike anything shallow and usually avoid drama at all costs. INFPs do not always follow the norm though, and might dislike certain rules that they are meant to follow. They can sometimes break the rules, especially if they believe they are morally wrong. This doesn’t necessarily make them troublemakers though, since they are only doing what they believe is right.


ENFPs enjoy having fun and can have very playful personalities. They truly dislike rules, and hate having people tell them what they can and cannot do. ENFPs have a tendency stir up a little trouble wherever they go, even if it is just harmless drama. ENFPs enjoy being able to stir things up, and dislike any kind of stagnancy. They enjoy being playful with others, and will often poke at someone in order to see where their boundaries actually are. ENFPs can be seen as troublemakers sometimes, especially when they are younger and feeling extremely passionate. ENFPs do not start trouble with malicious intentions, but simply do this to shake things up a bit.


INTJs are very logically people, and are constantly focused on learning and understanding the world around them. They prefer to focus on a path that is rooted in knowledge and sincerity, and rarely veer away from this. INTJs do have moments in their lives where they prefer to step outside of the lines, and might enjoy stirring up a little trouble. They do not like rules that force the INTJ to do things they believe are wrong or logically do not make sense. Because of this disdain for being forced into something, INTJs can sometimes cause trouble in certain situations. INTJs also might have a tendency to cause trouble when they are extremely bored, being so intelligent and remaining stagnant is not a good combination.


ENTJs prefer to focus on getting things done, and are very intelligent and hardworking people. They are usually very goal oriented and will do whatever it takes to accomplish their tasks. ENTJs do have a troublemaker side to them though, and might enjoy pushing the boundaries. They want to analyze and figure out just how far they can go, and will often know just when to stop. ENTJs are not going to go overboard with their trouble starting tendencies, and know just where to limit themselves.


INTPs enjoy a combination of peace and disarray in their lives, and because of this they do have troublemaking tendencies. They do not intend to hurt others though, and will often do what they can to avoid this. INTPs enjoy pushing buttons, in order to truly understand people and situations better. They are constantly after knowledge, and realize that to reach a better understanding they sometimes have to break a few rules. INTPs do not start trouble to harm others, but might enjoy stirring up an otherwise dull situation.


ENTPs are absolutely and most definitely troublemakers, who actually enjoy shaking things up. ENTPs love analyzing different situations, and prefer to push the limits in order to discover what they are truly capable of. They will often cross many boundaries and dislike following the rules that are given to them. They will often break the rules and stir up trouble, just to analyze the results and learn more about others and themselves. ENTPs dislike stagnancy and because of this they actually enjoy causing trouble. Fortunately for the ENTP they often find ways to get themselves out of whatever trouble filled situation they have created though.


ISTJs are generally rule following people, and often do not see any purpose behind causing trouble. They dislike drama and try very hard to keep peaceful lives. ISTJs will often avoid people who like to start trouble, and will focus more on drama free individuals. ISTJs are goal oriented people who are constantly working hard to be the best versions of themselves. They might feel like being a troublemaker is morally repugnant, and in a lot of ways completely pointless. ISTJs do know how to have fun, but they don’t have to stir up drama in order to do this.


ESTJs are usually the type of people who prefer to follow the rules set out for them. They dislike doing anything that will cause harm, or pull them away from their loved ones. ESTJs are hardworking people and will not partake in anything that will ruin their chances of furthering their lives and careers. ESTJs do have some rule breaking tendencies, but only if they were raised in an environment that allows this. ESTJs definitely know how to have fun, but rarely see a point behind causing drama or trouble in their environment.


ISFJs are natural peacekeepers, which often causes them to avoid trouble completely. They want their loved ones to be happy, and will do whatever it takes to acquire this. ISFJs do not want to be around troublemaking individuals, and will become uncomfortable by this type of behavior. They often become very uneasy when someone in the room is attempting to stir up trouble, and will do whatever they can to put a stop to this. ISFJs simply do not see the point in creating drama in their environment, and will become upset by others who enjoy doing this.


ESFJs often dislike trouble, and prefer to keep the peace. If they feel like getting into trouble will hurt someone they love, the ESFJ will do whatever they can do avoid this. They simply want to see their loved ones happy, and are motivated by this desire. ESFJs do have a defiant part of their personality sometimes, and will dislike people telling them what they can and cannot do. This can cause them to get into trouble in certain areas of their lives, especially if they try to bottle up their feelings for too long. For the most part though, ESFJs prefer to keep a peaceful and happy environment.


ISTPs are mostly focused on living in the present moment and seeking out adventure. They can often find themselves getting into trouble, since they follow their passions without reservation. ISTPs are rarely afraid of getting into trouble, and are capable of getting themselves out of whatever mess they find. They dislike being held back by rules, and simply want to do whatever they please in life without being told what to do. ISTPs do not cause trouble because they enjoy the trouble, but simply because they enjoy adventure and freedom.


ESTPs can definitely be troublemakers, and enjoy being able to feel excitement and passion in life. ESTPs will take risks in order to feel truly alive, and hate being stagnant. ESTPs definitely get themselves into crazy situations, and can stir up trouble wherever they go. They are also great at finding a way out of whatever situation they find themselves in, which is a definitely a plus.


ISFPs prefer to live life on their own terms, but they certainly aren’t the type to stir up unnecessary trouble. They do sometimes find themselves getting into situations that are a bit overwhelming, but they always seem to find a way out of it. ISFPs live life in the moment, which can occasionally lead to a bit of trouble. They do not intentionally cause trouble or drama in their environment though, and simply are living life in the present.


ESFPs rarely focus on tomorrow, and are much more interested in the here and now. Their desire to live passionate and positive lives, can sometimes get them into a little bit of trouble. They will do whatever feels right in that moment, without much thought about the future. This makes ESFPs fun and exciting people to be around, but can also cause them to get into trouble. They always seem to find a way out of their messes though, and enjoy having a little bit of drama in life.

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