INFJ Weaknesses, Flaws, and Shortcomings: Where the INFJs Feel Challenged

Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses, and it is important to uncover these parts of ourselves. Learning more about their shortcomings can help you improve and, in some cases, simply help you accept them for what they are. We cannot be perfect no matter how hard we try, and so sometimes it is best to learn where we aren’t comfortable and won’t be happiest because of these weaknesses. While everyone has their strengths, there are always weaknesses, which can hold us back from certain paths or simply make those choices more challenging to endure for us. Knowing where these shortcomings are can also help to find the best ways of growing and developing them into something more manageable.

While INFJs have many strengths and natural abilities, they possess certain weaknesses like everyone else. Some INFJs are highly aware of these flaws or imperfections and can be rather hard on themselves because of it. In other cases, the INFJ might see errors where there are none and can see themselves somewhat inaccurately because of it. It is important for them to take time to self-reflect but also to cut themselves some slack. They need to learn more about themselves to process and understand their behaviors and hopefully learn to accept them for what they are.

They Are Perfectionists

INFJs are perfectionists, and while this can be a strength, it can also be a weakness at times. They might be capable of accomplishing tasks with amazing skill, but there are times when the INFJ spends too much time trying to perfect these accomplishments. Instead of giving themselves room to make a few mistakes or simply accepting that the job is done well, they want to continue making it better. This can cause the INFJ to hesitate when showing their work or ever really feeling like it is finished. They constantly criticize themselves and can see where they should be improving.

Their perfectionism can become so overwhelming that the INFJ is afraid to ever take risks or experience new things. They find themselves analyzing the work and situation until it becomes emotionally exhausting for themselves and those around them. They are very hard on themselves and their own abilities and can almost always see room for improvement. Even when everyone else sees something truly amazing and well thought out, the INFJ often sees the flaws and ways they can improve. They do this because they want to be someone who impresses their loved ones, and they don’t want to let them down. While this comes from a good place, it can still hold the INFJ back from finishing things and feeling safe sharing with those around them. Their perfectionism can certainly be taken to a level where it starts to look more like a weakness for them if they don’t get this in check.

They Can Be Obsessive

INFJs do have obsessive tendencies, to the point where they don’t always find it easy to let go of things. If they are stressed about something or truly focused on it, they don’t always find it easy to move on from this. They can sometimes obsess about something that happened or about their own mistakes and actions to the point where this becomes stressful for themselves and those around them. While these obsessive tendencies can sometimes be a good thing, they can also backfire. Sometimes, this part of the INFJ can make them feel overwhelmed by their own emotions and fears. They find themselves analyzing everything that occurs, wanting to find answers and ways they could have been better. This sometimes occurs when it comes to relationships, and they find themselves anxiously trying to figure out why things happened a certain way.

INFJs can also obsess about the future and how to ensure that they are making the right choices. This is more likely to happen when they don’t trust themselves and their intuition. When the INFJ turns away from their natural strengths, they start to look for other means of finding answers, and this can cause them to obsess.

Put Others First

INFJs are giving and compassionate people, but sometimes this can cause them to neglect important things in life. They are likely to always put others’ needs above their own, which can sometimes be seen as a weakness for the INFJ. While being a giving and generous person is not a weakness, doing this to such a degree that you become emotionally drained is certainly not a good thing. INFJs can take this caring part of themselves to a whole other level, leaving their own energy drained so that they start to fall apart. It is important for the INFJ to make time for themselves and to learn how to prioritize their own needs and desires. This can make being around people they love challenging for the INFJ when they are in desperate need of time to themselves to relax and recharge. They have a hard time saying no to those they love and really need to find a way to distance themselves when this occurs.

They Can Allow Self-Doubt to Take Over

INFJs are naturally hard on themselves, which can cause seeds of doubt to be sewn in their minds. They can start to feel like failures and fear that they cannot accomplish anything worthwhile in their lives. This self-doubt can be deeply troubling for the INFJ and leaves them feeling as if they don’t have the motivation to get things done. It is important for the INFJ to be more forgiving to themselves and to learn how to process these feelings without so much difficulty and inner blame. They might not be perfect, but INFJs have so many wonderful strengths and positive qualities, so it is important for them to recognize these things.

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