Here’s How You Feel About Doing Research, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How You Feel About Doing Research, Based on Your Personality Type

While some types despise having to do research, others find it soothing and enjoyable. Here is how you feel about research, based on your personality type.


INFJs definitely enjoy doing research from time to time, especially on subjects that excite them. They like to learn and absorb information, since they dislike feeling left out of the loop. INFJs do enjoy learning and like being able to find things they can share with their loved ones. For them the joy of research really only comes with things they get to choose themselves though, and dislike when they are forced to dive into a subject that does not intrigue them.


ENFJs do enjoy research to some extent, since they like being able to learn more. ENFJs do enjoy feeling like they are educated on plenty of different subjects, which is a big reason why they like research. For them it is about being able to gather information that can benefit them or their loved ones in some way. ENFJs also don’t mind doing research for a subject that they are requested to dive into, since they might take it as a competition. They have a competitive streak and often strive to be the best at everything they do.


INFPs do enjoy doing research, but only on the subjects that intrigue them. They don’t enjoy being forced to do research on specific subjects, and can become frustrated by it. For INFPs research is only enjoyable when it is something they choose to do on their own time, especially since they often like being able to jump from one subject to the next on a whim. The information they read can leave the INFP wanting to dive into something connected to that subject, and enjoy being able to bounce around.


ENFPs do enjoy research, but only when it is by their own choice. When they are in school it can be frustrating to be told what to learn about, since ENFPs enjoy being able to decide themselves. They really only like research when it is on their own time and they can dive into subjects that truly intrigue them. ENFPs do like being able to learn about many different subjects, and will want to broaden their knowledge base as much as they can.


INTJs absolutely love research, and often find it to be soothing and relaxing. For the INTJ being able to sit back and just dive into information is definitely one of their favorite things. They often spend hours just diving into information and finding new ways to analyze what they learn. INTJs love being able to broaden their knowledge base, especially since they despise being ignorant to anything. For INTJs research helps relax them because it brings them closer to understand the world and keeps them feeling more aware.


ENTJs definitely do enjoy research and often find it to be a relaxing experience. ENTJs hate feeling like they are unaware of something, so the more they research the more they know. They want to be prepared for most situations and being able to absorb information really helps them do this. Removing ignorance from their lives is something that makes the ENTJ truly happy, which is why research is actually a soothing experience for them.


INTPs really enjoy doing research and love being able to absorb as much knowledge as possible. They often just spend hours researching and bouncing from subject to subject. Being able to dive into their research is something that helps the INTP feel like they are doing something worthwhile. Learning about more subjects helps the INTP come up with different theories and ideas about this information. Their minds are constantly running through new ideas, so they need to feel challenged in order to really explore this part of themselves.


ENTPs love research and enjoy any chance to absorb as much information as possible. Being able to explore new ideas and dive into something new is both exciting and fulfilling for the ENTP. Research often helps them feel more connected to the world around them, and helps the ENTP feel like they are improving. They want to constantly feel challenged and enjoy being able to discover new ideas and in the process learn more about themselves.


ISTJs definitely enjoy doing research since they want to feel prepared for as many situations as possible. Before the ISTJ walks into something new they want plenty of time to do the proper research. They dislike not feeling completely ready for something, and dislike diving into anything new without feeling like they have prepared for it. For ISTJs being able to do research helps them feel ready for whatever challenges they have to take on.


ESTJs do believe doing research is important, especially with certain subjects. When they have something they need to take on, learning about the subject can really help them. ESTJs might not enjoy research, they simply realize that sometimes it is important. For the most part ESTJs do prefer to take on new challenges feeling prepared, but they aren’t afraid to push through without the full knowledge of how to do so. ESTJs simply want to be as efficient as they possibly can, which is why sometimes research is helpful for them.


ISFJs certainly don’t mind research and might even enjoy it for certain subjects. They like being prepared, especially when it comes to taking care of their loved ones. ISFJs won’t enjoy research when it comes to broader subjects or theoretical ideas, and might become bored with it rather quickly. They prefer to do research on their own subjects and things that excite them. ISFJs often have their own hobbies that they enjoy, and will actually like doing research on those topics.


ESFJs might not enjoy research all that much, unless it is something that will please their loved ones. They will dive into research on a subject in order to help someone out, or help themselves improve in some way. ESFJs can be competitive sometimes, and always want to be the best version of themselves for the sake of those closest to them. For them research isn’t often something they do because they enjoy it, but simply because it is something they need to do.


ISTPs do enjoy doing research, especially on subjects that excite them. They like being able to analyze information and learn more about the things they enjoy. While ISTPs do like doing research, they often prefer to take real action. They don’t want to spend all of their time researching and forget to actually take part in something they like. ISTPs want to live in the present moment and soak up their surroundings.


ESTPs do enjoy doing research since they hate feeling ignorance in any way. They want to be able to absorb as much knowledge as possible in order to help educate others. While ESTP do like amassing many facts, they can become a bit frustrated if they stuck inside for too long. They need to be able to take real action and enjoy living in the present moment. They want to actually live their lives and not just read about the things they can be doing.


ISFPs aren’t as much into research as they are interested in living in the present. They don’t want to spend all of their energy stuck inside doing research, when they can actually be living their lives. They will enjoy researching and reading about certain subjects, but don’t want to spend too much time stuck in the same place. For the ISFP it is important to take action and actually soak up their surroundings.


ESFPs aren’t really fans of research since they prefer to live in the present. They want to experience joy and dislike feeling stagnant for too long. ESFPs want their lives to be filled with adventure and excitement, and dislike spending too much time simply researching the things they could be doing. While they will certainly take time to research something that benefits their loved ones, ESFP are doers more than they are interested in analyzing.

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