Here’s How Much You Overthink, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Much You Overthink, According to Your Personality Type

While some people prefer to soak up their surroundings, others find themselves overthinking. Here is how much you overthink, based on your personality type.


INFJs are definitely over-thinkers by nature, and spend hours just analyzing and processing information. They find it somewhat impossible to stop their minds from thinking things through, sometimes over and over again. INFJs can sometimes over analyze information to a point where it creates stress, since they will second guess their original assessments. This can sometimes cause the INFJ to become inactive, since they are too busy thinking about things to actually act on them. While INFJs are deep thinkers, they do best when they can allow their intuition to take the wheel.


ENFJs can definitely overthink things, since their minds are always running through things quickly. They have so many thoughts and analysis inside of their minds all at once, it can become somewhat overwhelming. ENFJs have active inner minds, and often overthink people’s reactions since they want to be sure they are making others happy. ENFJs are very focused on their loved ones, and are constantly working hard to make them happy. Most people won’t realize how much the ENFJ overthinks, since they are skilled at keeping this to themselves.


INFPs overthink most things, and will analyze information much more than people realize. INFPs have such active inner minds, and they often spend lengths of time just overthinking things and trying to process their thoughts and feelings. INFPs can often spend so much time inside of their own minds, that they lose track of what is going on around them. They can sometimes overthink things to a point where it creates a bit of anxiety in them about whether or not they made the right decisions.


ENFPs can certainly overthink things, since they have such vivid and active inner minds. While some people might see the ENFP as positive and lighthearted, they actually have a lot going on inside of them. They have a tendency to analyze information and situations a bit too much, and can become worried about things they shouldn’t because of this. ENFPs need to have time to process information in their own way, without feeling pressure from others. They do have a tendency to overthink things, but this is just how they operate and process information.


INTJs are definitely the overthinking type, they enjoy being able to process as much information as possible. INTJs are logical people, who have extremely active and rich inner minds. They can spend hours just processing the thoughts inside of their heads, and find that much more interesting than interacting with people. There is often so much going on inside of the mind of the INTJ, which makes it impossible for them not to overthink. They do best when they are allotted plenty of time and space to fully analyze the information they have absorbed.


ENTJs are logical people who enjoy absorbing as much information as possible in order to assist them. They are hardworking and always strive to accomplish their goals in the most efficient way possible. While ENTJs are certainly the type to overthink, they know how to stop themselves from taking this to the point of inaction. While some people will think so much that they become fearful of taking the next step, ENTJs will not let that happen to them. They know when they have process the information enough, and will put together a positive strategic plan from what they have learned.


INTPs are major over-thinkers who spend most of their energy analyzing and processing information. They think things through and spend a lot of time inside of their own thoughts. INTPs can be extremely internal people, which makes it difficult for others to fully understand what goes on inside of their heads. INTPs will sometimes think things to death, but this is simply because they are trying to figure it out completely, and even find certain pieces that others might be missing. For INTPs overthinking is just a part of who they are, and is a big reason they are so capable of understanding things.


ENTPs are definitely active thinkers, who enjoy processing and analyzing information. They have such active and rich inner minds, that the ENTP can spend hours inside of their own thoughts. They are definitely capable of being active in the world around them, but ENTPs also think things through much more than people might realize. They can sometimes overanalyze to the point of exhaustion, and simply enjoy approaching things from as many angles as possible. ENTPs know that to fully understand something, they need to view it from a unique point of view.


ISTJs do have a tendency to overthink things, but only so that they can properly understand and process information. They will think things through so that they are fully aware and knowledgeable in the facts. ISTJs spend a lot of time analyzing information inside of their minds, even when it seems like they are simply relaxing. They are logical people, who want to find the most efficient ways to get things done and accomplish their goals.


ESTJs can definitely overthink things, but at the same time they value action. They want to process information so that they can be efficient, and strive to accomplish their goals. ESTJs are hardworking people who don’t allow their active thoughts to prevent them from getting things done. They certainly want to be knowledgeable when it comes to certain things, but they won’t think so much that it holds them back from taking proper action.


ISFJs are more interested in getting things done, and don’t want to be held back by overthinking. They do spend a lot of time inside of their own thoughts, but ISFJs are very focused on caring for their loved ones. Instead of letting themselves become weighed down by overthinking, the ISFJ wants to be sure to take appropriate action. They are hardworking and focused people, who are focused more on the wellbeing of others than their own inner thoughts.


While ESFJs can become stressed and overthink mistakes they have made, they try to remain focused on what is important. Dwelling on their own thoughts and feelings can seem a bit selfish to the ESFJ, so they would much prefer to focus on action. They care about their loved ones and truly want to do their best to take care of them. ESFJs will prevent their thoughts from running away with them, since they would much rather ensure the happiness of those closest to them.


ISTPs are definitely the overthinking type, since they have such active inner minds. ISTPs love being able to analyze information, and will sometimes do this to the point of exhaustion for others. They are more comfortable inside of their own thoughts, than they are focusing on the feelings and thoughts of other people. ISTPs have truly analytical minds, which makes them excellent problem solvers. While ISTPs can definitely be over-thinkers, they aren’t afraid of taking action.


ESTPs are very active people, who enjoy living in the present moment. While the ESTP wants to be able to soak up their surroundings and enjoys seeking out new adventures, they can also overthink things. They have analytical inner minds, and spend a lot of time processing information. ESTPs can sometimes overthink things in a negative way, which is why they prefer to spend their time taking action and getting things done.


ISFPs spend a lot of time inside of their own thoughts, and are certainly rather imaginative people. While ISFPs often process a lot of information, they are capable of stepping outside of that bubble. They want to be able to focus on what is in front of them, and try hard not to let their thoughts hold them hostage. ISFPs have rather tense inner emotions, which can be even more of an issue than analyzing facts and information that they process.


While most people view the ESFP as simply the fun-loving and laid back party person, they have many other sides to them. ESFPs prefer to focus on the present moment, since their inner thoughts can sometimes cause them to obsess over things. ESFPs can overthink to a point where it stresses them out and creates a sense of paranoia in their lives. For the ESFP is best if they focus on the positive things in life, and simply enjoy the present moment.

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