Here’s How Wide Your Range of Interests is, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people are naturally drawn to many different subjects and hobbies, while others have more narrow interests. Here is how wide your range of interests is, based on your personality type.



INFJs do often like to experience a wide range of interests, but only things that are personal to them. They can often be interests in sciences, but at the same time enjoy things like romance novels. INFJs don’t limit themselves to one narrow idea and often are interested in subjects that don’t seem similar to each other at all. This isn’t because they are hoping to impress anyone, INFJs are actually both intellectual and sensitive people. They like things that are fun and even nerdy, but also enjoy learning about new subjects that expand their mind.


ENFJs do often enjoy a wider range of subjects and interests, even if they don’t share them with others. They often like to experience anything fun with their loved ones, and will be willing to try things they otherwise wouldn’t have. ENFJs will like being able to experience something thrilling with someone they love, but at the same time they enjoy more relaxing hobbies when by themselves. ENFJs might be interested in hobbies that seem geeky to others, but at the same time they enjoy things that are popular and hip.


INFPs don’t like being trapped in one narrow type of interest, instead they like to experience new things. INFPs actually become bored fairly easily and so they like to jump from one thing to the next in order to stay entertained. They often want to try a wide range of hobbies, even if they don’t decide to stick with them. INFPs simply enjoy the experience and being able to expand their minds and keep themselves challenged by something new. This helps their range of interests become rather wide, instead of just one or two similar hobbies.


ENFPs definitely have a wide range of interests, which helps them in many different situations. They often want to learn about things that most people have never heard of, always wanting to dive into something they can learn about and feel challenged by. ENFPs often find themselves intrigued by things like video games, researching serial killer history, and even working with their hands. ENFPs often surprise people with their wide range of interests and even some of their more unusual specialties.



INTJs do often like to have a wide range of interests, mostly because they like to learn about everything. While the INTJ might not take on all of these hobbies as things they truly enjoy, they do want to learn about them. This is because INTJs hate feeling ignorant to anything and don’t want to be left in the dark. They work hard to learn and constantly research different subjects and ideas, even if they don’t end up wanting to hold onto any of these interests.


ENTJs do want to possess a wide range of interests, mostly because they like to be informed. They definitely do turn away from certain activities that simply seem trite or meaningless. ENTJs are really only striving to learn and grow and always keep themselves educated about the world around them. They push themselves to accomplish their goals and don’t want anything to stand in their way. For the ENTJ keeping their interests open is more for the sake of learning and being aware.


INTPs definitely have a wide range of interests, and enjoy exploring many new things. They can often seem a bit all of the place because of their interest in so many different subjects. INTPs enjoy learning and growing, they always want to dive into things that help them feel more experienced and educated. INTPs also find themselves getting bored rather easily and need something that can challenge them intellectually. This is why they often bounce from one hobby to the next, wanting to learn as much as they can.


ENTPs absolutely have a wide range of interests, mostly because they want to experience a little of everything. They often bounce from one thing to the next quickly, wanting to learn and challenge themselves. ENTPs might not stick with everything they try or are interested in, but they like being able to experience something firsthand. ENTPs become bored very easily and this causes them to seek out something new in order to keep their mind challenged.



ISTJs don’t really like stepping too far outside of their comfort zone, and so they enjoy keeping to the things that they know well. Their hobbies might not all be similar to one another, but ISTJs don’t constantly search out new experiences. They would rather focus on the things that bring them comfort and joy, instead of constantly needing to try something new and exciting. ISTJs thrive in a more stable environment where they can improve their skills and advance in their careers.


ESTJs don’t often seem to have a wide range of interests, but they do enjoy the few things that they focus on. They would rather develop their skills and become a master at what they do. ESTJs don’t need to constantly branch out and step outside of their comfort zones in order to feel successful. They actually enjoy a sense of stability and strive to be able to take care of their loved ones and reach their own goals.


ISFJs prefer to stay within their comfort zone and enjoy focusing on hobbies they already know to be fulfilling for them. They can be nervous about trying new things and would often prefer to stick with what they know well. ISFJs favor stability over adventure, and this is something that is similar when it comes to their interests. They prefer hobbies that they can perfect and which will relax them.


ESTJs don’t really like venturing too far outside of their comfort zone, instead they prefer to focus on what they know and enjoy. While ESFJs will have different interests, this is often from picking up things their loved ones show them. They like to feel connected to the people in their lives, and so they will sometimes branch out and try new things for the sake of others. ESFJs might end up with a wider range of interests than expected, simply so they can be close to others.



ISTPs do often have a wide range of interests, since they desire to experience life on their own terms. They will enjoy diving into something new in order to really be able to experience it firsthand. ISTPs simply don’t want to feel held back by fear or by others, instead they live with a sense of independence. For them having a wide range of interests simply means they are letting themselves truly live.


ESTPs often have different interests, mostly because they can often bounce from one thing to the next. They don’t like standing still for too long, and want to feel free to really live their lives with a sense of openness. They aren’t afraid of trying something new, instead they revel in the opportunity to experience some sort of excitement and adventure.


ISFPs do often have a wide range of hobbies, simply because they like to try new things. The ISFP will always be interested in subjects that others might be afraid to dive into. They can be aware of certain interesting things that people are clueless to, and they will be eager to show them to their loved ones and friends. ISFPs simply want to live their lives with passion and excitement, always living to the fullest.


ESFPs do often have a wide range of interests, mostly because they despise stagnancy. ESFPs want to feel free to try something new and exciting, never afraid to really dive into something that others might be afraid of it. While ESFPs do enjoy experiencing new things, they don’t always maintain these new hobbies. They are always searching for something fulfilling and will certainly have a wide range of interests if they can find things that they enjoy.

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