The Most Inspiring Quality of Each Personality Type

The Most Inspiring Quality of Each Personality Type

Everyone has something about them that is inspiring and admirable. Here is the most inspiring quality for each personality type.


INFJs are warm and unbelievably giving people. INFJs have such big hearts, and truly believe they are meant to serve a greater purpose. This innate belief that they can make a difference, is something that truly inspires us. While some people are focused on tending to their own needs and building their own future, INFJs cannot help but think about others and the big picture. INFJs care about people and they care deeply for the condition of the world. This ability to care about even strangers, is truly a wonderful thing. We should all aspire to have such big and welcoming hearts, and truly is something that makes the INFJ inspiring.


ENFJs are compassionate and giving people, which is truly an inspiring quality. ENFJs give so much of themselves that they can even forget about their own needs and desires. This ability to constantly care for others and stay on top of their many tasks, is truly impressive. ENFJs can juggle so many tasks all at once, and they never seem to falter. While the rest of us are barely getting out of bed, the ENFJ has likely conquered a handful of obstacles. Their ability to persevere is something that is truly inspiring to us all, and something we admire.


INFPs are tender hearted people, who seem to always remain sensitive to others. While some people close themselves off to the suffering of the world, the INFP cannot do this. They are always acutely aware of the pain that is out there, and never seem to be capable of ignoring it. INFPs have beautiful hearts, and their sensitivity is actually something we admire. Something truly inspiring about the INFP, is their strong sense of internal morals. They know what they believe is right, and always strive to follow their own ethical code. This is something that inspires us and truly gives us hope for the future.


ENFPs are loving and optimistic people, who continue to keep their hearts open. While others are too terrified to take chances, the ENFP continues to persevere. No matter how often they are hurt, or how many times they fail, the ENFP always finds a way to overcome things. They take chances in life and with their hearts, and continue to remain open and enthusiastic. While the rest of us are too afraid to leap, ENFPs are already three steps ahead of us. We find the ENFPs fearlessness admirable and completely inspiring.


INTJs are driven people, who always maintain a hunger for knowledge. There is something completely inspiring about how the INTJ never feels sated with what they know. Their minds are constantly active and they actually thrive on being able to learn and understand things better. Without people like them our world would lack awareness and would likely overflow with ignorance. INTJs inspire us with their persistence and their ability to constantly grow and learn.


ENTJs are intelligent and strong-willed people, who always seem to push forward. Their ability to reach their goals is both inspiring and admirable. ENTJs know what they want out of life, and are not afraid to go after it with everything they’ve got. They are skilled at putting together a plan for their future, and will figure out the best way to tackle it. ENTJs have a drive that is impressive to others, and that keeps them moving forward in life. We are inspired by their motivation, and their constant ability to overcome obstacles.


INTPs have extremely active inner minds, and rather rich imaginations. They are constantly striving to learn and understand things, and have a unique approach. The way INTPs view the world is both unusual and completely inspiring. Without minds like theirs we wouldn’t have people who were willing to explore and approach things in a way that facilitates new discoveries. INTPs are not afraid of branching out from the ordinary, and while that can be difficult for them, it is completely inspiring to us.


ENTPs are passionate and intelligent people, who love seeking new possibilities. They love searching for new opportunities, and have extremely active inner minds. We find it extremely inspiring about the way ENTPs seem to make everything interesting. They live their lives searching for knowledge and excitement, and are never happy just to remain stagnant. They are fun and intelligent people, with incredible and rich inner minds. While they do have many inspiring qualities, their constant curiosity is truly inspirational.


ISTJs have an incredible work ethic and set of morals, which is both admirable and inspiring. They approach everything with a sense of diligence, and are always willing to take on the hard work that other people shy away from. ISTJs have an impressive way of pushing through difficult tasks, and always seem to come out of it ahead. Their incredible work ethic is something we find inspiring, as well as their dependability.


ESTJs are efficient and strong-willed people, which is something we admire about them. They have a way of persevering even when the path before them seems impossible. While everyone else is backing down in the face of struggle, ESTJs see that challenge and face it head on. We find it completely inspiring how they never seem to give up, even when things get rough. ESTJs will hold the weight and responsibility of their loved ones, even when it seems too hard.


ISFJs are warm and loving people, who always seem to give to their loved ones. Their sense of duty and family, is something we find inspiring. When other people would turn away from someone, the ISFJ will stand by their side through thick and thin. They commit to people and they do not walk away from them through the hard times. They love deeply and value their family in a way that is inspiring and truly beautiful.


ESFJs are giving and compassionate people, who are always focused on caring for others. This fairly selfless caregiver mentality is something that is entirely inspirational. They are always focused on giving to the people they care for, and simply want to see those people happy. ESFJs are compassionate and empathetic people, who truly hate to see others in pain. They are type of people to give the shirt off their backs, if only to witness someone else suffering a little bit less.


ISTPs have a strong sense of independence and a desire for freedom, which is actually rather inspirational. While other people are striving for the approval of those around them, the ISTP does not seek it. They simply want to make their own choices in life, and don’t want to feel obligated to someone else. This is actually something we find inspirational, since ISTPs have a sense of independence which keeps them moving forward in life.


ESTPs have a sense of adventure that is both exciting and inspirational. They have a knack for making even the simplest tasks fun, and are always ready for their next great adventure. While ESTPs have a diligence and a strong work ethic, they also know how to have a great time. They can be a bit reckless in their search for excitement, but are never afraid to take chances in life. Their ability to be brave and take on new things, is inspiring and admirable.


ISFPs are kind and moral people, who have a knack for seeing the beauty in the world. Their keen eye for aesthetics is truly inspiring for others to witness. While we cannot all acquire such a talent, it is still something we can admire. ISFPs not only see the beauty in the world, they are also capable of seeing the beauty and the good in others. They see people on a deeper level, and are drawn to those who make them feel excited and alive.


Something we find truly inspirational about the ESFP, is their passion for life and their desire to see people smile. ESFPs are constantly living in the present moment, and strive to seek what makes them happy. Instead of focusing on the past or stressing about the future, they want to make the most out of the here and now. ESFPs want life to be fun and enjoyable, and dislike being held down by negativity. Not only does this make them fun people to be around, it gives us something to aspire to.

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