Here’s What Makes You Courageous, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s What Makes You Courageous, According to Your Personality Type

While some people might appear more courageous than others, we all have a streak of courage inside of us. Here is what makes you courageous, according to your personality type.


INFJs have many qualities which makes them courageous people, especially their constant desire to help others. INFJs feel everything so deeply, which can be a struggle for them sometimes. Even though they have a depth of emotion inside of them, they continue to push forward through the difficult times. While INFJs may not always feel courageous, they are truly a pillar of strength and inspiration for the people around them. While others are focused on their own needs, the INFJ knows how to listen and support the people close to them. Their ability to love so deeply and sincerely, is both courageous and beautiful.


ENFJs are strong people, who always push through even the hardest of times. When the rest of the world seems afraid to push on, the ENFJ somehow finds the strength to keep going. They are so focused on caring for their loved ones that they never want to give up on them. Their hearts are warm and loving, and always focused on giving to those around them. ENFJs are courageous because they always find a way to ensure that everyone is cared for, even when it seems overwhelming and nearly impossible. They aren’t afraid to take on these challenges, simply because they want to see their loved ones happy.


INFPs are caring and moral people, who always strive to do what is right. Even when people are telling them they are wrong, the INFP will stand by what they believe in. This strength of character and sense of morality, is truly courageous and admirable. While many people would be too afraid to stand up for their beliefs, INFPs find it more difficult to back down. They simply refuse to compromise who they are for the sake of others, which is a truly wonderful quality.


ENFPs often appear fearless with their hearts and with their imagination. Many people are afraid of taking risks and getting hurt, but ENFPs are always ready to follow their hearts into whatever adventure is in front of them. They have a curious nature, and enjoy being able to dive into new possibilities. ENFPs don’t hold back when it comes to their feelings, and are always willing to open their hearts to what feels right. They are warm and loving people, who are extremely courageous when it comes to what they believe in.


INTJs have a hunger for knowledge, and they are always willing to go above and beyond to reach their goals. They prefer to ensure that everything they do is well planned and strategized, especially when it comes to building their future. INTJs are smart and organized people, who truly enjoy absorbing information. Something truly courageous about INTJs is their ability to dive into a new subject, without fear. While many people can be fearful when it comes to learning something new, INTJs are excited and eager. They know that they are capable of understanding the information, if they just push themselves to do so.


ENTJs are driven people, who always go after their goals with everything they’ve got. The ENTJs ability to push through struggles is both courageous and impressive. While many people are too afraid to follow their dreams and desires, ENTJs go after them without hesitation. Even when things appear difficult, ENTJs simply work hard to put together a plan to overcome those struggles. They are intelligent and strategic people, who work hard to accomplish their goals. They are not afraid of a challenge, and simply see it as a way to improve themselves.


INTPs are courageous because of the way they let their active minds and imaginations run wild. Instead of conforming to what people think they should do, INTPs follow what they believe is right and what they find intriguing. Their minds are incredible active and unique places, which is what makes INTPs so intelligent and creative. They aren’t afraid to take risks when it comes to their exploration of knowledge, and often come up with new ideas that surprise people. This is something that makes INTPs courageous and unbelievably intelligent people.


ENTPs are courageous in many ways, and always seem to go after what they want without fear. ENTPs enjoy exploring new things, even if they appear a bit scary. They take chances in life, instead of allowing the risk to hold them back, ENTPs are eager to experience something new. They are always ready to explore the possibilities in life, and enjoy being able to jump into something adventurous. They are courageous because they enjoy pushing their limits, instead of staying stuck in the same place.


ISTJs have a strength inside of them that many people don’t quite notice. They are always working hard, even when everyone else has given up. ISTJs are courageous because they push through their struggles, without whining or feeling sorry for themselves. They know that things can’t always be easy, but they are ready and willing to work hard to accomplish their goals. ISTJs don’t expect handouts from other people, and instead they maintain a sense independence and strength.


ESTJs are strong-willed people, who stand up for their beliefs and always push through hard times. They take on a lot of responsibility in life, and always stand by their commitments. Their ability to persevere through life’s struggles, is extremely courageous and admirable. ESTJs are always willing to take on the challenges that life presents to them, and do so with a level head. They don’t back down from a fight, especially when it comes to accomplishing their goals.


ISFJs are courageous when it comes to caring for their loved ones. They love so deeply and without reservation, and will always do what it takes to take care of the people close to them. ISFJs have warm and giving hearts, and will continue to tend to the needs of their family and friends. They aren’t afraid to put aside their own needs in order to ensure that everyone around them is happy. ISFJs are reserved in many ways, but are surprisingly courageous when it comes to the people they care for.


ESFJs are the type of people who would do anything it takes to take care of their loved ones. They fully support the people in their lives, and are willing to do whatever they can to make them happy. ESFJs give until it hurts and would go above and beyond for the people they love. This ability to put their own needs aside for the sake of others, is both courageous and admirable. ESFJs never give up on the people they care for, and are willing to sacrifice in order to make them happy.


ISTPs are always willing to step out on their own, without hesitation. While some people are afraid of doing things without the support of others, ISTPs are willing to take that risk. They enjoy living their lives with a sense of independence, and are not afraid to do what makes them happy. ISTPs enjoy excitement, and want to seek out what ignites their passions. They are courageous because of their willingness to take chances all on their own.


ESTPs are adventurous people, who enjoy seeking out new and exciting experiences. Their ability to takes risks is both courageous and even a little bit reckless. While some people are afraid to try new things, the ESTP is excited by the idea of the unknown. They know how to make life an adventure, without having to ask for permission from others. They are fun and enthusiastic people, which makes them both courageous and intriguing.


ISFPs are courageous when it comes to opening up their hearts to people. While some people are afraid of getting hurt, the ISFP is willing to take that risk. They love deeply and always strive to follow their hearts and what they believe in. Their willingness to stand up for their beliefs is actually very brave and something we should all aspire to.


ESFPs are fun people, who want to make every moment count. While some people are fearful of anything new, the ESFP wants to experience life at its fullest. They are courageous because they are willing to step out of their comfort zones, even if it is a bit scary. ESFPS enjoy excitement in their lives, and simply want to feel free to experience everything around them.

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