Here’s How Each Personality Type Behaves as a Performer

Here’s How Each Personality Type Behaves as a Performer

Even though certain personality types are viewed as natural performers, that doesn’t mean the other types don’t do well in performance careers. There can easily be a celebrity found that fits into each personality type, because there are plenty of different kinds of performers. Here is how each personality type behaves as a performer.



INFJs have the ability to be somewhat of chameleons, meaning they can alter their behavior to fit their surroundings. This does not mean they are being untrue to themselves, they are simply masking certain qualities while accentuating others. Because of this ability INFJs can actually make for excellent performers. They are skilled at observing their surroundings and finding ways to appear much more outgoing and social than they might normally be. The INFJ as a performer is often polite and friendly, but also with a slight eccentric side to their personality. Someone like Alanis Morrisette is usually typed as an INFJ, because of her complex lyrics but slightly offbeat personality.


ENFJs as performers are outgoing and extremely likable. They have a way of putting themselves out there which most people respond very well to. They can have moments where they go too far with their opinions, but people always appreciate their sincerity. ENFJs are outgoing people and are often skilled at reading the room and observing what people are feeling and thinking. This ability to understand the emotions of others really helps ENFJ be likable performers and celebrities.


INFPs as performers are often outwardly viewed as complex and sensitive souls. They are sincere people, so they don’t want to express themselves in any way that is not true to their personalities. INFPs often enjoy being performers, but can sometimes become overwhelmed with a crowd of people. They will try to be friendly but often need time to themselves to recharge. Most people will view this as them simply being a complicated artist, and will give the INFP understanding. This helps them as performers, since they are often taken very seriously in this role.


ENFPs as performers are often over the top and exciting. People enjoy their outgoing and charming personalities, and respond very well to their natural demeanor. ENFPs are skilled at bringing up the mood of a room, and know how to keep everyone engaged. They can be seen as a bit eccentric at times, but this usually goes over very well with their followers. People enjoy ENFP performers because of their fun and lighthearted personalities, and their ability to make everyone smile.



INTJs as performers are often very focused on honing in their craft. They often spend time trying to grow and push themselves in whatever specific field they are working in. Whether they are comedians, musicians or actors- the INTJ will continue to work hard to be the best at what they do. They might sometimes be seen as harsh to others, but people are capable of appreciating their talent and abilities. INTJs as performers often try to keep their personal life hidden, and prefer to be recognized based on their performances.


ENTJs as performers are often sharp and extremely charismatic. They often spend much of their time working on their craft, and pushing themselves to be the best at what they do. ENTJs believe in growth and want to constantly be bettering themselves and their abilities. As performers they are often skilled and impressive, and are also good at giving interviews. They might not share every detail of their personal life, but they know how to keep people interested and feeling like they have gotten just enough from the ENTJ.


INTPs actually make very likable performers, but in a somewhat awkward way. Their personalities often translate to others in a way that makes them appear a little shy and maybe slightly unusual. INTPs are often seen as comedians, because of their wit and sarcasm. People respond very well to their brand of humor, although some might find it a tad offensive. INTPs do well with a specific audience, and can become extremely popular with those people. INTPs can often push themselves to appear more outgoing in front of others, but then need plenty of time to rest and recharge by themselves when the day is over.


ENTPs actually make excellent performers, because of their wit and charisma. People respond very well to their way of speaking and their sense of humor. ENTPs are skilled at reading people and understanding how to respond to that. They are often more lack back in front of a crowd, which makes them at ease performing in front of others. ENTPs usually enjoy being performers because it allows them plenty of room for growth and change. They don’t feel stagnant in this type of career, since it allows them so many different opportunities.



ISTJs as performers often have a way of keeping their personal lives as private as possible. They do not enjoy being put in the spotlight about their own dislikes and personal feelings. ISTJs will often compartmentalize their personal and professional lives, in hopes of keeping things from becoming too messy. As performers they are constantly trying to work on their craft, and enjoy finding ways to improve and grow. They can be a bit critical on themselves though, and will try hard to become the best that they can.


ESTJs as performers are often outgoing and likable by their followers and fans. They enjoy working hard to be good at what they do, but might find they have a knack for certain performances. ESTJs enjoy being the center of attention, and do not feel uncomfortable in the spotlight. They can easily find ways to keep other people entertained, even when things become a bit flat. ESTJs enjoy speaking with other people, and are often well-liked.


ISFJs as performers are often sweet and kind individuals. Their natural personalities shine through very well when it comes to being in the spotlight. Even though ISFJs are introverted people, they are surprisingly good at performing in front of others. Once they get over their stage fright, the ISFJ can be extremely talented performers. They enjoy being well-liked by others, and often are skilled at figuring out what people want to see from them.


ESFJs as performers are extremely likable and are often seen as the social butterflies of the personality world. They are good at reading others and figuring out how to best respond in order to be received well. ESFJs might have moments where they are nervous being the in the spotlight, but they easily overcome this with practice and learning. ESFJs enjoy helping others as well, and often use their recognition as a way to aid others. ESFJs as performers are charismatic and friendly people, who know how to take charge of the room.



ISTPs as performers are often a tad aloof, but in a rather likable way. They are often seen as the bad boys and girls of the celebrity world, which makes people even more drawn to them. They aren’t always outgoing, and don’t always go above in beyond when it comes to interviews. ISTPs know just what to say in order to keep people guessing, but at the same time remain cordial and polite. They likely put a lot of thought into their performances, but somehow they are good at making it appear like they hardly try at all.


ESTPs are natural performers, and actually enjoy being in the spotlight. They are skilled at making people like them, while still keeping all eyes on them. ESTPs are extremely charismatic people, but their sass can sometimes get them into trouble. As performers ESTPs can be a bit over the top, and enjoy drawing in the attention. They know how to cause a bit of a stir, but that is just how they like it.


ISFPs as performers are often artistic and likable. They aren’t extremely outgoing people, but they often use their shyness as a way to entice others. ISFPs are charming and sensitive individuals, which helps them do well as performers. They are often seen as artistic and kind people, and appear extremely humble. Even though the ISFP doesn’t fight for center of attention, they do surprisingly well when they are in the spotlight for something they enjoy.


ESFPs are the natural performers of the personality world, since they sincerely enjoy being the spotlight. ESFPS hate when they are feeling ignored, which makes performing an ideal career for them. When the ESFP can have all eyes on them, they feel comfortable and sincerely happy. They know how to draw in the attention of others, without leaving a dull moment. ESFPs are exciting and entertaining people, who would do anything to ensure that the entire room is enjoying themselves.

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