Something That Each Myers-Briggs Type Understands About Love & Relationships

We all bring something unique to a relationship, but understanding love can be challenging. There are different parts to loving someone that make it rather complex. Each Myers-Briggs type has their personal understanding and appreciation for love and relationships.


INFJs understand something profound about relationships and that is how to listen fully. When an INFJ chooses to enter into a relationship with someone, they take that connection very seriously. They strive to understand the other person on a deeper level. This understanding is something that truly brings life and compassion into the relationship. INFJs understand that love is not a game and it should be taken seriously. They know how important it is to feel completely understood and so they strive to listen when their partner is speaking.


ENFJs know that everyone needs someone to lean on when they are feeling weak. ENFJs realize that when it comes to loving someone, you need to be their rock when they are feeling down. The ENFJ takes their relationships very seriously and strives to be there with warmth and support whenever their partner is in need. ENFJs have reached the realization that being emotionally supportive is an extremely important part of love.


INFPs understand how important it is to be open in a relationship. They realize that closing your heart is one of the biggest causes of relationship death. The INFP instinctively knows that to love someone, you need to share yourself completely with them. They may be afraid but they realize it is important to push past that fear and let your loved one into your world. Their open hearts and imaginative minds brings a whole new level of connection to their relationships.


ENFPs realize that it is important to bring passion into a relationship. When it comes to love they give everything they have and throw themselves into the relationship fully. They do not believe in holding back because they understand what being hesitant can really mean. They understand just how important it is to give yourself over to your passion and emotions when it comes to being in love with someone.


INTPs believe that relationships should be taken seriously, that is why they do not enter into them lightly. They may not be the best at opening up or expressing their emotions, but they do feel them. When they take the leap, it is because they believe in what they are doing. INTPs understand that love is challenging at times, and they believe in attempting to find logical ways to face those challenges.


ENTPs realize that constant exploration is an important part of building a strong relationship. They want to continue building and growing in their relationship and need a partner who is willing to explore with them. They invest in understanding their relationship and are more than willing to work hard for it. Realizing that building a bond is a process, is something that the ENTP naturally understands.


INTJs understand how important honesty is in a relationship. INTJs believe in being loyal and once they make the choice to stick by someone, they stand firm on that decision. INTJs realize that jumping into something without being sure, is simply unfair to everyone involved. They believe that relationships require effort and understand that it is a process of understanding someone.


ENTJs are enigmatic individuals, who strive to make everything around them better. They understand that relationships mean working hard to understand one another. They will always be clear and honest about what they need and expect their partner to do the same. They often see love as a challenge, but that can be a truly wonderful thing. Because of this drive to make an effort, the ENTJ is capable of sticking it out through the hard times.


ISFJs understand that people need warmth and attention. ISFJs are always willing to care for the needs of those that they love, especially when it comes to relationships. ISFJs believe that to show your love for someone, you must always be there for them when they need you. Sometimes you have to anticipate their needs beforehand and respond without forcing them to ask for things. ISFJs understand that sometimes you just need someone to take care of you.


ESFJs realize how important it is to give all that you can to a relationship. They realize what it means to put your partner first, and prioritize their needs above everyone else. This can sometimes get them into trouble, but it is something that is also very special about them. They will do whatever it takes to make their relationship work and want to make their loved one as happy as they can. The ESFJ realizes that you need to give 100% of yourself to a relationship and that 50/50 just is not enough.


ISTJs understand how to take a relationship seriously, and realize that it is not something to be taken lightly. ISTJs have the natural understanding that reliability is an important quality to have in relationships. They strive to be someone that their partner can trust and rely on, even when things are confusing. They know that being that stable individual helps to promote a sense of trust and honesty in a relationship.


ESTJs bring a sense of practicality to a relationship and will always be ready to instill motivation. ESTJs believe in loyalty, they understand that being in a relationship is a conscious choice. When an ESTJ makes the decision to commit to someone, they take that very seriously. They understand that standing by someone is an important part of loving them, which is a truly wonderful knowledge to posses.


ISTPs understand that each person is unique and that what they need is not the same as what someone else needs. They have a strong sense of respect for the people that they care about, which means they are capable of giving space when people need it. They have an understanding that relationships are not perfect, which means they can be much more accepting of flaws.


ESTPs have a deep understanding of what it takes to keep others entertained. They know how to make everything an adventure and are great at working hard in a relationship. They are actually really good at showering their partner with affection and have a realization that sometimes being just need support from the person they love. When an ESTP loves someone they are often willing to deal with their need for affection.


ISFPs know that love is a powerful thing and they realize how much it can truly shape your life. They prioritize their romantic relationships and believe in providing understanding and compassion. The ISFP knows what it is like to be misunderstood and to them love means always providing a judgment free place to be yourself. The ISFP naturally knows how important it is to love the person you are with unconditionally.


ESFPs realize just how important it is to make your relationship fun. They understand that when things become too boring, you risk losing that connection. They know how to make things fun and lighthearted, and aren’t afraid of being silly. The ESFP knows just how important it is to feel joy and spread that joy to your romantic partner. Relationships should be fun, and they should be exciting.


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