Just How Good You Are at Flattering Others, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people are just natural flatterers, who know the right words to make people feel good about themselves. Some people turn on this charm to get what they want, while others do it because they want to make someone smile. Here is how much of a flatterer you are, based on your personality type.



INFJs are often amazing at flattering others, since they are naturals at seeing the good in others. INFJs also can sense the right words to say in order to make someone feel much more confident in themselves. While some people fumble when it comes to giving compliments, for the INFJ it is actually easier than most people realize. As long as they don’t feel like someone is going to make it into something dramatic, the INFJ feels very comfortable flattering others and bringing a smile to their face. For the INFJ bringing joy to someone else’s day, is actually something which brings them an internal sense of accomplishment and comfort.


ENFJs are extremely flattering people, with a knack for reading those around them. Their sense of empathy helps the ENFJ to recognize what the other person really needs to hear at that moment. They know how to bring a sense of comfort to those around them, as well as instill confidence in their abilities. ENFJs are great at talking people up and finding the right words to make them believe what they are saying. For the ENFJ it is rewarding to flatter others and to make them feel truly good about themselves.


INFPs do know how to flatter people, but for them this comes completely from the heart. They want to show their loved ones the beauty they see within them. INFPs can often see the good in others, and this helps them to truly make someone feel flattered, as well as appreciated. INFPs enjoy making others smile, but they want to do this in a sincere manner. INFPs are also fairly good at flattering people to get what they want, but this is often something they are morally opposed to.


ENFPs are very charming people, and so flattery is often one of their many talents. When the ENFP wants to get on someone’s good side, they often use compliments and flattering to make this person feel good. They often know the perfect words to say in order to make people melt completely. This is why ENFPs are often considered charismatic but also sometimes earn the reputation of a player. They simply know how to make people blush a bit, and this is something they aren’t afraid of using.



INTJs don’t usually like having to use flattery, and sometimes it just feels entirely unnatural for them. They will dish out compliments when they feel it is completely deserving, and when they personally feel inspired to do so. Having to flatter someone in order to gain a certain response, just isn’t the path INTJs are likely to take. They prefer to use facts and logic as a means of getting things done and communicating with people properly.


ENTJs certainly know how to dish out compliments in order to flatter someone, but this isn’t always something they want to do. For the ENTJ this can feel insincere and a bit like selling out. They would rather focus on being efficient and allowing their work to speak for itself. For the ENTJ having to flatter someone unnecessarily isn’t really their regular way of getting things done. ENTJs do enjoy flattering their loved ones when they see it is needed though.


INTPs aren’t usually flatterers, since having to come up with the right words just isn’t their greatest strength. Knowing how to appeal to someone’s emotions is not something the INTP finds natural or comfortable. INTPs do want to make their loved ones feel appreciated, but it isn’t really easy for them to find the ideal words to express themselves. They simply aren’t natural flatterers, especially not with people they aren’t close to. When the INTP does start to open up they can be good at dishing out compliments, especially if they are drinking a bit.


ENTPs actually can be surprisingly charming and flattering people when they want to be. Sometimes they use this in order to get what they want, or simply to see how people will respond. ENTPs often know how to say the right words and can figure out which compliments will really brighten up someone’s day. For the ENTP it isn’t always about getting the results they want, sometimes they sincerely enjoy seeing their loved ones happy. Sometimes flattery is the best way for the ENTP to express themselves, likely with a dash of over the top charm.



ISTJs don’t usually like feeling forced to flatter someone who they don’t sincerely want to do this for. Feeling obligated to hand out flattery isn’t really something the ISTJ is likely to abide by. They do enjoy making their loved ones feel appreciated, but they often find more practical means of doing this. For the ISTJ flattery isn’t often the most natural thing for them, especially in situations where it does not feel sincere. They aren’t necessarily emotionally expressive people, and so for them practical actions are how they express consideration towards someone else.


ESTJs don’t usually feel a strong desire to go about flattering others, and this can often feel a bit insincere for them. ESTJs prefer to focus on getting things done and doing what is most practical. When they care about someone the ESTJ prefers to make them feel good by providing for them and showing their consideration by ensuring their comfort and happiness. For the ESTJ it isn’t necessarily natural to go around flattering people, especially if it doesn’t serve a useful purpose.


ISFJs can be very flattering people, especially since they enjoy making others feel good about themselves. ISFJs feel a sense of joy when they can make those around them happy, and so they do just about anything to make this happen. ISFJs often know the right words to say in order to flatter someone and really make them feel better. They pay attention to the individual and try to figure out the things that make them happy and so they know how to say what they want to hear most.


ESFJs are often natural flatterers who enjoy being able to make others feel good about themselves. For the ESFJ it doesn’t feel weird to compliment people, instead they often enjoy seeing others smile. They can figure out the right words to say in order to make a certain person feel deeply flattered. ESFJs often find it rewarding to bring joy to those around them, and so flattery can be a great way to create a sense of harmony in their environment.



ISTPs don’t really like feeling forced to flatter someone, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be good at it. ISTPs can be rather charming people when they want to be, especially as they get older. They might know just the right thing to say in order to really flatter someone and make them feel special for receiving the ISTPs attentions. Most of the time they prefer to be on their own, but there are some instances when flattery can be useful to them.


ESTPs are often great at flattering others, especially since they are charming and social people. They sometimes use their ability to flatter others in order to get what they want and make people like them. For the ESTP it is often easy to find the right words in order to make someone feel truly flattered and proud of themselves. They are outgoing people who don’t find it awkward to hand out a good dose of flattery, especially when it could be useful in some ways.


ISFPs can be flattering people, but this is often used towards those they care about. They enjoy making their loved ones feel good about themselves, but their flattering is often very sincere. When the ISFP is close to someone they can see all the most wonderful things about them, and they enjoy shining this light onto those they love. They want to make their loved ones see how great they are, and enjoy being the person who recognizes this.


ESFPs are outgoing and social people who often enjoy being able to flatter others. For them being charming is something which comes naturally and often this means finding the right words to really flatter someone. They enjoy making other people smile and do their best to bring joy wherever they can. For the ESFP it is more exciting to bring others up by flattering them in just the right way, and actually gives them a sense of joy.


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