How Introverts Can Deal with Cabin Fever and Going Stir Crazy

It is often expressed that introverts can easily handle long periods of time stuck inside of their own homes. Of course they are more equipped for spending a lot of time alone, since this is how they gain their energy, but that doesn’t mean they won’t go a little stir crazy as well. Many introverts still crave connection and want to be around certain people who are most special to them. They can still find themselves a bit trapped inside of their own homes during a time when it is required of them, as this doesn’t mean introverts enjoy being constantly cooped up just because they enjoy time to themselves.

This is something which not only pertains to current times, but also people who grow ill and are forced to be inside much more often than usual. There are so many situations which can cause us to have to adjust our lifestyles, and learning to adapt is truly vital during those times. For an introvert who is starting to go a bit stir crazy, there are ways to help manage this stress and anxiety instead of allowing it to grow and become impossible to deal with. There are so many ways to keep your mind and your body busy, even when you aren’t capable of doing the things which normally keep you moving forward.

Exercise More

For anyone dealing with being trapped inside of their own homes, maintaining some sort of exercise is important for both your physical and mental health. Even if this means finding small things to keep you busy and keep your body active, this can help immensely. Whether you enjoy something like relaxing yoga, or just playing a few chasing games with your pet- it is important to keep your body moving and not become stagnant. When you are inside for long periods of time it can become easy to remain a bit immobile, especially with the ease of all your streaming services and relaxed activities. While it is good to take some time to relax as well, keeping yourself physically healthy is important and can sometimes be easy for the introvert to forget. They become so caught up in their own thoughts that they can be distracted by this, and so taking time to keep your body moving is important as well. 

Don’t Forget to Communicate

While introverts do enjoy having this time to themselves without feeling guilty, that doesn’t mean that becoming completely distanced from loved ones is good for them in the long-term. Eventually this can weigh on the introvert as well, and so they need to remember to communicate with people they care for most. Introverts are likely to have one or two truly special people in their lives, and so during this time of social distancing they certainly need to remember to keep connected with those people. Whether this means the occasional video call, or just texting them throughout the day. 

Keep Your Mind Busy

Most introverts have incredibly active inner minds, and so ensuring that they keep those minds busy can be important in preventing them from going a bit stir crazy. This is why finding the right activities is truly necessary for anyone who is stuck inside for a while. For the introvert, keeping their minds challenged and focused on something exciting can help to prevent them from feeling stagnant or like they are suffocating without being able to venture into the outside world. While they might not crave constant social interaction, many introverts still enjoy exploring their favorite bookstore or coffee shop. They can spend this time reading their favorite books, writing down their thoughts, or even decide to take on a new hobby like painting or learning a language. Something which will keep their thoughts from running in circles is definitely necessary for the introvert stuck inside.

Seek Out Comforts

While trying to keep busy is important, introverts also benefit from seeking out their usual comforts. They often have some of their favorite indoor activities which can keep them feeling a sense of inner peace and enjoy, and it is good for them to remember those things. Seeking out the comforts which they crave and energizes them, can only make the experience a more fulfilling one as the introvert gets this peaceful time to themselves. Being able to do some of their favorite things without feeling guilty about it, can definitely make it an easier process of being cooped up inside for a while.

Routine Is Important

Maintaining some sort of routine is important for everyone who is going to be inside for a long time. Since the introverted mind can be so active and they can find it easier to slip into this state of social distancing, they can sometimes lose track of time. They can spend so much of their time inside of their own thoughts and this can certainly drag them away from experiencing the present moment. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can cause them to become a bit distanced from reality, which can turn the introvert even more reclusive. Taking time to set some sort of schedule can give them a sense of normalcy, and ensure that important tasks are still getting done.

Self-Care Matters

Since introverts get so caught up inside of their own minds there are times when they can neglect their physical needs. Having a rich inner mind is certainly a good thing, but becoming distracted and forgetting to tend to themselves isn’t the best. The introvert who is stuck inside needs to take some time for self-care, and to ensure that their own physical needs are being met as well. Whether this means taking a day to make their appearance nice, or ensuring they are eating a healthy meal, it can help give them a sense of peace and calm during times when they might be experiencing some stress. Being someone who considers all of the “what ifs” can cause introverts to feel stressed during situations of crisis. Which is why taking time to make sure they are caring for their physical and mental needs, is truly important during a quarantine.


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