Unexpected Facts That You Should Know About the ENTJ Male

ENTJs are enigmatic and intense people who also know how to have fun. This combination of driven and exciting qualities makes them incredibly valuable allies. There are many aspects to the ENTJs personality that people might be surprised by. Here are a few things that you should know about the ENTJ male.

They Are Very Direct

ENTJs are upfront and direct about what they want, in pretty much every aspect of their lives. ENTJs are driven individuals and are often depicted as natural-born leaders. They are more than capable of reaching their goals, but once they do they simply just set more goals. ENTJs work hard to become accomplished in their careers and are often seen climbing the ladder until they become the boss themselves. They are excellent at leading teams and pushing others the accomplish tasks.

ENTJs are direct when it comes to their work environments, but they are also direct when it comes to romantic interests. If the ENTJ male finds themselves attracted to someone, they will not be afraid to make their desires known. ENTJs rarely find themselves truly interested in someone, and it often takes a while before they come to terms with their feelings. They do not do things in flighty ways and truly are not looking for surface relationships. Once the ENTJ male discovers someone that they can connect with, they will not hesitate to make this known. They will often be rather direct about their feelings, and might even surprise people with their ability to be sweet and charming.

If you prefer someone who is firm and straightforward, you will certainly enjoy the comforts of an ENTJ partner. When they are interested in someone, they will express it, and this continues throughout the relationship. ENTJs believe in being sincere with their partners and will often let them know if something is not right. This can help create great communication within the confines of the relationship.

They Have An Affectionate Side

ENTJs can be seen as cold individuals, but this stereotype is not entirely true. They do favor logic, but that does not mean they cannot show affection in a romantic relationship. They simply won’t say things that they don’t believe to be true, but that does not mean they cannot dish out appropriate compliments. This part of their personality is saved for only the most special individual. ENTJs are not seen as extremely lovey people, but they are surprisingly affectionate in a committed relationship.

ENTJs in love are loyal, sincere, and extremely caring. They don’t believe in doing things halfway and will jump in completely when they feel it is right. They take a lot of time to process their feelings for someone, but once they know how they feel then, they are certainly capable of showing it.

They Are Extremely Loyal

ENTJs favor loyalty above most things, and truly just want people in their lives that they can rely on. ENTJs will defend their loved ones, even when those people are not around. They are fiercely loyal individuals, and can always be relied on to stand by their friends and loved ones. That doesn’t mean the ENTJ won’t be honest if they disagree with someone they care for, but they will still stand by them.

ENTJs will not be afraid to walk away from someone who is disloyal, especially if they know it is the right thing to do. They only want people around them who they can trust completely, and will not view it as a loss if they have to remove someone from their lives. Their loyalty is an amazing quality, one that makes them excellent friends and lovers.

They Are Intelligent But Know How To Have Fun

ENTJs are extremely driven and intelligent individuals- favoring logic and practicality above emotions. This part of their personality can sometimes cause people to misunderstand the ENTJ, missing out on their rather enjoyable fun side. ENTJs actually have rather active senses of humor, and truly enjoy making other people laugh.

ENTJs are not only humorous people, they also have an adventurous side to their personality. They enjoy taking risks and exploring new things. ENTJ males are often seen attempting new hobbies, some of which are rather risky. They might even enjoy some outdoor activities, especially if it helps push them outside of their comfort zones. They actually enjoy pushing the limits, even if the things they are trying make them nervous. They are smart enough to know that the biggest risks often yield the highest rewards. ENTJs love to grow and often search for ways to expand their knowledge and experiences. ENTJs might work hard, but they know how to play even harder.

When the ENTJ male goes after something, they combine their intelligence with their creative, strategic planning abilities- this makes them pretty much unstoppable. They are strong-willed and forward-thinking people, and they don’t stop until they accomplish their goals. They also are amazing at helping those closest to them to achieve their biggest goals in life. This makes them incredible allies but rather frightening foes. When an ENTJ begins planning world domination, the best thing you can do is hope that their ultimate plan is not an evil one. Or else…we are probably all doomed.

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