The Worst Quality of Each Myers Briggs Type

We all know that every personality has it’s positive and negative qualities. Even some of the most amazing and near perfect people, have a flaw or two. Here is the worst quality of each Myers Briggs Type.

INFJ- Perfectionist

INFP- Whiny

INTJ- Insensitive

INTP- Lazy

ENFJ- Needy

ENFP- Childish

ENTJ- Bossy

ENTP- Egotistical

ISFJ- Naive

ISFP- Flighty

ISTJ- Rigid

ISTP- Unpredictable

ESFJ- Overbearing

ESFP- Impatient

ESTJ- Demanding

ESTP- Impulsive

If you agree with these, feel free to share them!