Myers Briggs Career Nightmares

Most of the time you see posts about the perfect jobs for each MBTI type. So obviously you know those by heart at this point. Instead of the all time best possible jobs for your Myers Briggs type, we have established the reverse list. So with great pleasure we present to you, Myers Briggs Career Nightmares. This our list of the absolute worst jobs for each type.

INFJ- Baby Seal Clubber

INFP- Animal Grave-Digger

INTJ- Professional Cuddler

INTP- Infantryman

ENFJ- Independent Computer Data Analyst

ENFP- Proofreading Accounting Reports

ENTJ- Servant to an Indecisive Buffoon

ENTP- Secretary

ISFJ- Bounty Hunter

ISFP- Parole Officer

ISTJ- Translating Books into Emoji Form

ISTP- Nursing Home Receptionist

ESFJ- Dumpster Diver

ESFP- Long-Term Strategic Planning Of Abstract Theoretical Scenarios

ESTJ- Bird Herder

ESTP- Toll-Booth Operator


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