Here’s How You Feel About Destiny, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How You Feel About Destiny, According to Your Personality Type

Some people believe in practical things that they can measure, while others have a strong sense of destiny. Here is who each personality type feels about destiny and fate.


INFJs are very caring people, with complex and compassionate souls. They are both dreamers and logical people, which makes them a complete paradox. INFJs often enjoy analyzing information and looking at it from a logical standpoint, but overall their intuition and emotions will rule their choices. INFJs often do believe in destiny, and have a strong belief that certain things are simply meant to be. They have a strong sense of intuition, but at the same time INFJs believe that there are things in life that cannot always be explained. They believe that certain people are meant to be connected, and sometimes things are meant to happen in their lives.


ENFJs are outgoing and compassionate people, who love giving to those around them. ENFJs are often focused on making their future as great as they possibly can. ENFJs are hardworking people who strive to ensure that everyone around them is happy and cared for. ENFJs often believe in destiny to some extent, especially when it comes to their loved ones. They often believe that they are connected to certain people because it is meant to be that way. They may not want to sit back and let things happen, but ENFJs believe that with their own efforts destiny can take it proper course.


INFPs are dreamy people, who often let their heart guide them in their life choices. They want to do what they believe is right and have very strong morals. INFPs often do believe in destiny, and have a strong inner sense of what is meant to be. INFPs don’t let those feelings take them over too much, but deep down they do believe in fate. INFPs enjoy the idea that things don’t just happen on accident, and that they are actually meant to be. They also believe that the connections they make are meant to happen, and have a strong belief that whoever they end up romantically intertwined with is the “right” person.


ENFPs are imaginative people who do base a lot of choices on their own emotions. They want to follow their heart and let life take them where it may go. They don’t want to get caught up on negativity, and instead prefer to soak up the possibilities that life has to offer them. ENFPs follow their heart, which can sometimes cause them to believe in a sense of destiny. They might not openly express these feelings to others, for fear that they would judge them. Deep down many ENFPs do believe in destiny, and enjoy letting things happen however they are meant to. ENFPs are hopeless romantics, who truly want to believe in true love and the presence of destiny.


INTJs are logical people, who believe that we make our own way in life. They rarely have a strong sense of destiny, and prefer to accept that they have control. They don’t want to give over this control to some invisible idea, and often believe that to be a foolish notion. INTJs would rather focus on getting things done, and know that they make their own path in life. They might feel like having a belief in destiny makes people lazy and they don’t want to take part in that behavior. INTJs make their own choices and won’t allow someone else or something else to dictate their actions or their future.


ENTJs are focused people, who believe in working hard to achieve their goals. ENTJs rarely believe in a sense of destiny, and are more interested in making their own way in life. They do not want to relinquish control to some idea, and prefer to make their own choices and get things done themselves. ENTJs believe in logic and facts, not in foolish ideas of fate. They know that instead of letting things pass them by in life, they need to take charge and make it happen. ENTJs want to achieve their goals, and work extremely hard to do so.


INTPs are logic minded people, who believe in the importance of making their own choices. They rarely express any belief in destiny, and often prefer to logically analyze a situation. INTPs are skilled at problem solving, which is often what they prefer to do in their own lives and even the lives of others. They do have the occasional romantic streak, which can cause them to have a belief deep down in some form of destiny. Ultimately, INTPs are logical people and will often push aside any of those romantic feelings in order to focus on the facts and information in front of them.


ENTPs are logical people who prefer to observe the facts instead of focusing on emotions. They rarely believe in things like destiny and instead will believe in the information in front of them. ENTPs might even think the belief in destiny is a foolish thing, which allows people to become lazy in their own lives. They would much prefer to observe the facts and give themselves the credit for their own lives. ENTPs want to be in control of their actions, and dislike feeling like they are being pushed in any direction. They enjoy exploring new possibilities, so there may be a time where ENTPs entertain the idea of destiny, but ultimately the facts often prove against it.


ISTJs are hardworking people, who often believe that we make our own way in life. They rarely feel like destiny plays a part in what happens to people, and have much more pragmatic beliefs. ISTJs strongly believe in taking responsibility for their own actions, instead of letting a belief in something that isn’t tangible. ISTJs are fact based people, who prefer to look at what is clearly in front of them. They are smart and practical people, with a strong sense of work ethic to get them by in life.


ESTJs are pragmatic people who believe in focusing on the facts that are in front of them. They do not believe in things like destiny in most cases, because they want to take responsibility for their own actions. They may even believe that the idea of destiny or fate, is simply an easy cop out to be lazy and hope that things will fall in their laps. ESTJs believe in making things happen, and have a very strong work ethic. They are intelligent people who prefer to focus on the facts and information is right in front of their noses.


ISFJs are compassionate people, who are usually very practical. They rarely express a strong sense of destiny, and instead prefer to focus on making things happen. They care very deeply for their loved ones and want to do what is best for them in order to make them happy. ISFJs are kind people, with rather big and warm hearts. Although they are usually very practical people, ISFJs do have the occasional romantic streak. There is often a part of them who believes in a sense of destiny, especially when it comes to falling in love.


ESFJs are focused and giving people, who strive to care for their loved ones. They want to make other people happy, and genuine people pleasers. They are often romantics at heart, even if the ESFJ does not openly express this to others. Deep down most ESFJs do believe in some idea of destiny, especially when it comes to being in love, or having close connections with people. They believe that certain people are meant to be in their lives, and want to feel like those connections have a purpose and are actually meant to be.


ISTPs are analytical and practical people, which means they rarely believe in things like destiny. ISTPs usually believe in making their own way in life, and want their choices to reflect that. They enjoy living life in the moment, and want to take advantages of all of the opportunities that they can. They might even find things like destiny to be a bit foolish and completely illogical. ISTPs want to be sure that their actions are intentional, and that they take responsibility for them.


ESTPs are hardworking and intelligent people, who are focused on getting things done. They also enjoy a bit of adventure in their lives, which means living in the moment. ESTPs rarely express a belief in things like destiny, and prefer to keep those sorts of romantic thoughts to themselves. Some ESTPs actually do have a romantic side to them, but they usually do not outwardly express it and prefer to focus on more logical things. There may be a small part of the ESTP that believes in a sense of destiny, or that certain things are actually meant to be.


ISFPs are definitely romantic people, who believe in following their hearts in life. They often have a belief in destiny, and have a strong sense of what they feel is actually meant to be. ISFPs want their lives to be filled with love and beauty, and prefer to let life happen. They don’t want to try and control everything around them, and might find that to be a bit exhausting. ISFPs do know that they need to take action in their own lives in order to make things happen, but they also believe that destiny will take its course in their lives.


ESFPs are energetic and fun people, who enjoy taking life as it comes at them. They often do believe in a sense of destiny and fate, but they also believe in taking action. ESFPs don’t want to focus on anything negative, and prefer to enjoy the present moment. They won’t become obsessed with an idea of fate, and simply want to just let things happen and progress how they are meant to. ESFPs are caring people, who believe in love and connections that are fated to happen.

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