Here’s What Ambiance Means to You, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people don’t care much for the right atmosphere, others are affected a lot by it. Here is how much you value ambiance, based on your personality type.



INFJs can definitely be caught up inside of their own inner minds, but that doesn’t mean some part of them doesn’t appreciate the right ambiance. They often enjoy certain visual surroundings, especially ones that inspire their imagination in unique ways. INFJs can often surprise people by what draws their interests, and sometimes the right atmosphere and setting can be truly enjoyable for them. Sometimes the INFJ might be drawn to something that seems a bit dark to others, but to them it really isn’t. They can see beauty in things that others misunderstand, which is what makes them so intrigued by the right surroundings.


ENFJs do appreciate beauty and the right ambiance, but only when they take a moment to breathe and truly enjoy it. They can become so caught up in getting things done and taking care of others that the ENFJ misses out on things that truly enrich and excite them. When the ENFJ does have the opportunity to relax a moment, they love being able to soak up the right surroundings. For them ambiance can affect their mood greatly, especially when it comes to sharing this with someone they care deeply for.


INFPs can become rather caught up inside of their own minds, which makes their physical surroundings less important. For the INFP ambiance is more effective with certain things like music, or even artwork. There are times when the INFP doesn’t even notice their surroundings much at all, maybe even living in a disarray in some ways. They are simply more interested in the atmosphere inside of their own minds, which is often rich with imagination.


ENFPs aren’t always interested in ambiance and can sometimes be more focused on their own inner worlds. They can become distracted easily and find themselves more intrigued by what is going on internally. There are times when the ENFP might enjoy a certain ambiance, like a setting with certain lighting and music. They find themselves more intrigued by unique ambiance, sometimes ones that feel a little dark or unhappy to others. ENFPs simply have their own unique way of looking at things, which can see beauty in surroundings that others might not appreciate.



INTJs can become very caught up in their own rich inner minds, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the effects of ambiance. When the surroundings are right the INTJ can certainly enjoy the experience and allow it to wash over them. This can sometimes be very helpful for their ability to work and come up with new ideas. While INTJs aren’t obsessed with the right ambiance all of the time, that doesn’t mean they cannot appreciate it during certain occasions.


ENTJs don’t often become caught up in creating the right ambiance, simply because they are constantly focused on moving forward. They are very driven people who believe in doing their best to get things done as efficiently as possible. Their goals are what matters most to the ENTJ, and being able to build something they can be proud of. While ENTJs are very focused, they do enjoy having the right ambiance during their downtime. Whether that be the perfect surroundings at a restaurant, or simply relaxing in their home with the right décor.


INTPs might seem easily distracted by their own thoughts, but that is why they do often enjoy the right ambiance. The perfect surroundings are often conducive to creativity and inspiration for the INTP. They often enjoy having the right atmosphere, which can affect them immensely. They might not recognize this themselves, and sometimes find themselves too distracted to really create the best ambiance for their own creative abilities.


ENTPs enjoy being able to experience many new things, and sometimes this is tied to a certain atmosphere. While they do care for the right ambiance at times, ENTPs can forget to really create this for themselves. They are sometimes affected by their surroundings, at least in a way that can help inspire their creativity. ENTPs can often move around from place to place, never really standing still all that long to fully appreciate a specific ambiance. Their minds are so active that the ENTP is trying to soak up a lot of information all in one sitting.



For ISTJs the right ambiance can definitely be important, since they enjoy having their surroundings just right. They also want to create a certain ambiance when they are trying to mark a special moment with someone they love. For the ISTJ creating a certain atmosphere can be an important way to express themselves, since they aren’t great at doing this with words. They aren’t personally affected by this immensely, but they do like having surroundings that help them be more efficient.


ESTJs enjoy the right ambiance in many situations, especially when it helps them be more efficient. For the ESTJ having the right surroundings can help them focus on getting things done, instead of weighing them down. They also believe in creating a certain ambiance when they are attempting to create a special moment with someone they care for. ESTJs are surprisingly capable of creating a romantic atmosphere when they are attempting to show they care.


ISFJs do believe in creating the right ambiance, especially where their loved ones are concerned. For the ISFJ this can be an important way to create a peaceful and harmonious environment. The wrong surroundings can set people off or make them feel uncomfortable. ISFJs are often very sensitive to this, and want to be sure that everyone feels at ease in their home and their surroundings.


ESFJs actually do enjoy the right ambiance, and can become affected by surroundings that aren’t right for them. They enjoy having the right music and lighting, since they can definitely be sensitive to these things. For the ESFJ taking a moment to enjoy their surroundings can be nice, although it might be rare for them. They can become so focused on creating the best atmosphere and ambiance for their loved ones that they forget to enjoy it themselves.



ISTPs do enjoy having the right ambiance, and this often helps them be more introspective in some ways. They like being able to observe their surroundings and experience the present moment. The right ambiance can certainly affect the mood of the ISTP, whether it be to relax or excite them. They might not always recognize why this is happening right away, but it does affect them.


ESTPs enjoy soaking up their surroundings and are often very affected by the right ambiance. While they can become easily distracted and bounce from one place to the next, they do enjoy having the right surroundings. ESTPs will definitely take the time to enjoy the ambiance around them, especially if it is something that inspires and intrigues them. For the ESTP being able to truly live in the moment and enjoy the atmosphere around them, is truly wonderful.


ISFPs do appreciate the right ambiance in their surroundings, and are largely affected by the atmosphere around them. ISFPs enjoy being able to soak up the beauty in the world, and will recognize these things naturally. They experience these things very deeply, and because of this the ISFP does enjoy having the right ambiance for any given situation or emotion.


Ambiance is actually very important to the ESFP, since they are very affected by their surroundings. They enjoy having the right atmosphere to inspire them and make them feel more at ease. ESFPs are very in touch with the physical world around them, so the ambiance in their environment definitely affects them. They are drawn to beautiful things, and believe in creating a home that they can be proud of in this way.

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