Here’s How Good You Are at Celebrating, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Good You Are at Celebrating, Based on Your Personality Type

We all have our own unique way of celebrating, while some do it in a more over the top manner. Here is how good you are at celebrating, based on your personality type.


INFJs might not always seem like the partying type, but they can certainly celebrate something positive. When it comes to enjoying an accomplishment or something exciting that has occurred, INFJs celebrate in their own way. While to some it might not seem like they are outwardly joyful, INFJs will find ways to really relish in their positive experience. Whether it means having a drink by themselves, or enjoying a movie with their closest friend. INFJs do celebrate, from the smallest things to something major- they just have their own unique way of doing this.


ENFJs love being able to celebrate something exciting, especially if it is an accomplishment of someone they care for. When their loved ones have achieved something worth celebrating, the ENFJ will go all out. Even if it just means setting up a fun night in, they know how to make the most out of their celebration. For ENFJs it is about ensuring that their loved ones are having a good time, and they will be eager to join them in the excitement.


INFPs can be seen as quiet and reserved people, but they are also fun and playful. While it might be difficult for them to celebrate their own accomplishments, they can definitely join in on a celebration for others. INFPs are often hard on themselves, which is why they don’t always celebrate their own experiences as much as they should. If their loved ones find the right way to approach them, they can be coerced into appreciating their own accomplishments much more.


ENFPs do enjoy celebrating, especially when they feel like they have accomplished something special. They might celebrate by doing something fun and adventurous with a friend, or they might just spend the night watching movies with a loved one and having a few drinks. ENFPs like to mix things up, and won’t want to celebrate the same way each time. They want to seek new experiences and find ways to really challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort zone. Sometimes celebrating for an ENFP means taking on something new and a bit frightening.


INTJs don’t always have the most enthusiastic personalities, and keep their feelings to themselves most of the time. They do know how to relish in their accomplishments though, and enjoy finding ways to celebrate. They are always ready for a challenge, and will continue to increase their goals after they have accomplished something new. While INTJs can be hard on themselves, they also know that it is important to celebrate the things that matter most. When they do feel the need to celebrate the INTJ might want to let loose a little with some trusted friends.


ENTJs don’t do anything half way, and enjoy living their lives to the fullest extent. While ENTJs work very hard, they also know how to play hard. After they have accomplished something truly impressive, they will likely want to celebrate in an enthusiastic way. ENTJs enjoy going out and having a good time with their close friends and loved ones, and know how to really have a good time. When they have worked hard to accomplish a goal they often feel it is important to experience that achievement with a celebration of sorts.


INTPs can have a hard time really accepting their own accomplishments, and can be rather rough on themselves. It takes something major for the INTP to really believe they deserve a celebration. They will likely go a long time without treating themselves to some relaxation or unwinding time, and will let loose once this tension has built up for so long. INTPs often know how to have a good time, especially when they are around people who bring that out in them. They are spontaneous people who might enjoy just picking up and going on a road trip with a close friend.


ENTPs do enjoy celebrating their accomplishments, as well as the achievements of their loved ones. They have their own unique way of celebrating, which can range from a night out drinking, to a road trip across the country. ENTPs don’t want to celebrate the same way each time, and enjoy experiencing something new. For the ENTP it is more exciting to find new ways of reveling in an accomplishment, and want to mix things up constantly. This is something that makes a celebration with an ENTP truly enjoyable, since it is so unpredictable.


ISTJs aren’t always the most celebratory people, and prefer to keep things low-key. They are hardworking people who do not feel the need to celebrate every single accomplishment or task that has been performed well. They often “celebrate” by coming up with even loftier goals to set after. When the ISTJ has accomplished something truly impressive, they might want to celebrate by having a nice night out with their favorite person. For them it is more enjoyable to spend quality time with someone they love, just relishing the moment.


ESTJs definitely know how to celebrate when it seems like the appropriate thing to do. When they have accomplished something important that they have work hard for, the ESTJ likely wants to unwind and have a good time. They often enjoy going out with their closest friends, and will allow themselves to enjoy the moment and let loose a bit. While ESTJs work extremely hard to get things done, they sometimes need to find time to celebrate just how much effort they put into things.


ISFJs truly enjoy celebrating their loved ones accomplishments, and will find ways to make it enjoyable. While they aren’t the most over the top, party type people, ISFJs do know how to have fun. They can put together a truly enjoyable celebration, even though it might be a bit more low-key. When they are younger the ISFJ might even enjoy a night on the town, sharing drinks with friends and enjoying their surroundings. They know how to celebrate in a way that suites their loved ones, and will try and accommodate them.


ESFJs are often more likely to celebrate their loved ones achievements than their own. They know how to make the most out of a celebration, and will likely go completely over the top. They want their loved ones to feel proud and to realize just how excited the ESFJ is for them. They might plan a party or event, or simply find a more subtle way to make the celebration unique. For ESFJs celebrating their own accomplishments, the most important part is being able to share it with the people they loves.


ISTPS definitely do know how to celebrate, especially when they feel like they have accomplished something worth being proud of. While ISTPs might not be the most over the top people, they do know how to enjoy themselves. They live in the moment and want to take the time to appreciate the things around them, as well as their experiences and accomplishments. When ISTPs celebrate it is either in a small way, or a very big way. They might just want to spend hours alone working on their favorite project, or they might want to go sky-diving with their best friend.


ESTPs definitely enjoy celebrating, especially when they have friends who will join them. When the ESTP accomplishes something great, they likely want to enjoy this moment. They live in the present which is why ESTPs enjoy being able to really relish in their accomplishments. They don’t enjoy just letting things go by without truly appreciating how hard they have worked. ESTPs are excellent at celebrating, and often have a detailed idea of how they want things to go down. Everything is an adventure for the ESTP, which makes celebrating with them rather exciting.


While ISFPs can appear quiet and shy, they do know how to have a good time. When they are around someone they love and trust, the ISFP can become an entirely different person. They have an adventurous side, and enjoy being able to celebrate something exciting with their loved ones. When the ISFP trusts someone completely they will open up and show a more playful and goofy side to their personality. They will enjoy living in the present moment and won’t be afraid to get a little wild.


For ESFPs celebrating is vital, and they enjoy being able soak up every accomplishment. Whether it be something they have achieved or something their loved ones have done, ESFPs enjoy making the most out of every accomplishment. They definitely know how to celebrate in an over the top and lavish manner, which can be truly exciting for others to take part in. ESFPs are often excellent party planners, and might want to celebrate by throwing a massive bash.

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