INTJ Intelligence: How INTJs Are Smart

When measuring intelligence it is important to remember that each person has their own unique type of intelligence. Just because someone might not be adept when it comes to sciences, doesn’t mean they don’t have an incredible grasp on languages. One person might be book smart, while the other is amazing at solving just about any problem which comes their way. There are so many ways in which people can be intelligent, and recognizing these different ways of using your mind can be an important step towards understanding people better. Just assuming someone isn’t smart because they respond to things differently than you, would be an ignorant thing to believe. 

INTJs are highly intellectually focused people, which does drive them towards understanding many different subjects. They have a wide array of knowledge which they amass over time, which definitely sets them apart from other people. INTJs have active inner minds and they enjoy being able to expand their thoughts and awareness, hoping to avoid ignorance as best they can. They care about being able to continue growing and learning, and value this part of themselves. Their minds are something the INTJ wants to focus on much more than emotions, which gives them a certain kind of intelligence. While they might not be quite as emotionally conscious, they do care about being logical and rational as best they can.

An Insatiable Thirst for Knowledge

Their almost insatiable thirst for knowledge is something which drives them INTJ to expand their minds. They are constantly searching for new information and like to spend a lot of their time researching. They are introverts which means they prefer a lot of time alone, this time to themselves gives the INTJ more of a chance to read and learn about new things. They can spend hours researching information and will love the experience of just immersing themselves into their learning. For the INTJ being someone who craves knowledge and doesn’t ever feel sated, is also something which helps them become much more aware. They enjoy spending time learning and will take in as much information as they can. For the INTJ it is rewarding to be able to learn about different subjects and analyze this information in hopes of understanding it on a deeper level. They have rather active inner minds and find it difficult to really ever feel like they have learned enough. For the INTJ ignorance is one of the worst things possible, and they want to search out whatever means necessary to remove this from themselves. INTJs also enjoy removing ignorance from others and the world around them if they can. This is often something which is valuable to them, and almost feels a bit like a moral goal in some ways. They might not be the most emotional people, but INTJs definitely have strong inner morals and values. They care about making a difference, and in a lot of ways they strive to use their minds as a means of doing this. Their intelligence is something the INTJ does feel should be shared to some extent, at least when people are receptive to learning and appear capable of absorbing what they can teach them.

Analytical Intelligence

INTJs have highly analytical minds and they enjoy taking in information and trying to understand it better. While some might believe whatever they read or hear, the INTJ wants to take this another step further. Instead of just taking in what they gather at first glance, the INTJ likes to analyze the information and compare it to other things they have gathered. They use their inner minds and personal sense of knowledge as a means of understanding things on a deeper level. INTJs don’t like taking this at face value and are much less trusting than this. Instead they value using their own intuitive abilities and analysis as a means of really uncovering the truth. For the INTJ it is important to know the truth, rather than just accepting things as they are. If something has been proven and they cannot see any other reason to explore it deeper than they can rationally accept these facts, but when there is room for error the INTJ wants to understand this subject and information better. They care about being accurate and value facts and details much more than they do being sensitive to emotions or inner feelings. Having an analytical mind really provides the INTJ with a unique approach to information, and helps them remember so many details that most people wouldn’t even be aware of. This is certainly a valuable type of intelligence and something which sets the INTJ apart from others.

Intuitive Intelligence

INTJs are logical people but they are also highly intuitive individuals. They take in facts and details but this is in support of their dominant function which is their introverted intuition. INTJs gather information from the world around them and really want to use this information in order to understand things better. Their sense of intuition is what helps the INTJ make decisions and gives them a clear direction towards the future. They can predict the most likely outcome of their choices, and this really helps them to recognize ways to properly plan for the future. This intuition combined with their strong sense of logic, helps the INTJ when it comes to problem solving and strategic planning. They have truly strategic minds and can set up an ideal course of action rather naturally. This is definitely a useful skill for the INTJ and makes them valuable in so many different careers and lifestyle choices. They don’t just like remaining stagnant, instead they use their minds in order to get things done and be as efficient as they possibly can in any given situation. This makes the INTJ excel in so many different areas of their lives, and is another way they express their intelligence.


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