Here’s How Old Fashioned You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Old Fashioned You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people are very modern, others find themselves feeling rather old fashioned in comparison. Here is how old fashioned you are, based on your personality type.


INFJs can definitely be an unexpected mix of old fashioned and modern. INFJs often dabble in different things, and might feel a constant pull in opposite directions. Part of the INFJ is interested in new things, and enjoy experiencing what might appear outside the realm of ordinary. While another side of the INFJ can be an old school romantic, and a bit old fashioned with certain things. For the INFJ it is often love that feels more old fashioned, since they enjoy the side of romance that is often forgotten in our modern times. They might enjoy the feel of a classic movie, but they rarely enjoy being stifled by rules and regulations.


While ENFJs do enjoy a lot of modern things, they do have an old fashioned side to them. They want to experience romance and passion, and sometimes find themselves drawn to classic things. While ENFJs can find themselves a bit behind with some things, they are very modern in other ways. They are an unusual combination of different sides, which is what makes the ENFJ to unique. They want to experience new things, but at the same time there are certain parts of their lives they want to remain more old school.


INFPs enjoy being able to experience new things, and want to feel free to branch out. INFPs often appear more modern because they do like diving into new hobbies. At the same time INFPs are hopeless romantics, which leaves them possessing some old fashioned qualities and desires. They are usually drawn to classic ways of thinking when it comes to love, at least in the sense of romance. They want to experience passion and rarely enjoy the flighty and insincere ways of modern dating. For INFPs it is important to try new things, but there are sides to them that are drawn to the past and what is deemed old fashioned.


ENFPs are often seen as modern people, since they love being able to experience new things. This often leaves the ENFP seeming much less old fashioned and more interested in anything new and exciting. They do enjoy change and rarely find themselves clinging to things from the past. ENFPs might enjoy certain old fashioned qualities, such as romance or things that are classically good. While ENFPs can enjoy some old fashioned things, they don’t like to box themselves into one style or attitude.


INTJs can definitely possess certain old fashioned qualities, especially within their sense of calm and confidence. INTJs don’t like to get caught up in pointless things, and often enjoy a lot of classic ideas or themes. For INTJs it is about exploring the different things they like, and at the same time sticking to what they enjoy without much care for what others think. INTJs might find themselves annoyed with certain modern things, but at the same time they don’t like closing themselves off from what might be beneficial, or what they might be able to learn from.


ENTJs aren’t the type to let themselves become unaware of anything new or advanced, which leaves them seeming more modern than old fashioned. They don’t want to feel like they are missing out on something potential beneficial to them, so the ENTJ will keep themselves up on modern times. While they will find themselves interested in some advancements, there are qualities within the ENTJ that can appear more old fashioned. They enjoy a sense of stability and a strong work ethic, and these qualities can often be found in a more old fashioned mentality.


INTPs aren’t usually viewed as old fashioned, since they enjoy change and new experiences. There might be times when the INTP feels nostalgic for the past, but they are often more interested in finding something new and exciting. They often bounce from one thing to the next, so that they can soak up as much information as possible. INTPs simply don’t enjoy remaining stagnant and want to find a way to explore the possibilities in the world around them. While they might enjoy some things that appear a bit old fashioned, they are much more modern.


ENTPs are definitely not old fashioned people, and are much more interested in trying new things. They don’t want to feel boxed in to just one idea, and enjoy being able to explore. ENTPs become frustrated if they are stagnant for too long, and need to find a way to break out of this cycle. While they have moments of feeling nostalgic for the past, they still are more interested in change and exploration. For the ENTP it is all about possibilities, and not feeling stuck in one p;ace for too long.


ISTJs are often old fashioned in many ways, especially their work ethic and style of dating. ISTJs might be put off by a lot of modern changes, especially within the way people behave. They do prefer to keep up with the times, but simply because they want to be aware of what is going on around them. ISTJs can often become stuck in their ways, and dislike a lot of newer things and constant change. For the ISTJ it is best to stay strong to certain old fashioned morals and beliefs.


ESTJs can definitely be old fashioned people, since they prefer to focus on what they know from the past. Too much change can frustrate the ESTJ, and leave them feeling misplaced. They enjoy focusing on their strong work ethic, and many old fashioned ideals that keep them going. ESTJs don’t enjoy constantly changing, and prefer to be able to become accustomed to their lives and routines. ESTJs are old interested in commitment, which is somewhat of an old fashioned ideal in comparison to modern dating.


ISFJs are definitely old fashioned people, especially when it comes to their ideals. They believe in old school dating and romance, and dislike a lot of modern behaviors. ISFJs also enjoy things that they know and understand and can be drawn to the classics. For ISFJs it can be frustrating when things are constantly changing, and they might become uneasy by this. They want to follow routines, and often enjoy things that they are comfortable with and understand.


While ESFJs don’t enjoy being left out, they do have a lot of old fashioned ideals. They will keep themselves aware of modern things and changes, but they often dislike them. ESFJs are drawn to the past and enjoy things that make them feel nostalgic. They value many old fashioned ideals, especially when it comes to dating and commitment. ESFJs truly dislike a lot of current dating styles, and prefer to a more old fashioned sense of romance and making connections.


ISTPs really aren’t old fashioned people, since they enjoy change and anything new. For the ISTP it is better to let people do their own thing, and they enjoy having a strong sense of independence within themselves. ISTPs don’t enjoy being stuck in the same place, and rarely look to the past to make decisions. They live so much in the moment that they would rather focus on experiencing new things and following their whims.


ESTPs are adventurous people and are rarely seen as old fashioned. They enjoy being able to experience new things and really hate feeling stuck in the same place for too long. ESTPs would rather enjoy the present than become hung up on the ways of the past. They enjoy change and often allow themselves to experience new things even if they are a bit scary at first. ESTPs aren’t usually old fashioned people, and are much more hip and modern.


ISFPs are definitely not old fashioned people, since they enjoy being able to experience new things. They want to be able to experience change and dislike feeling stuck in the same place. ISFPs live very much in the present moment and don’t like feeling stagnant for too long. ISFPs do enjoy certain older values, but they really aren’t drawn to the past. For ISFPs it is better to focus on the present and follow their own sense of direction to make decisions.


ESFPs are rarely old fashioned people and enjoy being able to experience new things. They are stuck on the past and enjoy being able to take on whatever changes come their way. ESFPs actually enjoy anything that is exciting and thrilling, and like being able to live in the present moment. While ESFPs are definitely more modern than they are old fashioned, they do share some ideals that stick with them and appear a bit more old school.

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