What a Romance With Each Personality Type Feels Like

We have written about how each personality type falls in love, and how they act when they are in love. But what about how it feels to fall into a romance with each of these personalities?


A romance with an INFJ feels like falling in love with your best friend. They will be there for you whenever you need them, and will sacrifice whatever they can in order to make you happy. INFJs are warm and compassionate people, who believe in giving yourself over to love completely. They will devote time to understanding who you are as a person, and will make you feel more understood than you ever have before. A romance with an INFJ will feel somewhat surreal, especially when you are first falling in love with them. They will simultaneously help you be the best version of yourself, and also make you feel completely comfortable with who you already are.


A romance with an ENFJ will feel like you have found your prince charming or storybook heroine. They will be there to assist you in whatever you need help with on a daily basis. If you are in trouble your ENFJ will find a way to fix whatever problems have come your way. You will feel completely adored and cherished, and even your most difficult mountains will feel easy to climb. With an ENFJ by your side you will be capable of accomplishing even your most challenging goals. They will make you feel loved and completely cared for, no matter what happens.


A romance with an INFP feels like a deep and meaningful one. They believe in being sincere and open in a relationship, which often makes for a very deep connection. INFPs believe that love is extremely important, and will always make time for the person they are falling for. A romance with an INFP will feel warm and true, without any stress or worry about being able to trust them. Expect long talks where you share all of your passions, dreams and even fears with each other. It will be a deep and soulful connection like nothing you have ever experienced before.


A romance shared with an ENFP feels like intense passion and adventure. It won’t be dull, and it often will not happen slowly. It will feel like you are being swept up into some storybook type of love, one that you never imagined possible. ENFPs truly value being in love, and do not take it lightly. They will do whatever they can to make the entire experience beautiful and special. Falling in love with an ENFP means living each day with passion and constant showers of affection. They will keep finding little ways to make you smile even when you are feeling extremely sad, and playfully teasing you in a way that brings out your fiery side.


A romance with an INTP feels like being captivated by something entirely unreal. Even if you are one of the most intelligent people around, you will still feel one step behind oftentimes. Their unique ways of keeping you on your toes will maintain a sense of intensity and intrigue in the relationship. A romance with an INTP is a strange combination of logic and emotions, constantly leaving your heart confused and comforted. INTPs are not the most romantic types by nature, but do have a deep capacity for love. With them by your side you will feel capable of taking your life to new heights and new experiences.


A romance with an ENTP definitely feels like an exciting adventure. They are constantly striving to try new things and live their lives with excitement. ENTPs are great at making things fun and are constantly coming up with new things to try. A romance with them will never be boring and will constantly push you out of your comfort zone. You will constantly be unaware of what will happen next, which is both unnerving and exciting. The unpredictable nature of ENTPs is definitely something that makes for an exciting romantic experience.


A romance with an INTJ feels like having your most loyal supporter by your side. They sincerely want their loved ones to succeed, and will push you past your limits. Your feelings will be dissected and put into logical terms, since INTJs often think their feelings. Being in love with an INTJ feels like having a companion who understands you, but will constantly leave you baffled. Their loyalty means that they will stand by you, but will often push you outside of your safe little comfort zone. Expect growth, and constant hunger for knowledge when you are with an INTJ.


A romance with an ENTJ feels like seeing a glimpse into the tin mans heart. They might appear aggressive and intense on the outside, but are often very caring and considerate on the inside. ENTJs have a surprisingly romantic side that is only seen by the luckiest of individuals. They know how to make their partners feel completely wooed, and are actually very good at this part of dating. A romance with an ENTJ is often exciting and fun, with many surprises around the corner. Expect them to figure out exactly what makes you tick, but don’t too afraid when they sweep you off your feet with this information.


A romance with an ISTJ feels like being in love with the definition of a grown up. They know how to get things done, and will constantly be sure to provide for your needs. They may not be the most romantic individuals, but if they have decided to be with you then they are sure of their decision. They do not enter into things lightly, and will take you very seriously. The ISTJ will know all of the important facts about you and who you are. It will feel like someone actually takes the time to understand you, which is a wonderful experience.


A romance with an ESTJ often feels like being courted in a rather old school way. They will not be afraid to be assertive and go for what they want. You might not even see it coming, until you are already being swept up in their plot to have you for their own. ESTJs are committed and caring people, who will do whatever it takes to provide for their loved ones. Their romance may not include sweet words and flowers, but it will include delicious dinners and comfort. They will be sure to take care of you in whatever way they possible can.


A romance with an ISFJ feels like the comfort of a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winters night. ISFJs are supportive and loving people, who simply want to bring peace and harmony to their environment. They will constantly strive to ensure that your needs are met and completely taken care of. A romance with an ISFJ means quiet conversations and relaxing nights together on the couch. They will enjoy your presence, constantly attempting to ensure your happiness in any way they can.


A romance with an ESFJ feels like falling for your closest friend, whom you’ve probably had a crush on for a while. They will be your biggest supporter and your biggest fan. ESFJs enjoy making their loved ones happy, so they will always be striving to supply you with whatever you need. Expect a romance that fits whatever your heart desires, especially if you are open to sharing these things with your ESFJ. Their constant need to please can sometimes be a nuisance, but it can also fill your heart with warmth and compassion. They will always be there to pick you up when you fall, even in your darkest moments.


A romance with an ISTP feels an exciting adventure, since they definitely enjoy living in the present moment. Expect to go along for the ride when they feel like trying something new, but also to enjoy sitting in silence from time to time. ISTPs are laid-back people, who will enjoy making the most out of life with their partner. When you are willing to come up with fun new things to do, it will bring even more excitement to the experience.


A romance with an ESTP feels like a complete adventure, filled with excitement. They enjoy making life fun, and this includes their relationships. ESTPs will constantly be looking for something fun to do, not wanting to sit still for too long. If you want adventure then you should definitely seek out the affection of an ESTP. They will make your romance completely exhilarating, and will strive to put a smile on your face. They want to be liked by their loved ones, and will often do whatever it takes to accomplish this.


A romance with an ISFP feels like living inside of a whimsical and sometimes surreal world. They are very sensitive people and will constantly make you feel out of your element in the best way possible. Their deep souls will draw you into something very sincere, but also very fun. They enjoy soaking up the present moment, and will enjoy being beside of you while they do this.


A romance with an ESFP feels like constantly spending time at the best party you’ve ever been to. They strive to make everything fun, and will force you to live in the present moment. ESFPs will bring you out of your shell and force you to live in the world around you. A romance with them will include fun new adventures, and constantly being pushed outside of your comfort zone. For people who struggle to enjoy the moment, ESFPs are excellent at bringing that out in them.


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