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How Loyal Each Personality Type Will Be

Some people hold loyalty to a much higher regard than others seem to. Loyalty is an important value, one that dictates your ability to make lasting connections. Here is how loyal each personality type is likely to be.



INFJS are very reliable people when it comes to the ones they love. They will stand by the people closest to them, even in their darkest moments. They will often be extremely loyal, even when those people make foolish mistakes. INFJs will usually do anything for the people they love, standing by their side no matter what happens. They will work very hard to make those people happy, even if it alienates them from others. Their loyalty is an extremely powerful thing, especially when it comes to those they love the most.


ENFJs are very caring and giving individuals, who do whatever they can to make their loved ones happy. They tend to feel connected to everyone, which can make them appear less than loyal sometimes. The truth is that ENFJs simply have a way of getting along with everyone, and desire to keep harmony in their environment. They want to make people happy, and will attempt to juggle as much as they can in order to do this. When it comes down to standing by their loved ones ENFJs will be loyal with the most important things.


INFPs are extremely loyal people, especially with the people they have let into their world. They may not hold themselves close to a multitude of people, but to those they truly love they will stand by them always. INFPs are some of the most honest individuals and will always be sincere with others. When they choose to have someone in their life, they will often do whatever it takes to stick by them. Their loyalty is actually one of their most amazing qualities, making them incredible companions. Even if standing by someone will get them judged by others, the INFP will not care.


ENFPs are often viewed as fickle, jumping from one situation to the next, but they are actually fiercely loyal individuals. When ENFPs find people that they can truly connect with, they will stand by them no matter what. They have a way of caring about everyone, but only feeling truly close to a select few people. When they find a special connection ENFPs will stand by those people no matter what happens. They will often do whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy, holding loyalty to very high importance.


The loyalty of an INTJ is something that needs to be earned, and this does not happen easily. They want to be sure that someone is deserving of their loyalty and trust, before they make that decision. Once an INTJ deems someone worthy, they will stand by them no matter what. They are actually extremely loyal individuals, who believe in standing by the people closest to them. They will not be dishonest with those that they care for, and will always strive to be forthcoming with them. INTJs may walk away from someone if that person continues to commit bad behavior even when the INTJ has given them many chances to change. Ultimately, they are loyal individuals who stand by their promises to others.


ENTJs actually value loyalty very much, and strive to find people who will always stand by them. ENTJs want to build connections with individuals who are trustworthy and loyal, because they desire to give those things in return. When they have made a commitment to someone they will stand by them no matter what. ENTJs might push others to reach their full potential, but will be more than willing to stick it out through these struggles. They are very loyal individuals, especially to those who truly deserve it.


INTPs are logical individuals, who will be most loyal to those they deem worthy. It might take some time to gain the trust of an INTP, since they are skeptical by nature. They make most of their decisions based on logic and reason, which can sometimes make them challenging for others to understand. They are actually rather loyal people, even if their loyalty is sometimes misunderstood. What one person considers important, the INTP may not agree with, which can sometimes make them appear less loyal than they actually are. When an INTP cares for someone, they will do almost anything to help them.


ENTPs are logic minded individuals, who enjoy taking life as it comes at them. They are loyal to people in their own way, but might bounce from one situation to another. They do not want to be held back in life, which makes them very independent people. This can sometimes make it difficult for them to be extremely loyal to others, especially if the situation calls for them to move on. They will certainly defend someone that they care about, but might not always stick around in the way that person desires.


Loyalty is extremely important to an ISTJ, and they are considered very reliable people because of this. When they make a promise to someone they will stand by it no matter what. They believe in being loyal to their loved ones, even in the most difficult times. ISTJs are honest people and will often tell others when they are making mistakes, but they will still stand by them through it. ISTJs are loyal to those who truly deserve it, and will not turn their back on the people they love.


ESTJs are actually fiercely loyal individuals, especially when it comes to their family. If an ESTJ has made a bond or connection with someone, they will stick it out no matter what. Their promises are very important to an ESTJ, they would feel extremely ashamed of themselves if they broke a promise. They are very loyal people and hold this as one of their most important values. ESTJs are the people who will stand by their loved ones even in their darkest moments. They may not always be the most compassionate people, but they will never walk away from the ones they love.


ISFJs are very loyal individuals, especially when it comes to their family. They want to create harmony in their environment, which can sometimes make it difficult for them to choose a side within their family. Ultimately though, ISFJs simply want to make everyone they love as happy as possible. They will be loyal to their loved ones no matter how difficult it is to stand by them. They will never turn their back on someone just because they have made a mistake.


ESFJs are extremely loyal people, especially when it comes to the ones they love. They will often stand by their loved ones, even when everyone else has turned their back on them. ESFJs value people more than anything else, and because of this they strive to be loyal companions. When they care for someone deeply an ESFJ will often stand by them even when they have done extremely foolish things. They do not judge people by their mistakes, and will often find ways to forgive the transgressions of those closest to them.


ISTPs do not make connections with people very easily, and in most cases they will distance themselves from others. They value privacy and enjoy being independent and self-sufficient. ISTPs take some time to make a real commitment to others, but when they do they will take it very seriously. For the most part ISTPs spend their time solving problems and living in the present moment. They will be loyal when it truly matters to them, but in many situations would simply rather be alone.


ESTPs live very much in the present moment, which can make them struggle with loyalty. They might make a rash decision that lends to them upsetting the people closest to them. When they care about people they try to stand by them, but sometimes they become swept up in the moment. When this happens ESTPs will work very hard to make amends, especially to the people they care for most.


ISFPs are often rather loyal individuals, even though they sometimes appear flighty. When they care about people they will stand by them no matter what. They might make some mistakes when they are caught up in the moment, but will do whatever they can to fix those errors. They will remain very loyal in their hearts, and will do whatever they can do get back into the good graces of their loved ones.


ESFPs live in the present moment, and because of this others may not consider them to be loyal. They do care very deeply for others, but sometimes they get swept up in the moment without even realizing it. This is rarely intentional, and the ESFP will attempt to do whatever they can to fix things. They do want to be loyal, but sometimes make mistakes without even truly realizing what they are doing.


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