How Affirming You Are Based On Your Personality Type

Some people love to give compliments, while other people struggle to be more verbally affirming. Here is how expressive and affirming you are based on your personality type.


INFJs are some of the most affirming people, and will constantly be searching for ways to make people feel better. They will often be capable of saying the right words that will help people relax and feel more positive. INFJs are caring and warm individuals, who truly want to help make the world a better place. Oftentimes they use their awareness of others to find the right affirming words in order to guide those people who are in need. INFJs are naturally skilled at knowing just what to say, and will be more than willing to give the right words of affirmation. This makes them amazing counselors and teachers, since they know how to guide people and keep them calm and at ease.


ENFJs are extremely affirming people, who are constantly finding ways to make other people smile. ENFJs enjoy being able to lift other people up, and are known to dish out compliments often. When they like someone they want to make sure that person knows all of the wonderful things about them. ENFJs are not withholding with their words, and truly enjoy making other people feel happy. It isn’t difficult for them to say kind things to people, making them very affirming individuals.


INFPs are very caring and loving people, and enjoy being warm towards the people they love the most. They value sincerity, so they will only give out compliments that they truly mean. When INFPs hold someone to a high regard they will often enjoy letting that person know what they think of them. This can be a wonderful thing to be around, since the INFPs compliments are completely sincere and kind. They are also very creative individuals, and might even be good at coming up with unique comments in order to lift someone’s spirits.


ENFPs are very playful and enthusiastic people, but they are also extremely affirming. They enjoy giving compliments to the people they like, but they only like to give these out when they truly mean them. ENFPs love to make their favorite people smile, and will not be stingy with their compliments. They will often keep finding new ways to make people feel good about themselves, and this truly makes them feel happy as well. ENFPs love to be verbally affirming towards their loved ones, and are often rather creative with it. They are expressive people and do not like to hold their emotions inside.


INTPs are very logical people, who often keep most of their thoughts to themselves. They aren’t always the best with giving positive affirmations towards others, and might struggle to be verbally open. INTPs often assume that if they have someone in their life, that person should know what they think of them. INTPs simply are not overly expressive individuals, and might actually believe they are being more open than they are. This can sometimes be difficult in relationships, since the INTPs partner will often be hoping for more kind words than they are receiving. They do truly care for the people closest to them, they just don’t feel completely comfortable being verbal about these feelings.


ENTPs are actually fairly good at giving out words of affirmation towards people. They are charismatic individuals, and realize just how important it is to share a kind word with others. ENTPs don’t mind being affectionate, especially towards the people they really like. They won’t be the type to give out compliments to complete strangers who they don’t feel deserve it though. When ENTPs truly like someone they will have plenty of kind words to say, along with a teasing comment or two. They do enjoy making people smile, especially someone they really care for or want to like them.


INTJs are not the most verbally affirming people, even towards the ones that they care for the most. INTJs often believe that the people they love should know how they feel, since they only allow certain people into their worlds. INTJs are rather picky about who they let close to them, and by simply doing this they are expressing a great amount of caring towards someone. INTJs are not intending to be cold by not being verbally expressive, it is simply not natural for them to shower people with compliments. They often feel like this type of affirmation is insincere, and even a bit slimy. They aren’t trying to manipulate people by giving them overly kind comments, and would much prefer to find practical ways of helping their loved ones.


ENTJs are not the most verbally affirming individuals, but they might be good at this in a business sense. They realize that in a workplace it is important to keep people positive, which means giving compliments when needed. ENTJs are good at seeing peoples talents, and will often find ways to point this out to them. They might not be great at giving out words of affirmation in a romantic sense, but are often capable of working on this if someone tells them it is important. ENTJs are open-minded people, and will often be willing to hear what someone elses needs might be.


ISFJs are rather reserved people, but they do try to be affirming towards their loved ones. They aren’t the type of people to shower others with compliments, and prefer to take care of their needs instead. If they feel like their loved ones are in need of a kind word, then ISFJs will be more than happy to come in with an affirming comment. They will often find ways to support and guide their loved ones, since they truly want to see them happy. ISFJs will often blame themselves if they cannot make the people closest to them happy, and will work hard to find the right words to say.


ESFJs are extremely affirming people, especially to the ones they care about. ESFJs are often comfortable giving out compliments to people, and enjoy making others smile. They might even say something nice to complete strangers, in hopes that they might make their day a bit better. ESFJs are caring individuals, who enjoy finding ways to make other people happy. They might struggle with complimenting their loved ones if those people do not respond well to their words. ESFJs want to do whatever makes their loved ones happiest, and will often adapt in an attempt to do this.


ISTJs are very caring people, but they prefer practical means of helping others. They aren’t always the most verbally affirming individuals, and would prefer to find more real ways to help. ISTJs will be sure to work hard and keep food on the table for the people they love. They will always be willing to help and be supportive, but they aren’t always great at handing out compliments. They assume that the people closest to them already know how they feel about them. ISTJs only want people close to them when they think very highly of them, so simply being in their lives mean that they care for you.


ESTJs are very hard working and outgoing people, but they aren’t great at giving compliments. They would prefer to focus on practical things, much more than emotional needs. They want to provide for their loved ones, but they don’t do this in an emotional way. ESTJs will often become uncomfortable when someone they care for is upset, since they see no real way to help them feel better. ESTJs do much better when they care help their loved ones in a more real and practical way.


ISFPs are kind and reserved individuals, who are very in touch with their own emotions. When they truly care for someone, they will be more than happy to give them verbal affirmations. ISFPs want to express their love for those closest to them, and are often good at doing this. They won’t be willing to hand out compliments to everyone, but will save these kind words for the people they care for very deeply.


ESFPs are caring individuals, and they enjoy having fun and living in the moment. They won’t always overthink different verbal affirmations, but will simply give them when it feels right. ESFPs enjoy having fun, and might not always focus on emotions or long term goals. When someone they love is upset though, the ESFPs will definitely find ways to comfort and console them.


ISTPs are very laid-back and introverted individuals, who enjoy plenty of space and time alone. They aren’t the most affirming people, simply because this does not come naturally to them. ISTPs prefer to keep to themselves, and aren’t extremely open with their own feelings. They often assume that the people closest to them should already know how they feel about them. ISTPs do not allow people into their lives unless they think very highly of them, so this is already implied.


ESTPs are actually very good at giving positive affirmations to the people they love. If someone they care about is upset or seems down, they will be right there with a kind word and compliment. ESTPs enjoy making their loved ones happy, and will often use words to accomplish this. They want the people they care about to appreciate them, and because of this they will push themselves to be as affirming as possible.

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