Here’s How Insightful You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Insightful You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Everyone can be insightful in their own unique way, some just share this more than others do. Here is how insightful you are, based on your personality type.


INFJs are definitely insightful people, especially when it comes to others. They have a knack for giving other people perspective and helping them understand their own situation better. INFJs can help motivate others and are great at picking up on what they need in order to improve. INFJs are naturally insightful when it comes to the lives of others people, but might have a hard time turning that perceptive ability inward. They sometimes struggle to see their own skills and might need someone close to them to shed some light for the INFJ.


ENFJs are definitely insightful people, especially when it comes to their loved ones. They understand people very well, and can often find ways to reach a deeper connection with them. ENFJs can see qualities in someone that most people are completely blind to. They are can be very insightful with someone they know and trust, but can also be surprisingly discerning with someone who they feel is not trustworthy. While people might not always rely on the ENFJ perceptive abilities, they will likely regret doubting them later on.


INFPs are definitely insightful people, they just don’t always express this to others. They are very internal about their thoughts and feelings, and only feel free opening up to people they trust. INFPs are often absorbing information that they see around them, and come to interesting conclusions based on this. They can be shockingly insightful people, since they usually only open up their mouths to say something meaningful. INFPs don’t feel the need to express every thought inside of their active minds, so when they do speak it is often surprisingly deep and insightful.


ENFP are sometimes shockingly insightful people, who have a unique outlook on life. While they might not always express this towards others, when it comes out it often surprises people. ENFPs are always paying attention to the world around them, and process information in a unique way. They can be insightful in tremendous way, and can be extremely helpful for their loved ones. ENFPs don’t always verbalize their perceptive abilities, but they are very skilled at picking up on their surroundings in order to figure out the bigger picture.


INTJs are certainly insightful people, they just don’t always feel the need to share their personal insights with others. They keep to themselves most of the time and dislike having to interact with others when they are deep in thought. INTJs can offer a unique perspective, and often have their own ways of viewing things which can be extremely helpful. Their insights might not be filled with fluffy comforts, but they will be sincere and well thought out. When INTJs offer help to someone, it comes from a place of caring and honesty.


ENTJs often have a unique perspective on things, and work hard to get the job done efficiently. While ENTJs can be very insightful, they are often much more focused on getting things done. They work hard and want to always be pushing themselves towards improvement and growth. ENTJs can certainly bring insight to a situation, they just don’t always have the strong desire to do so. They simply want to come up with strategic ways to perform their tasks and reach their goals in life.


INTPs are definitely insightful people, which comes from their observational skills. INTPs will pay attention to their surroundings without most people even realizing that they are taking it all in. They can often offer a unique insight which can help people reach their goals more effectively. INTPs can struggle to turn this inward, since their minds can sometimes get caught up on the many different potential paths they could take. They know that there are so many things that can go wrong and other things they could miss out on, which leaves them feeling stuck sometimes.


ENTPs have their own unique perspective, which can be extremely helpful. ENTPs want to always be exploring something new, and jump into things head first. ENTPs often gain plenty of insight from their experiences, and don’t want to feel stuck in one place for too long. This helps them become perceptive and aware people, and helps the ENTP learn and grow constantly. This is why they enjoy being able to experience life first hand, since it truly helps them gain real knowledge and insight.


ISTJs definitely have their own insights, but they rarely feel comfortable sharing with others. They have a very by the book mentality, and want to get the job done efficiently. ISTJs simply want to take care of their loved ones, and don’t want to focus on fanciful things too much. They are hardworking people who simply want to make sure that everyone is properly taken care of. ISTJs push towards their goals with a strong-willed and a grounded mind, which makes them appear less insightful than they likely are.


ESTJs are hardworking people, who are more focused on efficiency than imagination. They do have active inner minds, they just don’t always feel at ease sharing this with others. ESTJs simply believe in getting things done as efficiently as they possibly can. They want to be able to provide for their loved ones and believe it is important to focus on improvement and growth. ESTJs value responsibility and don’t want to get caught up on things they cannot change or improve.


ISFJs are reserved people who keep most of their thoughts and feelings to themselves. They often are very insightful when it comes to their loved ones, which can help them motivate those people. They understand people more than anything else, which is why they focused on helping others. ISFJs are perceptive when it comes to the actions of their loved ones, but they often keep these views to themselves. When someone they love needs a little motivation though, ISFJs will bring out their insights and knowledge to help them.


ESFJs can be surprisingly insightful when it comes to their loved ones. They can often see the best in people, and know how to bring out those qualities. ESFJs are often motivational for others, since they can share insight with them that they might have been missing. ESFJs understand people very well, which makes them very perceptive when it comes to the actions of others. They can often be very aware of the negative and positive qualities of others, which makes them rather helpful for their loved ones.


ISTPs do have a very analytical perspective view on things, but they don’t often express things to others. They are internal people who prefer to be on their own most of the time. They can certainly have unique insights about things, which often come from analyzing the facts that are in front of them. ISTPs believe in focusing on the truth, and don’t want to become caught up on ideas that seem unrealistic and unproven.


ESTPs can definitely be insightful people, but they often are more focused on reality than ideas. They want to get things done and work hard to improve. ESTPs live very much in the present moment and believe it is important to follow their instincts. They don’t like feeling stuck in the same place and desire to experience changes and new things in life.


While ISFPs are often uniquely insightful people, they can keep this to themselves most of the time. They just don’t feel comfortable sharing their inner most thoughts and feelings with people unless they trust them completely. When ISFPs feel safe opening up to someone, they often have extremely unique and often surprising insights to share with them. These insights are often focused on a bigger picture, and about life on a larger scale.


ESFPs can be shockingly insightful when it comes to their loved ones, but they might struggle when it comes to strangers. ESFPs pay close attention to the people they love, and are often acutely aware when something about them changes. When the ESFP knows someone they are always paying attention to even the tiniest details about them. While ESFPs can offer unique insight towards loved ones, they can be a little clueless and maybe paranoid when it comes to strangers.

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