ESFP Love: How the ESFP Falls in Love

While everyone falls in love at their own speed and in their own way, each person has something special they bring to the experience. ESFPs love hard and have big hearts which are open to so many people. They care about connecting with people and truly want to be able to connect with someone special. While ESFPs might appear flighty to people who don’t know them, there is so much more to them than this. They might bounce around at first when they are searching for something or someone who will inspire them and spark their soul, but that doesn’t mean ESFPs cannot commit to love when they find the right person for them.

They Get Swept Up In Love

When ESFPs fall for someone they become completely swept up in those feelings and this connection. ESFPs allow themselves to get swept away in their emotions and don’t want to hold back from falling. When they feel a true connection with someone they are not afraid of jumping in headfirst. While other types might be afraid of taking the risk or of getting hurt, ESFPs believe in following their hearts. They are more guided by emotions than they are by logic or practicality, which is why allowing themselves to take risks is important to the ESFP. When they feel truly inspired and excited by something or someone, they want to give it their all. The ESFP in love is willing to take the chance of getting hurt for the sake of following their heart and doing what feels right to them. When they fall they get completely swept up in their feelings and their passion for the person they are in love with. They fall fast and hard because they are allowing their emotions and desires to be their guide when it comes to falling in love. This can cause the ESFP to appear a bit reckless, but in reality, they are being true to themselves and what they believe in and value most. Some people believe that ESFPs bounce around, but they are simply waiting for the right person to commit themselves to complete. This doesn’t mean they are being insincere because when they fall for someone, it is still real, even if that relationship does not last.

They Want Romance

When the ESFP is in love they search for romance and grand expressions of their feelings. They don’t believe in being lazy when it comes to showing that they love someone, and they want to feel this type of love in return. ESFPs crave romance, and they crave excitement when it comes to love and relationships. They want a partner who can show them how they feel. It doesn’t have to be about spending money but instead about being creative in the ways they show their love. ESFPs don’t just expect these grand gestures of romance from their partner. They are great at showing them in return. They enjoy making their significant other feels truly special and loved and will go above and beyond in order to do this. ESFPs aren’t really viewed as caretakers in the traditional sense, but they do care about making other people happy. When the ESFP loves someone deeply, they want to find ways to make that person feel special. They are great at remembering the smallest details about this person and know how to go above and beyond for them. ESFPs can often come up with creative ways to show they care and to be uniquely romantic with the person they have fallen for.

They Have Big Hearts

ESFPs have big hearts and are capable of loving people completely. While they might not always appear sentimental, ESFPs are incredibly warm people. When they fall in love with someone, they want to find ways to make them happy and will always show their support. ESFPs don’t like seeing people in pain and will try to bring joy to those around them. ESFPs have so much love and warmth to give to those around them, and they actually enjoy being able to do this. When they care for someone, this is not a small thing, as ESFPs love with their whole hearts. This is partly because they follow their emotions and believe in allowing those inner feelings to be their guide. It can sometimes get the ESFP hurt and caught up in painful situations, but it is simply who they are. They have big and open hearts, making it hard for them to really protect themselves from getting hurt. They fall in love completely, and they put their whole heart into everything they do when it comes to love. ESFPs can seem like they are only focused on having fun, but this is a common misconception. In reality, they care very much about the people they love and would do almost anything for them.

They Need Attention

ESFPs do need a lot of attention when they are in love and crave feeling connected. This isn’t something they do to be needy. They just want to feel a closeness to this person. ESFPs want to know that they are important and that they matter. When someone they love ignores them it can be very painful and hard for the ESFP to take. They don’t like being ignored or feeling like they aren’t being valued properly. When they are in love they want to have the attention of their significant other and really need to feel a sense of closeness and connection. For the ESFP, it isn’t that they need their undivided attention at all times. They just need to feel special. If the person they are with makes them feel valued and important, it will mean the world to the ESFP. They are constantly thinking about the person they love, and they just want to know that they are just as special to them. This can make the ESFP seem needy, but in reality, it is because they love so deeply and passionately.


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