ENFP Post-Breakup: Dealing With The ENFP Heartbreak

Enduring heartbreak is something most everyone has to go through at some point in our lives. While it is a part of life and a very common human experience, that doesn’t make it any easier to get through it. Each person has their own process and needs to go through their breakup in certain ways in order to move on and really cope with what is going on inside of them. It is important to understand ourselves better so that we can figure out the best way to heal from heartbreak. 

When it comes to dealing with breakups and heartbreak, the ENFP can get a bit overwhelmed. They feel things very deeply and care about their connections. When they have to endure something which shakes up those inner emotions and makes them feel like they have lost something special, they can certainly take this hard. While they do experience all of the emotions tied to heartbreak, this can actually help the ENFP move on better than a lot of others types might. They allow themselves to feel the pain, which helps them avoid repressing those negative emotions.

How They Cope

ENFPs have different potential ways of coping with a breakup, but at first they might find themselves seeking out distractions. They find new activities and people to spend time with, trying to keep themselves busy. When they sit still for too long they can become anxious and start to feel the sadness weighing down on them. They are especially likely to do this when they cared for the person but don’t necessarily want to rekindle the relationship. When the ENFP knows they need to move on, they might try to distract themselves rather than facing those feelings at first. It can be a good first step for them regardless, since eventually they have to deal with those feelings and might need some time to distance themselves from others. ENFPs can easily find ways to keep busy, as their minds are always running in different directions anyways. They enjoy being able to experience new things and don’t like feeling as if they are being held back.

ENFPs feel their emotions on a deep and very real level, which makes it hard for them to just push aside their sadness after a long-term breakup. When it was something short-term or fleeting, they can easily move on and don’t find it hard to keep going. When they truly loved the person, this person has likely become a part of their heart and soul. This makes it more challenging for the ENFP to simply move on, and it can take a long time for them to really do so. They might spend a lot of time sulking, or even trying to find ways to gain back their motivation. They likely turn to friends and family, and need people who can deal with their emotional state and show support and caring. Having someone who can just listen and give the ENFP comfort, really helps them to feel less alone during this process. Their hearts are big and ENFPs love with everything they have, which makes it so hard for them to just walk away and move on after they have been hurt. The ENFP likely needs time to sulk, and even bury themselves in sad movies, music or artwork. Whatever creative process they utilize can sometimes help the ENFP as well, and gives them a chance to really get all of these feelings out in the open. 

For the ENFP who doesn’t like to sulk or let those emotions weigh on them, they can sometimes utilize less healthy ways of moving on. They might search for other distractions, like another romantic interest to keep them distracted. This helps the ENFP feel like they can move on, and they can replace those feelings with someone else. Of course this isn’t the best way to really process those emotions and the pain of the breakup, but for some ENFPs it is their go-to response when they just don’t feel like falling apart. For some it just feels like the more natural response, especially if they have connections and romantic interests which make them feel better about what they have lost or been through.

Letting Go

ENFPs are surprisingly good at letting go when they feel like the relationship was worth letting go of. When they see the other person as immature or not right for them, they can find themselves moving on fairly quickly without letting it drag them down too much. Seeing their ex as someone that was not good enough for them, or who didn’t appreciate them, makes it much easier for the ENFP to cope and really move on without looking back. ENFPs can go from one extreme to the other, and it is no different with breakups. When they didn’t feel truly in love with someone in a way which affects and changes them, then the ENFP can move on very quickly. 

When the ENFP is truly in love with someone, it can be much harder for them to let go or move on. They find themselves not wanting to find ways to let go, and will hold onto those feelings and that past relationship. The ENFP might feel trapped in those emotions, holding out hope that things could work out or something could be fixed in order to get back what they lost. This desire to really hold on is what can make it hard for the ENFP to move on when they truly loved someone. Sometimes the best thing for the ENFP is to seek outside help, from friends, therapists, or just reading different ways to help themselves move forward. Having some sort of support and guidance can help them work through those emotions and process them in the right ways. Distracts can only work for so long, which is why the ENFP needs to sincerely deal with what they are feeling in order to properly let go and move forward with their lives in the right direction.


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