Here’s How You Feel About Crowds, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How You Feel About Crowds, Based on Your Personality Type

A lot of people don’t enjoy crowds, but everyone has their own take on why they are frustrating. Here is how you feel about crowds, based on your personality type.


INFJs rarely enjoy being in large crowds and can feel a bit overwhelmed. They can feel the emotions of others and sensitive to the people around them, which can actually make larger crowds or groups a bit unnerving. INFJs prefer plenty of space to themselves and in crowds it is difficult to maintain a sense of physical distance from the people around you. Constantly bumping into people and feeling others in such close proximity can actually be a bit stressful for the INFJ. They prefer small groups of loved ones and don’t really like having to deal with a large crowd.


ENFJs can certainly handle crowds, but they can actually be somewhat sensitive to the people around them. ENFJs often prefer being around a group of their loved ones and close friends, and enjoy that environment much more. They can certainly cope in a large crowd though and are great at making friends in new situations. ENFJs like being able to meet people and make these connections at an event that shows their interests, like a concert or sports event. ENFJs might need time after being in crowd though, just to regain their emotional energy.


INFPs often dislike large crowds and are highly sensitive to being in such close proximity with so many people. They prefer to be around loved ones and enjoy one-on-one time more than anything. INFPs aren’t often fans of parties for this very reason, and might find it a bit uncomfortable. Being in crowds can cause the INFP to feel a bit anxious, unless they have something to distract them from all of the people in their personal bubble. After time spent immersed in a crowd the INFP will need plenty of time alone to recharge and feel like themselves once again.


ENFPs often don’t mind crowds for small amount of time, and enjoy being able to interact with people. They often enjoy crowds for certain events, like concerts, sports games, or even going to an exciting theme part. As long as the ENFP is participating in an event that they enjoy, being around people won’t bother them at all and they might enjoy getting to know some new friends. When it comes to being in a crowd during stressful situations like running errands the ENFP will become a bit frustrated by this sort of energy.


INTJs don’t often enjoy being in large crowds, and become a bit uncomfortable with too many strangers entering their personal space. Not having enough room to breathe and enough space in between them and other people, can certainly leave the INTJ feeling anxious. They don’t really enjoy coming in such close contact with most people, especially not people they know nothing about. INTJs prefer to be alone most of the time, so being in a crowd isn’t something they really enjoy. The only time the INTJ will decide to brave a crowd is for an event or gathering that has to do with a hobby they truly enjoy.


ENTJs don’t usually mind being in crowd, since they aren’t afraid of asserting themselves. They sometimes enjoy the hustle of some crowds, especially when they can interact with new friends. ENTJs enjoy experiencing things that challenge them, especially when it comes to attending events that inspire them. ENTJs will become annoyed interacting with rude people though, and will eventually want some time to themselves or just to spend with one friend.


INTPs definitely don’t enjoy crowds, simply because they dislike being around that many people. They prefer space to themselves and often prefer to be alone. INTPs might brave crowds for the sake of certain events and gatherings that connect with their favorite hobbies. INTPs can often overcome their discomfort of large crowds, if they feel inspired by the event they are attending. They simply will need a lot of time alone afterwards, so that they can recharge and feel more like themselves.


ENTPs often enjoy crowds since it is something new they can experience and take on. They especially enjoy crowds that are there because of some new event or gathering. ENTPs simply enjoy being able to experience new things and are constantly striving to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Sometimes this means attending an event with a large crowd and meeting new people. ENTPs enjoy being able to connect with people and maybe even get to know someone they share a connection with.


ISTJs really don’t enjoy being in crowds and can become uncomfortable around too many strangers. They enjoy having their own personal space and can become annoyed when people invade this. In large crowds it can be difficult to maintain a sense of physical space, which is something ISTJs don’t really enjoy. They can often handle being in crowds, they just don’t enjoy it all that much. They would rather be in smaller groups with the people they actually know and enjoy being around.


ESTJs don’t mind crowds for short periods of time but can actually become irritated after a while. They prefer to be around people they know and trust, since strangers can get on their nerves. ESTJs value efficiency, so being around large groups of people can lead to them encountered inefficient people who lack common sense. Being around these types of people really annoys the ESTJ and leaves them feeling on edge and in need of some time to themselves.


ISFJs usually find themselves feeling a bit uncomfortable in large crowds since they are sensitive to the emotions of others. Being around large group of people can be a bit unnerving for them sometimes, but they will likely try not to show this outwardly. ISFJs are happier spending time with their loved ones and enjoying the company of the people they know and trust. Having to immerse themselves in large crowds can leave them feeling extremely drained after even a short time.


ESFJs are social people but at the same time they enjoy being around their loved ones more than they do strangers. Sometimes being in large crowds can leave the ESFJ feeling a little bit drained, since they are so in tune with the emotions of others. Constantly being around lots of noises and anxious people can actually leave the ESFJ feeling this way. They simply will need time to recharge their emotional energy, maybe by spending time with someone who makes them feel energized.


ISTPs don’t really mind crowds but they can become annoyed with them after a while. They simply prefer to be on their own and enjoy time to themselves. ISTPs will take on events and situations that involve crowds though, especially if it is to experience something they enjoy. They want to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and dislike remaining stagnant for too long.


While ESTPs do enjoy seeking out new thrills, sometimes large crowds can be annoying for them. They simply don’t like being around rude or obnoxious people and eventually will become a bit short-tempered in these situations. ESTPs do however enjoy being able to experience new things and become rather bored if they are stagnant for too long. They will endure the crowds if it gives them a chance to take on some new adventure and enjoy their surroundings.


ISFPs can be rather sensitive to the energy of those around them, which can leave them feeling anxious in a large crowd. ISFPs do better in a small group with people they know and love- so being around a large group of strangers can be rather annoying. They would rather get together with their loved ones and spend time doing things they enjoy without having to interact with a large group.


ESFPs often don’t mind crowds and can go with the flow rather easily. They enjoy being able to experience new things and meet new people. For ESFPs being around a lot of people is actually energizing and leaves them feeling excited about their experiences. They will especially be able to handle the crowds if they are experiencing an event that excites and inspires them, like a concert or a theme park.

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