The Enneagram 827 Tritype is an interesting combination of three Enneagram types: Type 8, Type 2, and Type 7. This tritype brings together distinct qualities and motivations that shape an individual’s personality.

Starting with Type 8, known as “The Challenger,” individuals with this type are assertive, confident, and independent. They have a strong desire for control and autonomy, seeking to protect themselves and others from being controlled or dominated. Type 8s are often seen as natural leaders who are motivated by justice, fairness, and assertiveness.

Moving on to Type 2, or “The Helper,” individuals with this type are compassionate, caring, and nurturing. They have a deep desire to support and assist others, often putting the needs of those they care about before their own. Type 2s seek validation and appreciation through helping and thrive on forming close relationships.

Lastly, Type 7, known as “The Enthusiast,” adds a vibrant, spontaneous, and adventurous nature to the tritype. Type 7s are pleasure-seeking, optimistic individuals who often crave novelty and excitement. They tend to avoid pain or discomfort and strive to keep their lives exciting and enjoyable.

Combining the three types in the 827 Tritype, we can see that individuals with this tritype may exhibit a strong desire for independence and assertiveness while also demonstrating deep compassion and support for others. They may also possess a thirst for new experiences, excitement, and a positive outlook on life.

It’s important to remember that the Enneagram is a complex system, and individuals are multi-dimensional. While the 827 Tritype provides insights into a person’s motivations and behaviors, individuals may also display characteristics from other Enneagram types or exhibit variations within their type. Additionally, personal experiences, upbringing, and other factors can shape an individual’s unique expression of their tritype.


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