Lose Weight the Easy Way

Looking to lose a few pounds? Want to be healthier? I’m certainly a fan of lazy afternoons and putting as little work as necessary for success. As with anything, some work is necessary, but here are some tips to show you that losing weight doesn’t have to be as insane as a process as you may believe:

1. Add Peppers to Your Diet

I love spicy food. I can snack on jalapeno peppers all day without ever flinching, and there are very few diets where peppers would ever be an issue. I discovered when building my diet that peppers contain capsaicin, which forces your to start expending your energy as heat. This alteration causes your body to burn more calories overall. The nice part is that peppers are cheap and affordable and can fit in really with any meal.

2. Let Your Friends and Family Know

Any time I tried to lose weight before I was successful, I did it privately. I didn’t want to put my own obesity under the spotlight in front of people. Sometimes it takes swallowing our pride, but I had plenty of friends step up and train me to learn exercising and dieting techniques that I otherwise would not have. That support system will help push you even when you’re having your worst days.

3. Make Your Own Meals

From my experience, a lot of the issue of what we put into our bodies isn’t the calories, it’s the quality. Too many chemicals, additives, and preservatives are inside convenience foods. For some quality nutrition, start going to the supermarket instead and learning how to make foods yourself. Fresh food provides richer nutrients that your body can process correctly. It also in general encourages lower calorie meals (an average meal at McDonalds is usually four hundred to five hundred calories more than a home-cooked dinner).

4. Walk/Ride a Bike to Locations

This is what I like to call “sneak-attack exercise”. Instead of getting in your car, walk there! It might take a bit of extra time, but those extra calories will add up quickly. A bike ride to a friend’s house on a summer afternoon is more effective than you may think.

5. Eat More Meat

As a ketogenic diet guy, meat is certainly near and dear to my heart already. I can eat a full package of sausage and still feel able to keep eating. While that extreme is not one I recommend, adding more meat to your diet stands to benefit your caloric processes immensely. Your body expends far more energy breaking down protein than it does other foods, so by increasing your overall protein percentages you may be shockingly surprised by the results.

6. Expand Your Routines Gradually


If you’ve been running for thirty-five minutes this week, expand it to forty next week. Not only does a gradual increase make transition easier but those extra minutes can easily add up into pounds lost and muscle mass increased. Start working more intensely (if you’ve been jogging, add a small run at it). For anybody interested, interval workouts have been very successful for myself (especially when I have limited time on a busy schedule), so be sure to check them out. There’s a lot of benefits from doing this beyond just the calories burned, which include increased stamina, more energy, and better overall health.

7. Get Proper Sleep

Getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night can mess up your eating habits. Your body compensates the energy loss by releasing hunger hormones so a day with less sleep may mean you end up eating more. I’ve also read some research that your body gets closer to it’s peak metabolic rate when you’ve had a proper (seven to eight hours) night of rest.

8. Drink Water, Lots of Water


I believe the effects here have multiple benefits. The first impact it has is that an increase water consumption (by up to six glasses per day) has been shown through study findings to increase metabolism by up to thirty percent. That’s enormous. The other is that water often has a filling effect on our stomachs, which will reduce the size of the meal portions we eat. Water also is usually a healthier alternative to soda and other processed drinks. Replacing those with a glass of water instead reduces your daily calorie intake pretty easily and quickly.

9. Have a Healthy Breakfast

Metabolism research has shown that eating correctly (or even at all) in the morning helps with daily metabolism rates. With our busy schedules, many of us usually toss breakfast as the first meal to go. Instead, make sure to have something before you head to work or class. The healthier, the better.

10. Outdoor Recreation


With the increase of electronic media in our lives over the last two decades, more and more people are finding entertainment in front of a television, a video game console, or their cellphones. Well, it’s time to set those down and get your friends together for a pick-up game of basketball. The outdoors have plenty of free and simple activities. I’m a huge fan of going for long hikes at parks. The walking, climbing, and generally-physical nature of it ensures that calories are burned; the added fun is icing on the cake. Find something fun you like to do outside, gather a group of friends, and do it! Alternatively, you could use your television with an elliptical or treadmill if the weather isn’t playing nice.


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