How Each Personality Type Should Approach the New Year

There has been plenty of talk about the previous year, and how hard it has been on many people. Instead of dwelling on the negative, we have decided to help you discover the best way to approach the new year to come. Here is how each personality type should approach the new year, in order to truly conquer it.


Let go of your mistakes and learn to forgive as you approach the new year. It is important for INFJs to forgive themselves and others for any heartbreaks they have given and received this past year. It is very important to accept that you cannot be perfect, and unfortunately we hurt the people we love the most. Instead of holding onto that guilt, allow yourself to be forgiven. If you need to take time to ask people for forgiveness, do so- but remember that you may not receive it in the way you hope for. Simply accept that you have done your best to make amends, and forgive yourself because that is enough. It is also important to forgive others and realize that they cannot be perfect either. Do not hold onto those old grudges, simply let go and move forward. The only way to make the most out of this upcoming year, is to be completely free of the past.


ENFJs approaching the upcoming year will do best to take time to appreciate everything they have accomplished. Take note of the hard-work and efforts you have made throughout the year. ENFJs are constantly opening themselves up to new tasks, always working hard to help everyone around them. It is important to take time for yourself and appreciate everything you have done. It is often easy for ENFJs to go on without patting themselves on the back, but it is important to do this. In order to move into the new year feeling refreshed and open, the ENFJ will do best to take some time for themselves. Feel proud and happy- take a step back to appreciate all of your hard work and consideration. Spend some time relaxing and don’t be afraid to take a much needed break from all of your hard work.


INFPs moving into the new year, will do best to completely let go of everything bad that happened this year. It wasn’t an easy year for many people, especially those with sensitive souls. Most INFPs probably endured many trials throughout this whirlwind of a year, and may feel a bit beat down. It is important for INFPs to take time to connect with the people who love them most. Spending time with the people who appreciate their warmth and wonderful hearts- will help the INFP feel more ready for the year to come. Let go of your past mistakes, and remember that the new year is a time for moving forward, not holding yourself back. It is important for the INFP to stop dwelling on their mistakes, and to break free from any toxic habits they may have developed. Move forward by drawing close to the things that mean the most to you, and connect with your loved ones on a deeper level.


ENFPs are very caring people, but their sensitivities often cause them troubles. As they approach the new year it is important for ENFP to take a step back and observe their surroundings. They can often spend their time constantly trying new things, searching for new ideas to explore. Sometimes it is important to take a moment to breathe in their surroundings, and think over their actions. ENFPs need to look at the new year as an opportunity to remove any of their toxic habits, and begin to push towards the more positive discoveries they have made. They would do well to draw closer to the people who love them, and begin to build lasting connections with the good things in their lives.


INTPs are extremely logical people, and because of this they often have a lot of information processing through their minds constantly. Before they approach the new year, the INTP will do best to take time to break free of any previous habits that might not be working for them. Even the most introverted person needs to get out of the house and explore new ideas, the INTP would do best to take time to do this. They need to go out and explore new thoughts and potential ideas, without keeping themselves locked inside for too long. It might even be good to connect with the people who help them feel recharged, and spend some time enjoying a relaxing conversation with those individuals.


ENTPs are constantly trying new things and exploring new ideas, this is part of what makes them who they are. If the previous year left them feeling stagnant, it is important for ENTPs to take time to explore. Take a step back and observe your habits, and decide which ones could potentially be changed. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore something new and exciting, in order to feel energized once again. ENTPs live in a world of ideas, and will often become unhappy if they are stagnant for too long. When the year moves forward it can often become difficult to make time for exploration, even if they attempt to do so. ENTPs need to charge headfirst forward the new year, ready to explore and push for change.


For INTJs approaching the new year, they would do well to appreciate the moment more. Take time to breathe in your surroundings, and accept the things you cannot change. INTJs are intelligent people, always striving to absorb whatever knowledge they can around them. They can sometimes become so wrapped up in understanding everything, that they forget to appreciate their surroundings. INTJs are skilled at pushing themselves forward, and will often pride themselves in their ability to adapt to their surroundings. It is important for the INTJ to appreciate the person they have become, and take time to notice this. They can often put too much pressure on themselves, and this causes them to forget how far they have actually come.


ENTJs approaching the new year will do best to appreciate everything they have accomplished. They are hard-working and goal oriented people, who strive to control their environment. This desire to keep everything in order, can sometimes cause the ENTJ to overwhelm themselves. They want to always be moving forward and enjoy growing as individuals. This desire for growth can sometimes cause the ENTJ to take their own accomplishments for granted. It is important for them to pat themselves on the back and take notice of just how far they have come, both internally and with their external goals.


ISTJs are hard-working people, but can sometimes become caught up in their habits. Before they move forward into the new year, ISTJs will do best to observe their potentially negative habits. If there are certain things that are keeping them stuck, they should definitely attempt to rectify these problems. Trying something new can really help the ISTJ break out of their comfort zone, which can help them discover new desires and goals that can be accomplished in the year to come.


ESTJs can often become caught up in habits, which can become rather miserable for them after a while. Approaching the new year, ESTJs should take a step back and observe their potentially toxic habits. If certain things are keeping them stuck, then they will do best to remove those problems from their lives. ESTJs should make drastic changes in order to move forward, and get into a much better groove. ESTJs are very driven individuals, and can often make things happen if they truly want to. Before charging into the new year, they will do best to process everything that they want to change and find new ways to approach their problems.


ISFJs are extremely caring people, always focusing on the needs of others. As they approach the new year they should definitely take some time for themselves. ISFJs need to tend to their own needs in order to truly help others, so that means it is important for them to do so. If they do not take time to observe their surroundings and take note of what they need, it will only leave them exhausted and unhappy. ISFJs should also take time to adjust some habits, and potentially explore new ideas. They need to try new things sometimes in order to open themselves up to new opportunities.


ESFJs can often become wrapped up in helping others, but that can become rather draining. As they approach the new year, ESFJs would do best to take a moment for themselves. Take some time to do the things you enjoy, without feeling guilty for those selfish desires. This has been a rather long year, which likely means that it was even more draining for many ESFJs. They need to allow themselves to ask for what they want, and if people dislike this that is okay. For the ESFJ to move forward feeling ready for the new year, they need to take time for themselves to recharge their batteries.


ISTPs are very internal people, and often spend a lot of their time inside their own minds. Before approaching the new year they should take some time to appreciate the people in their lives. They can often push people away, since they enjoy spending much of their time alone. Taking some time to show their loved ones that they care, will help the ISTP approach the new year feeling relieved and happy.


ESTPs are extremely focused and adventurous people, who often enjoy trying new things. They dislike when their lives become too stagnant, but this can often cause them to neglect certain responsibilities. Before approaching the new year, ESTPs will do best if they take note of some things they have been putting off. Instead of finding distractions to help them ignore important tasks, they should definitely take some time to get things done. They will feel much better once those problems are solved, and will certainly be more ready to approach the new year.


ISFPs are kind and sensitive people, who enjoy living in the moment. Their sensitivities can sometimes push them inward, and cause them to shut out people from their lives. Before they move forward into the new year, ISFPs will do best to take a step back and consider what is most important to them. They should reject the people who are only bringing negative into their lives, and draw close to the people who truly care.


ESFPs enjoy living in the moment, which can sometimes cause them to ignore their responsibilities. Instead of neglecting those important tasks, ESFPs should take this time to get the important things done. Finishing those tasks that they have been putting off, will help them move forward into the new year. Forget about negativity, and approach the next year completely read to make changes.

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