Do You Have a Tendency to Spoil Others, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people naturally find themselves wanting to spoil those around them, especially their loved ones. They enjoy seeing others happy and just want to heap gifts and joy upon them. For others it seems a bit foolish to overindulge their loved ones, and likely isn’t good for them. Here is how much you tend to spoil others, based on your personality type.



INFJs do have a tendency to spoil their close loved ones if they have the means to do so. While they aren’t necessarily materialistic people, they just enjoy seeing the people they love happy. If spoiling these special people will make them feel better, it will certainly please the INFJ. They especially enjoy spoiling people who appreciate it immensely and who show the INFJ just how much they mean to them. This sense of appreciation is such a wonderful reward for the INFJ, and makes them want to spoil people even more.


ENFJs definitely spoil their loved ones, especially if it will make them happy. They enjoy being someone who gives to those around them and who goes out of their way to do so. ENFJs are naturally focused on taking care of others and working hard to be able to impress them. They focus on building a life that they can be proud of, and want to be able to spoil those around them without feeling guilty about it. They really enjoy this ability to give to the people in their lives and rarely do they feel like they have gone too far.


INFPs do like to spoil their loved ones, but at the same time they can feel differently about what this means. For the INFP spoiling often means spending all of their time with that person, and providing them with constant support and consideration. Being around someone all of the time and asking them if they need anything, is often far more meaningful for the INFP than gifts. They do enjoy getting things for their loved ones, but sometimes this idea of spoiling with presents feels a bit shallow to them.


ENFPs do enjoy making others happy, but they aren’t always inclined to spoil their loved ones. For the ENFP spoiling often occurs when they are trying to draw someone in, and is something that they do at the start of relationships. For the ENFP it is about showing this person how much they care, but after awhile they might become a bit comfortable. For the ENFP spoiling doesn’t always mean lavish gifts, instead it means doing kind things for that person and always being there when they need them.



INTJs aren’t really fans of having to spoil their loved ones, especially not with presents. This doesn’t mean they don’t work hard to make them happy, they just don’t want to feel obligated to do this. For the INTJ spoiling often connects with something more negative, and means overindulging people to a point where they will become entitled. INTJs seek to do nice things because they want to, not because someone expect it from them. They will certainly be supportive and giving to their loved ones, they just aren’t fans of the idea of spoiling them.


While ENTJs might be hesitant to the idea of spoiling in some cases, they do have a tendency to do it anyways. When the ENTJ has someone close to them who they have deeply, they often want to do anything to please them and make them happy. While ENTJs might not be great with emotional conversations and support, they do their best to provide for those around them. They do sometimes spoil their loved ones, especially the one or two people they consider the most special in their lives.


INTPs might feel like spoiling their loved ones is a way to make them expect things from them in the future. They do enjoy giving to those they love, but they don’t want it to feel like an obligation. When someone become entitled the INTP becomes frustrated and won’t want to continue giving to them at all. They want to feel free to give what and when they please to those around them, and so they might be hesitant to spoil even if this is something they actually want to do.


ENTPs do enjoy making their close loved ones happy, and so they might want to spoil them from time to time. For the ENTP it is frustrating when someone expect to be spoiled though, and this is when they find themselves taking a step back. When someone feels entitled and wants something from the ENTP, they are much less inclined to give into them. They want to spoil people because they are appreciative of it, not because it is expected of them.



ISTJs are giving when it comes to their loved ones and want to do their best to provide for their needs. For the ISTJ this is more about practical needs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t spoil their loved ones. When the people close to the ISTJ need something they are likely to go out of their way to provide this for them. They do often like to spoil the people closest to them, but at the same time they don’t want to go overboard. ISTJs are also frugal people who believe in being practical and so sometimes this means taking a step back with their spoiling.


ESTJs often feel it is their responsibility to provide for their loved ones as best they can, and so they might be inclined to spoil them a bit. They are especially happy to spoil the people who do not ask for much, and who are deeply appreciative of what they get. ESTJs enjoy being the one to spoil their loved ones, and feel a sense of pride in doing this. At the same time ESTJs are frugal and practical people, and so they don’t like going too far with it.


ISFJs definitely spoil those around them, sometimes they might go overboard. They want to make everyone around them happy, and work to ensure they are provided for. To the ISFJ it is important to create a sense of comfort and peace in their environment, no matter what this means. They do enjoy spoiling others, and feel a sense of pride when they can give them whatever they might want or need.


ESFJs absolutely spoil their loved ones, and sometimes go a bit over the top with it. They simply want to make the people in their lives happy and will do anything to make this happen. ESFJs can be a bit excessive in the way they spoil others, but this is something they personally enjoy doing. They especially find themselves inclined to spoil those around them during holidays or special occasions. For the ESFJ it is more rewarding to give to and spoil their loved ones, than it is to receive things themselves, but they do want to feel appreciated for this.



ISTPs aren’t really likely to spoil someone when it comes to buying presents or things of that nature. For them it feels a bit annoying when people expect things or feel entitled to what they get. They do enjoy giving to their loved ones and want to be there for them, but they aren’t inclined to spoil or overindulge, mostly because they are independent people who believe that others should be this way as well.


ESTPs actually do spoil the people close to them and enjoy buying them plenty of gifts. For the ESTP it is rewarding to be the person who spoils those around them, but they often want to receive things in return. While they might spoil others, they also want to be spoiled by the people they love in a sense. For the ESTP it is more rewarding to be around people who give as much as they receive, since they like having things be more equal in this sense.


ISFPs do enjoy spoiling the special person in their lives, but this is often just one person who they value deeply. ISFPs often consider spoiling more about spending lots of time with someone and devoting their emotional energy to them whenever it is needed. For ISFPs it can be nice to give to one another, but they enjoy receiving as much as they do giving.


ESFPs actually enjoy spoiling others and often go a bit over the top with it. They want to be able to give lavish gifts and go overboard with how much they do for their loved ones. While ESFPs are known to enjoy being spoiled, people often miss out on the fact that they also want to spoil others in return. ESFPs just enjoy being around people who love to give, but who also appreciate everything the ESFP wants to give to them.


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