The Little Things That Each Myers-Briggs Type Finds Fun

Not everyone takes pleasure in the same activities. Some people enjoy partying, while others enjoy staying home with a good book. We decided to put together an article about what we believe you will find fun, according to your personality type.


INFJs often worry about others, and have constantly active inner minds. Anything that allows the INFJ a chance to relax and forget about those worries for a moment, is fun to them. INFJs often enjoy a wide variety of subjects and activities. Some may love video games, or anything involving their secretly “nerdy” passions. INFJs may have a tendency to be silly, and enjoy playing harmless tricks on people to gain a giggle. They really enjoy anything that is mentally stimulating and has some sort of focused challenge to it. INFJs may enjoy some exciting and thrilling physical activities for fun once in a while, as well. Some time to sit alone and read a great book is also something that the INFJ considers fun. INFJs often love to learn, diving into a subject and researching as much as they can about it.


ENFJS often enjoy activities that are well suited for groups. They love being around others, and enjoy seeing their loved ones have fun. They may enjoy outdoor activities, like going on a long hike followed by a family picnic. Enjoying the company of others in a fun and relaxed environment is very enjoyable for the ENFJ. ENFJs may enjoy going to a movie with friends, or just chatting over a nice meal. Having something that they plan go very well- for example, a themed party- is something that the ENFJ would enjoy very much. Seeing all of their hard-work come together and bring joy to everyone around them is very fun for the ENFJ.


INFPs love anything that stimulates and enriches their minds and souls. Reading and learning about something that excites them is thrilling for the INFP. They enjoy the chance to fuel their imagination and dive into something new. Daydreaming is very fun for the INFP, just allowing their minds to wander wherever it may go. INFPs often enjoy solitary walks, just taking in their surroundings and because this also gives them a chance to daydream.  INFPs often love music passionately and might enjoy going to concerts when they are feeling up to it. INFPs often find long in-depth conversations very fun and enjoy sharing things with others. They may also love the chance to write out their thoughts, play video games or take part in a more relaxing sport like yoga or hiking.


ENFPs often love to read new things, and may even have a natural talent for writing. ENFPs are excited by exploration and may find themselves diving into many different activities. They don’t enjoy staying still, causing them to have the potential to become bored easily. Anything that keeps the ENFPs mind enriched and challenged is fun for them. Learning new things and having the opportunity to gain new skills is thrilling for them. They enjoy being able to become experts on many different subjects and once they feel they grasp the concepts very well, they will move on to something new. Chatting is also enjoyable for the ENFP, having long in depth conversations about many different subjects with people is very fun for them.


INTJs often consider most of their activities to be fun. They do not waste their energy on things that are boring or uninteresting to them. Reading and researching new subjects is very enjoyable for an INTJ. They love being able to understand things on a deeper level and true reach a powerful level of knowledge. They enjoy figuring out logical solutions to problems, and being able to grasp concepts that are challenging to most people. Having an intelligent and logical answer to everything is enjoyable for the INTJ. Expressing their sarcasm in creative ways is something that the INTJ finds fun. Being able to play around with words and come up with witty and humorous replies to people, is enjoyable for them. Sometimes people take this too seriously, but really the INTJ is just trying to have fun. INTJs are often seen as serious, but are actually sincerely funny individuals when they want to be.


ENTJs enjoy plotting world domination. Nah, we are mostly kidding. ENTJs do enjoy being able to plan out strategic ways to solve problems and get things done. They enjoy actively being able to lead others in a forward thinking way. They want to be able to intelligently figure out new ways to take charge of a situation. To an ENTJ learning about how to deal with anything that comes at them, is fun. ENTJs may also enjoy spending time with friends, after a long day just having a drink with interesting people is enjoyable for them. ENTJs usually enjoy anything that makes them feel challenged and inspired. ENTJs often enjoy subjects that are very future focused and advancing. ENTJs often have a wonderful sense of humor, so they may find it fun to just laugh with people they enjoy.


INTPs enjoy keeping things interesting and may get bored if they are stuck on one thing for too long. Learning about something new and diving into it head on is fun for the INTP. Being able to absorb as much knowledge of a subject as they can is a great way to keep them interested. INTPs enjoy many different subjects, they might enjoy reading, writing, different sports, listening to music, going to concerts and of course playing video games. They hate to feel like they are stuck to one subject and may have a rather sporadic way of exploring new things. Being around someone who stimulates them mentally and is willing to try fun new things with the INTP is excellent for them. INTPs enjoy exploring new activities before they are really popular or well known to others.


ENTPs find exploring many new ideas to be very fun and may become bored easily if they are stuck on one project. ENTPs enjoy juggling multiple projects or activities at once, as a way to keep themselves interested. ENTPs often enjoy video games, especially if they are challenging and mentally stimulating. Anything that allows the ENTP to utilize their creativity and originality is fun for them. Scrolling the internet for new information and exciting ideas is enjoyable as well. ENTPs do enjoy being around others, and if they get a chance to debate different subjects they could do that for hours.


ISTJs often find reading and doing research very enjoyable. Anything that has practical implications is something that the ISTJ can connect with. Watching TV is something that many ISTJs find enjoyable, as long as it is something that they personally find interesting. ISTJs may enjoy going to a comedy show, or enjoying a quiet dinner with someone special. They might enjoy seeing a task come together well, and feel very accomplished after they have organized something beautifully. Seeing their accomplishment is actually enjoyable for the ISTJ. ISTJs often enjoy things that bring them back to when they were younger. Things they did as children are probably still fun to the ISTJ, and they enjoy that nostalgic feeling they receive from those activities. ISTJs also may find themselves drawn to the comfort of animals, and spending time with pets is often fun for them.


ESTJs often enjoy being able to coach a team, or organize a group of people. Most ESTJs enjoy watching TV, and can become engrossed in specific shows that they enjoy. They love discussing the things they find exciting with others and might find telling stories to be great fun. ESTJs often enjoy physical activities, like taking care of mowing the lawn or going out for some target practice. They enjoy a wide array of social activities and like anything that brings them closer to their community. Seeing a plan come together well and being able to relax and watch it unfold is fun for an ESTJ. They are often very active and on the go, but also enjoy the chance to sit back and relax.


When ISFJs are allowed the opportunity to relax, they can actually be very fun. They enjoy being silly with the people they feel comfortable with and can have an often goofy sense of humor. They enjoy being able to read, watch movies and listen to their favorite music. Discussing their favorite things with others often gets the ISFJ excited. Being around their loved ones and just enjoying their presence is a lot of fun for them. Anything that makes the ISFJ feels comfortable and relaxed, is actually really fun. Feeling like the people around them are happy by their present activity, will make the ISFJ take pleasure in it as well.


ESFJs enjoy laughing quite a bit. They are rarely seen without a smile, they enjoy being able to laugh with friends and loved ones. Being able to relax and share their passions with people that they love is immense fun. ESFJs often enjoy a wide array of subjects, especially the ones that the people around them enjoy. They often love music, going to concerts, writing, cooking, watching their favorite TV shows and finding new ways to please their loved ones. They find themselves having the most fun when they can watch other people having fun as well. The things they enjoy aren’t all that fun if they cannot share them with others.


ISTPs often like activities that involve using their hands along with their ability to understand easily how things work. They often enjoy sports, or anything that gives them some kind of adrenaline rush. They enjoy being in the moment, and consider hands on and intense activities to be very fun. ISTPs enjoy being in motion, taking part in activities that thrill or excite them. Just because they enjoy physical activities doesn’t meant the ISTP doesn’t enjoy mentally thrilling things as well. ISTPs often have fun playing video games immensely, especially if they find them challenging. ISTPs enjoy learning, and if they can apply that to something challenging they will find it very fun. ISTPs often do not follow rules that they do not agree with and might just find enjoyment in breaking those rules (trespassing signs be damned).


ESTPs are very active people and enjoy being on the move. They are often excited by many different activities, but mostly they like being around others. ESTPs spend most of their lives searching for fun and excitement. ESTPs are often thrill-seekers who dislike staying still for too long. Physical activities are very fun for ESTPs, things like hiking, biking or even sky-diving are something that they would enjoy. Just because they engage in the more intense activities doesn’t mean ESTPs don’t also enjoy things like video games and exciting reading materials. ESTPs often love going out with friends, dancing or just driving around listening to music. They might even enjoy the excitement of an amusement park with friends.


ISFPs are very introspective individuals and even though they are seen as reserved, they are often extremely fun. Once they find themselves comfortable around someone, they are lively and often very funny. ISFPs enjoy many different activities some of which include, exploring nature, swimming, and hiking. Along with various artistic skills like painting, drawing, and writing, listening to music and possibly even making their own music. ISFPs enjoy exploring new things and often are not limited to just one activity. Being around the people they feel close to, and just talking about their passions is very enjoyable for an ISFP.


ESFPs pride themselves on being fun and lively individuals. They find it very fun to be the center of attention and enjoy making others laugh. ESFPs have an often infectious personality that draws other people to the party. ESFPs don’t like to stay stagnant for too long, but are capable of enjoying many different activities. Whatever draws them towards other people who can take part in their excitement is fun for the ESFP. They love being around people and even more than that the ESFP enjoys when everyone’s eyes are on them. They often find it fun to try new things, like seeing a new show, trying new cuisine or playing a game they’ve never played before.


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