How Each Personality Type Behaves as a Grandparent

Being a parent and being a grandparent often means very different things, since most people change and adapt as they get older. Here is how each personality type behaves as grandparents.


INFJs as grandparents often experience less stress and pressure in this role and so it is very rewarding for them. They can simply focus on tending to their grandchild’s needs and being supportive and loving. They are often the stereotypical wise grandparent, who also enjoy playing a few pranks and jokes on their grandkids. The INFJ grandparent enjoys being the person their family members can come to for anything, and does what they can to always be supportive and understanding even with the hardest of subjects.


ENFJs as grandparents are often very loving and focused on their grandchildren. They want to be there for them and show support and love, even when their own children are being the disciplinarian. They are likely the ones to stand in the way and defend their grandchildren even when they shouldn’t. ENFJs grandparents simply want to do whatever they can to make their grandchildren happy and will likely be the ones to spoil them and try and teach them the useful life lessons.


INFPs often enjoy the opportunity to be a grandparent without the responsibility attached to it. They no longer feel pressure to discipline and ensure they are doing things right for their child. When it comes to being a grandparent the INFP can have fun with it and enjoy playing and inspiring their grandchildren. They certainly want to be there to teach them valuable lessons, but they don’t want to teach these lessons in a harsh or frightening manner. Instead they can simply soak up the enjoyment of being there for their grandchildren, with less worry that they are making mistakes.


ENFPs often cherish the opportunity to the be fun and playful grandparents, wanting to spoil their grandchildren whenever they can. They enjoy being able to play with them and be supportive of them all of the time. ENFP grandparents won’t be the disciplinarian of the family, instead they will be the ones to make life fun and much more laid-back. They are likely the grandparents who their grandchildren want to see constantly, and would almost rather run away from home and go to their house.


INTJs as grandparents are often the ones wanting to teach the important lessons they’ve learned, hoping that their grandchildren will grow up smart and capable. They want to pass down this wisdom and hope that they can find useful ways of sharing it. INTJs grandparents see it is their responsibility to share what they have learned in their lives, hoping to do even better and learn from any mistakes they might have made in the past. They can certainly be more laid back in this role, wanting to be helpful but not having to pressure of parenthood in the same way.


ENTJs as grandparents often still enjoy setting rules and guidelines, but that is because their need for efficiency does not change. They want their grandchildren to learn from their mistakes and become stronger and smarter people. ENTJs enjoy passing their wisdom on to their grandchildren and want to be able to help them build a positive future for themselves. The ENTJ grandparent might seem stern sometimes in their desire to strengthen their grandchildren, but at the same time they are often the ones willing to pay for their college or do whatever they possibly can to help them.


INTPs as grandparents often want to fill that role of being filled with wisdom and even a bit of mystery. INTPs might seem cold on the outside but when they experience having children and grandchildren, they often open themselves up immensely. As grandparents the INTP often takes this role rather seriously, wanting to be someone who is helpful and always supportive. They want to be someone their grandchildren can come to, even when things are difficult with their parents.


ENTPs as grandparents do sometimes enjoy playing pranks on their grandchildren, occasionally to teach them lessons. They enjoy being playful in this role and want to be someone who is memorable in the lives of their grandchildren. It isn’t all about teaching though, for the ENTP it is a chance to enjoy being supportive and loving towards their grandchildren without the constant stress and responsibility of parenthood. They enjoy this role because they can have fun with it, and be someone their grandkids wants to be around.


ISTJs as grandparents do still believe in setting guidelines and rules, since efficiency is always valuable to them. They care about teaching their grandchildren the things they might have failed in life, wanting to make them better people. ISTJs as grandparents want to pass on their wisdom and help to mold their grandchildren in the right direction. They might sometimes seem focused and stern because of this, but they are also the ones willing to bail them out when things get rough.


ESTJs as grandparents still find themselves focused on efficiency and want to be able to teach their grandchildren how to be smart and successful in life. They can see where they might have made mistakes in life or as parents, and they want to be able to do even better in their role as grandparent. ESTJs are always trying to adapt and move forward, and so they want their grandchildren to have even better lives and work towards the best possible future they can.


ISFJs as grandparents are often very doting on their grandchildren, and want to shower them in love and affection. They enjoy being the ones who constantly show their support and will do just about anything to please them. They are the grandparents you see always making sure their family is well-fed and has more food in their bellies than they need. They also enjoy showering them with gifts and want to do whatever they can to show their love.


ESFJs as grandparents are definitely the typical loving and giving image of a grandparent. They are the ones who will go out of their way to find the perfect gifts, and enjoy spending more money than they probably should on their family members. They are also the typical grandparent who almost always enjoy cooking for their family and will provide them with delicious meals and ensure that they are fed even when they are already stuffed.


ISTPs as grandparents often enjoy being able to spend time with their family without feeling constantly responsible for their needs. As grandparents they enjoy just hanging out and relaxing while their grandchildren play. They might not be the most outgoing people, so they do enjoy their peace and quiet even as grandparents, but just having their family around them can be rewarding for the ISTP.


ESTPs as grandparents often enjoy being the fun grandparent, but they don’t like feeling constantly responsible for the care of their grandkids. They want this role to be a fun one where they can just enjoy spending time with their family and not having to play any disciplinarian roles. They enjoy being someone who can just be supportive and have a good time with their grandkids, and then go home and have some peace and quiet to themselves.


ISFPs as grandparents often enjoy being someone who can share what they have learned but bring a sense of comfort to the lives of their grandkids. They are often much more laid back people, and they don’t like having to discipline or control their grandkids. Instead the ISFP grandparent wants to be the fun one, and the person who their grandchildren can always talk to openly and honestly.


ESFPs as grandparents often enjoy spoiling their grandchildren and don’t like to ever tell them “no” about anything. They want to be supportive and loving and really enjoy buying gifts for their grandchildren. ESFPs as grandparents don’t want to discipline, instead they just want to love and have a great times playing with their grandkids and sharing things with them.


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