Are You Someone Who Enjoys Keeping Busy, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people prefer to keep busy rather than find themselves with too much free time on their hands. Having this empty time can cause them to feel anxious or over think certain things which leave them feeling unhappy. For some people it is better to have downtime to do whatever they please. Here is whether or not you enjoy keeping busy, based on your personality type.


INFJs do enjoy having ways to keep themselves busy, but their minds already do this for them most of the time. They actually enjoy diving into their own thoughts and inner workings of their mind. INFJs have this rich inner world which can preoccupy them for long periods of time, and is often where they feel most comfortable being. For them having busy work doesn’t really take away from this though, as long as it isn’t something which requires them to pull out of their thoughts and into the world around them as much.


ENFJs do often keep themselves busy, mostly because they don’t like to feel like they should be doing something better or should be doing more. They find themselves juggling many different tasks so that they can keep on top of everything. ENFJs work hard to take care of their loved ones and work towards the goals they want to achieve, and because of this they do find themselves keeping busy. If the ENFJ sits still for too long they often feel a sense of guilt, like there is more they should be doing to get things done.


INFPs don’t need to keep themselves busy constantly, since they enjoy having time to themselves. They enjoy having time to just relax and really dive into their own thoughts and creative outlets. For the INFP having plenty of time to themselves just being free to do whatever they please, is far more rewarding than constantly needing to keep themselves busy and hustling around. They do enjoy being able to experience new things without feeling stagnant, but having down time isn’t like to cause this.


ENFPs don’t mind not feeling busy constantly, since this can be something which stresses them out. They do like having things to entertain them and keep their minds distracted, but busy work can be draining for them. ENFPs enjoy having space to make their own choices, and do whatever they please. They want to be able to change their mind last minute, and constantly keeping busy can actually make this challenging for them. For the ENFP it is important to have some lazy time, as well as busy time.


INTJs do often keep themselves busy, as they don’t like stagnancy. Sometimes they keep busy by spending hours reading and researching different things, but this definitely occupies their time. For them it is more relaxing and rewarding to spend this free time learning about different subjects and coming up with future plans. INTJs definitely like to keep busy in one way or another, since they don’t really like feeling as if they are being lazy or wasting their time doing nothing.


ENTJs are often busy people, who dislike stagnancy or feeling bored for too long. They like to have different things going on and find themselves feeling anxious if they are sitting still for too long. ENTJs know how to have a good time and relax, but for them this doesn’t mean being lazy or stagnant. ENTJs enjoy having a lot going on in their lives, and prefer to keep themselves constantly moving forward towards accomplishing their goals.


INTPs don’t always find themselves keeping busy, but they do enjoy having different things going on. They can feel stagnant or bored rather easily, and so having different options and things happening at once, can be more fulfilling for them. For the INTP it is best to have these different projects and options they can bounce around with, especially when they feel like they aren’t keeping themselves busy enough. They do however, have plenty of time when they find themselves caught up in their own thoughts and don’t really get into things they want to be doing.


ENTPs definitely like keeping busy, since staying stagnant for too long can be difficult for them. If they sit around without anything to keep them moving, they can become anxious and over think things to a point which makes them feel unhappy. This is because ENTPs need to keep active, they just have so much going on inside of their minds and so too much stillness can be more draining than anything else.


ISTJs definitely believe it is important to keep themselves busy, especially when it comes to getting things done. They don’t like feeling as if they should be doing something, and want to be sure to get their tasks and responsibilities taken care of before they actually relax. For the ISTJ keeping busy gives them a sense of purpose and drives them towards the future they want. They value stability in their lives and this means working hard and keeping themselves busy most of the time.


ESTJs definitely like to keep themselves busy, especially when it comes to things they know need to be taken care of. They are hardworking people who don’t like sitting back when there are things they should be getting done. ESTJs can feel anxious when they sit around for too long, since they believe in always working towards the future they want. For them efficiency is important, and this often means keeping themselves busy with important chores and tasks.


ISFJs do like to keep themselves busy, especially since they put a lot on themselves. They want to be able to take care of their loved ones and make them truly proud. ISFJs work hard in so many aspects of their lives, and don’t like feeling as if they are failing. For them keeping busy is simply an important part of being able to care for everyone and ensure that they are tending to the needs of those around them.


ESFJs often feel happiest when they are keeping busy and continuing to work towards their goals. They want to be able to take care of their loved ones and make them truly happy. For the ESFJ being able to be there for those around them, means keeping busy and always having tasks they are getting done and tending to. For them being stagnant often means they aren’t getting enough done or really living up to their responsibilities the way they want to be.


ISTPs do like to keep themselves busy and active, since they don’t enjoy being stagnant. For them it is more rewarding to have different things to do and experience in their lives. ISTPs bounce around from one things to the next sometimes, simply because they become bored easily. They do like keeping busy but not in a sense that they want to constantly be working or focused on mundane tasks. For them it is more about finding different things they can dive into and new challenges to take on.


ESTPs actually do like keeping themselves busy, since stagnancy can be more stressful for them than anything else. Just sitting around makes the ESTP feel like there is more they should be taking care of or experiencing. When they are still for a long time their minds can become caught up in negative thoughts, and leave them feeling like they are missing out on something. ESTPs enjoy keeping themselves busy, but sometimes they want to be busy going out and taking on new adventures with the people they care for.


ISFPs do like keeping busy to some extent, but they also enjoy having some down time. For them it can be more rewarding to just focus on their own thoughts and imagination. ISFPs have a lot going on inside of their minds, and so keeping too busy can be more stressful for them than people realize. They want to have some freedom in their lives and some space to make their own choices without constantly feeling obligated to someone or something.


ESFPs do like keeping themselves busy, since they can become bored rather easily. If they are just sitting around in a stagnant nature, it leaves them feeling stressed and a bit anxious. ESFPs enjoy having new things to experience and keep their minds busy and distracted. They want to have people who are willing to interact with them and go on fun adventures without a moment’s notice. For the ESFP just sitting around doing nothing is definitely boring, and so keeping busy is more enjoyable for them.


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