Here’s Why You Should Fall In Love With an Introvert

There may be a stigma attached to the title of introvert, but it is completely unjustified. Introverts are not always shy, and they are not at all anti-social. Being able to say that you have loved an introvert, is an experience that you will never forget. They have a deep capacity for love, and are truly understanding individuals. Although there are many reasons why falling for an introvert is well worth it, here are just a few core points.

They Know Themselves

Introverts spend a lot of time inside their own minds working out different situations. They are very introspective and work very hard to understand themselves. Being able to spend a lot of time alone, means that they are well equipped to handle big choices. They have spent enough time with themselves to truly figure out who they are and what they want. When an introvert settles on a choice it is because they realize it is something they want. It may not always be the best choice, but they aren’t about to back out of it anytime soon. If an introvert chooses to be with you, it is because they know that you are someone they can see themselves with. They take their commitments seriously, and often do not jump into relationships without serious consideration. They have a strong capacity for long-term thinking, and have most likely considered if you are someone they could commit to in the more serious future.

Someone who spends time attempting to understand their own thoughts and feelings, is also capable of adjusting their behavior. Because they work to be self-aware, introverts are often willing to consider their behavior. If you give them space to regroup and recharge after a fight, an introvert is more likely to consider their own mistakes in the argument. They are capable of figuring out what went wrong, and can help the both of you to fix the problems in the relationship. Giving them their alone time is very important, it is how they solve problems and recharge their internal batteries.

They Will Get To Know The Real You

Because introverts often take the time to understand themselves, they are very capable of understanding others. They take the time to figure out as much as they can about the person they love. The fact that introverts aren’t constantly talking, means that they are listening. They hear what you say to them, and are often quiet because they are absorbing everything around them. They are consciously observing your actions and your words, even when you think they aren’t. They want to understand you on a deeper level, and will strive to be the person who knows you best.

If they have chosen to be with you, it means they find you interesting. Introverts love to learn, and will take the opportunity to understand who you are. They want to know your hopes, dreams and what truly makes you tick. Appreciate their silence for what it is, and don’t attempt to force them to be more extroverted. The fact that they aren’t constantly expressing themselves, just means that they are allowing you time to be yourself. There is no one who will truly be able to make you feel understood and heard quite like an introvert can.

They Will Appreciate You Immensely

Introverts do not easily take their loved ones for granted. They appreciate your place in their lives and take it very seriously. They do not choose to spend their time with just anyone and because of this, you are very special to them. To an introvert the person they are in a relationship with is many things. You are their lover, their partner and their confidant. You are the person they go to with their deepest darkest secrets, so it is important to make sure they do not feel judged. Appreciate them in return, because they truly appreciate you. They have taken the time to figure out who you are and if you let them, they will return the favor by showing you the different layers that they possess. It may take time to fully understand the introvert, but if you are patient it will be worth the wait. They often reveal themselves to people in layers, in hopes of gauging how you will react. They fear being judged or unloved, and want to make sure they do not scare you aware. Allowing them the time to show their true colors, will definitely be worth it in the end.

Even the smallest actions are greatly appreciated by your introvert. Showing them that you care means a lot to them, and sometimes they just need you to express it. They aren’t always comfortable with compliments and it may appear like they are not receiving your kind words well. This is most likely not true, just push past their awkward reactions and realize that they are definitely appreciating your signs of affection. Introverts aren’t always the best at expressing themselves in words, and may actually do better writing their feelings down. Allowing them to express themselves this way, may help them feel appreciated and understood. Overall, just know that they appreciate you. To them you are extremely important, and although they aren’t always speaking to you, they are thinking about you.

They Will Understand When You Need Space

If you need time to yourself, your introvert will be able to appreciate that. They know what it is like to need space and time to recharge. They are more than willing to give you the time you need, as long as you are warm and explain this to them openly. If they realize it is nothing that they did wrong, and that you just need time alone, they will be very gracious about this. You won’t feel smothered by an introvert, since they will allow you room to be yourself. Just as much as they don’t want to be changed, your introvert doesn’t want to change you. They understand you are your own unique person, and they are capable of appreciating that about you.

Introverts do not need alone time because they are sick of you, it is almost the exact opposite. Introverts need time alone to be capable of giving you all that they feel you deserve. They require that time to recharge, so that they can come back to you fully attentive and focused on you. When your introvert has recharged the time they spend with you will be well worth the wait. They will be capable of giving you 100%, making them the best partner they can be.

You Get To Be Center of Attention

Introverts often do not like being the center of attention. They dislike being thrown into situations where they have to perform or impress others. On the flip side, they often enjoy watching you shine. They won’t attempt to steal the spotlight from you, and will allow you your chance to be seen. They don’t want to fight for center of attention and because of this will allow you to be impressive to others. They love watching you be happy, not matter what that means. If you want the chance to shine, your introvert would love to give that to you.

They Actually Crave Time With You

Introverts are excellent at spending one-on-one time. They enjoy being able to be alone together, just enjoying one another’s presence without having to fill the space with meaningless chatter. They crave your presence in their life, and enjoy being able to experience who you are. When you spend one-on-one time with your introvert, they will spend that time truly connecting with you. They enjoy being able to spend quality time, having long in depth conversations. Even though are aren’t always chatty, they are very capable of talking for hours about the things you are both passionate about. They enjoy these types of talks, and may become your best possible therapist. They will fully listen to your long stories, and attempt to understand them. While others often listen to you talk just to wait for their turn to speak, your introvert is likely not doing that. When they are listening, they are fully attentive and engrossed in your words. They appreciate the fact that you are sharing part of yourself with them, and enjoy being able to listen completely. They take it all in and absorb

Introverts need their time alone to process everything fully, but that does not mean it is about being away from you. It is simply about figuring everything out inside the privacy of their own minds. When your introvert is away from you, they are often thinking about you. Just because you are not physically in their presence, does not mean you are not heavily on their mind.

They Love Deeply

Introverts work very hard to develop their close relationships, and they take them very seriously. They do not open up to just anyone, and because of this they have deemed you more than worthy. It seems some people  could have just anyone in their lives and don’t really consider their relationships valuable, introverts are the exact opposite. They do not enjoy having people in their lives that they do not value completely. They take the time to consider who they let in, and this means that they love you very deeply. They know who you are and the place that you hold in their lives. They treasure your relationship, and hold it very close to their heart. They may not always be open about their thoughts and feelings, but they love very deeply. Emotions are not just fleeting to an introvert, since they have taken the time to truly understand them. They work out how they feel and because of this these feelings are unlikely to change.

Falling in love with an introvert can be a very intense experience. It can almost feel like you are Alice falling down the rabbit hole. You can feel yourself uncovering and falling for the layers of who they are. Just as you think there is no more to be seen, they surprise you. The more you know, the more you will learn to appreciate just how important you are to your introvert. Let them be themselves, because changing them would be to your own detriment.


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